Agent FAQ

Is TCK Publishing reputable?

Yes! We’re a true small press—a traditional publisher with a twist. We are not a vanity press or fee-charging publisher, but we offer partnerships and services that most traditional publishers don’t. For example, our tech support team designs websites, landing pages, and email marketing campaigns for our authors at no cost.

As an agile company, we also offer increased flexibility, faster time to publication, and better terms than most large presses.

There are no fees and no surcharges for you or the authors you represent.

We have published over 100 books across multiple genres, and we currently publish between 25 to 40 books per year.

Do you pay advances?

We currently do not offer advances.

What types of books do you publish?

We are a mass-market publisher. We specialize in nonfiction, including business, self-help, and health and wellness titles.

We also publish popular fiction genres, including romance, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, mystery, and thriller.

For more detail on the genres we’re currently looking for, check out our submission guidelines page.

Please note that we do not publish textbooks or poetry.

What royalties will my clients earn?

We pay 50% of net royalties and 50% of all payments received for subsidiary rights licensing deals, if you choose to allow us to handle subsidiary rights.

Of course, you can choose to keep subsidiary rights in house as well. It’s up to you—at TCK Publishing, we believe in offering flexibility to choose the publishing path that’s right for you and your client.

What formats do you produce?

We publish all of our books in eBook, print, and audio (assuming the book is a good fit for each format).

In each of these formats, we offer our typical 50% net royalty arrangement.

Where will my client’s book be available?

TCK Publishing titles are available through major outlets and standard wholesale channels, meaning that they’re sold in all major online channels and can be ordered through Ingram for bookstore, retail, and library sales.

Audiobooks are distributed through Audible, iTunes, and Amazon. Select audiobook titles are also available in CD format through our audiobook distributor.

What’s your time to market?

Time to market varies for each individual book based on its unique requirements, including manuscript status, marketing plans, and author needs. However, TCK Publishing prides itself on an efficient publishing process, getting your client’s book into readers’ hands quickly.

Our typical publishing timeline is between four to nine months, depending on whether we submit the book to trade reviewers or not.

What services do you provide?

We are a full-service publishing company dedicated to helping you and your client build an author brand and promote books for long-term success.

Here’s just a taste of what we offer:

  • Help with book title ideas and split testing
  • Cover design
  • Formatting and publishing for eBooks
  • Interior book design for print books
  • Audiobook narration, editing, mastering, and publishing
  • Distribution
  • Ongoing marketing campaigns
  • Marketing advice, mentorship, and guidance so your clients can focus on their strengths when it comes to marketing and not waste time doing things they don’t enjoy
  • Build or optimize your author’s website, including the squeeze page to build their email list
  • Build or optimize the author’s email marketing strategy to increase their sales and reviews
  • Tracking sales and royalties
  • Foreign language rights sales and marketing
  • Introductions to leading bloggers, podcasters, book reviewers, and journalists in your client’s market
  • Extensive outreach campaign to interested book reviewers (we pay for all the copies sent to reviewers)
  • And more!

What marketing support do you provide?

Unlike most traditional publishers, TCK Publishing offers a comprehensive suite of marketing supports to authors. You and your client won’t have to go it alone!

Much of the marketing we do changes depending on the market and the opportunities available to the author.

Here are some common marketing tasks we do for authors:

Packaging and Branding

  • Ensuring a great book title is selected that is Memorable, Repeatable and Searchable and represents your client’s brand
  • Designing a custom book cover that draws attention and makes your client’s book stand out from the crowd
  • Writing an extraordinary book description for Amazon and other retailers so that potential readers know what your client’s book is about and why they should buy it right now!
  • Helping get legitimate, honest and ethical high-quality reviews on Amazon from influencers and top reviewers in your client’s market or genre

Book Promotion

  • Advanced market research and competitive analysis for your client’s book and market (learn more about some of the tools developed by TCK Publishing CEO Tom Corson-Knowles for market research at
  • Emailing our list of targeted and active TCK Book Deals Readers
  • Submitting your client’s book to major book promotion sites: BookBub, Buck Books, and other book promotion sites
  • Sharing your client’s book on our social media channels with over 50,000 followers
  • Promoting your client’s book to our email list of more than 30,000 active readers
  • Promoting your client’s book to key influencers in your market or genre, including reviewers, bloggers, podcasters, social influencers, and more
  • Introducing your client directly to leaders in your market for author newsletter swaps and joint venture (JV) partnerships to help promote your book via email marketing and other avenues
  • Creating, paying for, and optimizing ongoing PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ad campaigns targeting your client’s ideal readers and customers
  • Taking screenshots when your client’s book hits #1 on various bestseller lists and categories on Amazon (see examples here)

Naturally, your client will still be responsible for helping with their own marketing—as with any publisher, whether small or large—but we offer one-on-one coaching and training services to help them become an expert, as well as support in getting their book in front of their target audience.

What sets your marketing apart?

At TCK Publishing, we specialize in bestseller optimization. We know what it takes to launch your client’s book right and to get onto Amazon’s bestseller lists…and beyond.

We’ve published more than 100 #1 Amazon bestsellers—see the proof here.

We do this using a combination of marketing expertise, our industry-leading proprietary software, and smart optimization tactics to help get your client’s book in front of thousands of eager readers to help propel it up the charts.

By optimizing for bestseller status, we also help ensure that your client will earn long-term fans—and long-term sales. Rather than letting your client’s book languish on the backlist, we seek sustained sales growth over the long term, helping your clients build and create a successful career.

We also have industry-leading launch expertise, enabling pre-orders for strong first-week sales, getting extensive reviews—in trade publications, book blogs, and on Amazon and Goodreads—and helping build word of mouth for your client’s book.

We go out of our way to make sure your clients have all the marketing resources they need. That’s why we will build or optimize their author website for free and help them set up their email marketing systems, opt-in forms, squeeze pages, and other marketing materials to build their fan base and business for long-term success.

How long is your standard contract?

Our standard publishing contract has a five (5) year term, which is renewable if you and your client choose. If you choose to let the contract expire, all rights revert to your client and you can republish the work as you see fit.

We do not take all your client’s book rights forever like a standard traditional publisher.

What rights do you take?

We license exclusive digital, print, and audio rights for a term of five years; your author retains their full copyright. Subsidiary rights arrangements can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Will my client’s book be available in international markets?

Absolutely. Your client’s book will be available all over the world in the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Australia, Germany, Japan, and many other countries through Amazon and other distribution channels.

In addition, we actively market our titles to international publishers year-round as well as at the Frankfurt Book Fair and London Book Fair.

If you’re an agent interested in foreign language rights for TCK Publishing titles, please contact us at [email protected]

Do you publish every manuscript submitted?

No. We accept less than 2% of manuscripts submitted.

Why should I work with TCK Publishing?

Because we care about you, your clients, and your long-term success!

TCK Publishing cares about helping authors build long-term, sustainable careers. We want to help authors and clients learn the skills they need to succeed as an author and earn a full-time income from their writing.

We’re looking for authors with multiple books; we want to provide value by helping authors create a full ecosystem around their writing. We offer not only professional industry expertise, but also personal coaching and guidance to eliminate any barriers to success. That means we can work with you and your client to identify areas of challenge and deal with them—not just in terms of their writing, but in terms of their life.

We invest heavily in our authors and build long-term relationships. If you’re interested in working with a publisher that wants to provide value through every step of the process and that goes the extra mile to help you and your client excel, please get in touch!

Email us at [email protected] to start the conversation!

Here’s our founder and CEO, Tom Corson-Knowles, to tell you more: