Just what is an eBook?

An eBook is simply a digital version of a physical book designed to be read on a computer, smartphone, tablet device, or a dedicated eReader (electronic reader) device like the Amazon Kindle.

What Is an eBook?

Below is a screenshot of a .mobi eBook file for one of our recent eBook releases called Perception: Take Charge of How Others View Your Brand, Become Irresistible, and Make a Bigger Impact.

What is an eBook image

As you can see, an eBook looks a lot like a regular book!

Perception is currently available in eBook format and digital audiobook format (on Audible, iTunes and Amazon) and will soon be available in paperback format internationally as well.

Benefits of Ebooks

As a reader, eBooks provide several benefits that physical books don’t. Here’s our list of the top 8 benefits of reading eBooks instead of or in addition to physical books.

1. Save Money with Ebooks

What is an eBook’s top benefit? We’d have to say its money-saving magic!

The average eBook price has dropped dramatically in recent years and is now less than $5, while the average print book price is still over $10.

2. Instant Gratification

If you own a Kindle device, smartphone, computer or tablet device, you can buy any eBook immediately, download it instantly to your device and start reading it right now!

Even with Amazon Prime and same-day delivery, you still have to wait a few hours for a physical book to appear after you order it.

3. Transportation Convenience

You can carry literally thousands of eBooks on your smartphone, iPad or e-reader device and they weigh nothing! Try carrying a thousand print books next time you travel – you just can’t do it. But with eBooks, you can carry an almost unlimited amount of books with you wherever you go.

4. Sync Your Reading Place

When you stop reading, your e-reader device will sync to where you left off. As soon as you open the eBook up to start reading again, it will immediately take you to the exact spot where you left off. It will even do this by syncing your reading location across different devices.

That means if you read on your iPhone as well as on your Kindle device, you can switch back and forth without ever losing your place or having to reread pages you already read before.

5. Save 8 Million Trees Each Year

One of the huge benefits of reading eBooks as opposed to conventional printed books is that it saves TONS of trees. Readers buy more than 500 Million eBooks every year, which reduces the amount of trees we have to cut down to print books by 8 Million trees per year (according to math from ePublishersweekly).

Over the next hundred years, that’s more than 800 Million trees that will be saved assuming the eBook market doesn’t grow any more.

6. No More Book Storage Issues

Another superpower of eBooks is their ability to store hundred and een thousands of your favorite titles without taking up space in your home.

If you have a huge library in your home, you’re all set up to store plenty of books. But for folks on a budget or who live in small spaces or in cities, eBooks provide a huge benefit by reducing the amount of space you need to store your books.

7. Ebooks Are Searchable

Another reason eBooks are so convenient is that you can easily search for anything you need within a book.

For example, if you’re reading a 1,000-page history book like the incredible Story of Civilization series by Will Durant, you can simply type in a search for keywords like “China” to quickly and easily find only the sections of the book that discuss history related to China.

8. Customize Your eBook Fonts

When you read an eBook, the font type and sizing is completely customizable. For the visually impaired, you can read on 30-size Arial font or larger all at the touch of a button. You just can’t do that with a physical book.

Want to try out some eBooks and see for yourself? You can browse our latest published eBooks on Amazon Kindle here.

What do you love about eBooks? What is an eBook that you downloaded recently? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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