Love books but just can’t find the time to fit reading into your schedule? Audiobooks can be a true gift for those of us on the go—we can enjoy our favorite stories or dive into new ones while we drive to work, cook dinner, hit the gym, or do just about anything.

But finding a decent selection of free audiobooks can take work. Plus, many sites offer illegal copies and may threaten your device with malware.

Where To Find Free Audiobooks for Download and Streaming

Luckily, we’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of 10 awesome websites for streaming and downloading free audiobooks. These options are all completely legal, so you can rest assured that you’ll get excellent quality without harming your computer or breaking any laws.

1. Audible

With a 30-day free trial, you can browse Audible’s library containing tens of thousands of titles. During the trial, you’ll be able to download two audiobooks at no charge (yours to keep). After the 30-day period, you can subscribe and download one book each month for $14.95.

2. LibriVox

Librivox offers more than 10,000 titles in multiple languages, ranging from classics to new releases. You can also download specific chapters so you won’t have to waste time skipping through anything that doesn’t interest you. Recordings are made by volunteers, so you can even sign up to lend your voice if you wish!

3. Lit2GO

Like Librivox, Lit2Go offers audiobooks that can be downloaded by chapter. With some titles, you’ll also receive a PDF of the text so you can follow along! Available works aren’t just limited to books—poems and plays are also included. Each audiobook conveniently comes with all the citation information you might need for a reference list or bibliography, making this a great option for students or scholarly research.

4. Overdrive

If your local library has a partnership with Overdrive, this could be a great option for you. Just like in a physical library, you’ll be issued complete audiobooks which will be returned at the end of the loan period. You can use the Libby app to conveniently manage all of your loans.

5. Loyal Books

With Loyal Books, users can access thousands of audiobooks from the public domain. Downloads are free, and there are several options for saving the files (you can download the whole book, save certain chapters, or stream from your smartphone with the Loyal Books app).

6. Internet Archive

Internet Archive offers millions of free books, as well as movies and songs that can be downloaded or “checked out” for free. Their selection of audiobooks contains over 17,000 titles (including poetry). Some titles come with multiple options for download, so you can choose between MP3, OGG, or whatever works best for your device.

7. Open Culture

Here users can browse and download over 1,000 titles that include mostly classics, such as A Farewell to Arms and Ulysses, as well as a wide selection of poems. Not all titles are available for download, but can still be enjoyed through MP3 streaming. Open Culture also offers free movies and language lessons.

8. Hoopla

With Hoopla, users can stream or download thousands of audiobooks for free. You will need a library card to use this one (getting one is free and easy—visit your local library’s website to see if you can apply online). If you use Hoopla’s app, you can download titles to listen offline later. Just as with Overdrive, titles that you borrow will automatically be returned at the end of the loan period (including those that have been downloaded).

9. Storynory

If you have kids or work with little ones, Storynory is the place to find free audiobooks that include classic fairytales and original children’s stories. New titles are added each week, making this a convenient way to save money since you won’t have to hand over cash each time your child outgrows a story or wants to hear something new. Audiobooks can be streamed or downloaded directly from their site.

10. Spotify

You might already be familiar with Spotify, but did you know that you can also use it to listen to some of your favorite audiobooks? Streaming is free, but if you want to avoid those pesky ads that interrupt every few minutes you’ll need to sign up for a paid membership. Members can also download files for offline enjoyment.

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What are some of your favorite audiobooks? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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