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We are a no-fee independent book publishing company (also known as a small press or traditional publishing house). We are not a vanity press or subsidy press.

That means we provide free publishing services, we don’t charge any fees, and we earn our profits from publishing, distributing, and marketing your books for you.

We publish mass market fiction and nonfiction books. Please see our submission guidelines for more information about the specific genres we publish.

Our Mission is to Help Authors Succeed

TCK Publishing Mission Statement: “To build a sustainable book publishing company that helps as many authors as possible fulfill their dreams.”

Our goal is to help our authors earn full-time income from book sales.

To earn a living as an author, you will likely need to write multiple books in one niche or genre unless you have a unique book that is exceptional in the marketplace, already have a large following and platform, or plan to heavily promote your book (like doing a lot of public speaking at seminars and conferences).

We do have some clients who have achieved great sales with only one book (Kevin Horsley with Unlimited Memory and Dr. Véronique Desaulniers, author of Heal Breast Cancer Naturally, are two such examples). However, they have both worked very hard to become experts on their subject matter and write truly exceptional books.

We will help you create a step-by-step promotion and marketing plan that is customized to you, your unique skills and talents, and your genre or niche.

We’re constantly testing new marketing strategies and sharing best practices with our authors to help you increase your income and influencer. We will help you understand where you can invest your time and money most effectively, so you won’t waste resources on marketing that doesn’t produce sales.

We highly recommend you watch our free video training series on how to earn a full-time income as an author so you can learn more about what it actually takes to succeed as an author today.

Publishing Services

Below you will find some of the publishing services we provide* for our authors.

  • Our editors provide free developmental editing, copyediting, line editing, and proofreading services to make sure your book is in top shape before we publish it.
  • Our team of professional book designers will design your book cover and help you craft the perfect brand for your book (and your website, if you want us to help you build or improve your website—free).
  • We layout, design, and print your book in paperback, and then distribute it to retailers in several countries.
  • We format, design, and publish your book in eBook on Amazon Kindle (and possibly with other eBook retailers, depending on the best eBook distribution strategy for your particular book).
  • In most cases, we narrate, produce, master, publish, and distribute your book in audiobook format on Audible, Amazon, iTunes, and possibly in libraries and select retailers like Costco. Some books are not a good fit for audio, so our team will let you know before we finalize the publishing contract.
  • We help build or improve your author website.
  • We help build or improve your email list and email marketing campaigns.
  • We advertise your book online using PPC ads, Amazon ads, and other advertising and book promotion platforms.
  • We promote your book to book reviewers and industry influencers.
  • We provide PR and outreach to journalists, podcasters, radio hosts, and other media outlets to help you get your message out to more people.
  • And more!

*Note: We are constantly expanding our services that we provide free to our authors, especially when it comes to marketing and book promotion, so this list is not exhaustive. See our Publishing FAQ for more information about the services we provide.

How Our Authors Get Paid

TCK Publishing does not currently offer advances.

We pay 50% net royalties on all income from your book, including book sales, royalties, and subsidiary rights (like foreign language translation rights, licensing, and TV or film deals). That means you get paid three-to-six times more royalties with TCK Publishing than with most other traditional publishers.

Want to see proof that we can sell your book? Check out our results here.

You can also see the case study of how we sold over 150,000 copies of a single book without a big marketing budget.

Ready To Get Your Book Published?

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Submit Your Manuscript Today

If you’re ready to submit your manuscript for review, here’s a quick summary of how our submission process works:

  • Authors must contact us with a brief query letter. See our submission guidelines here.
  • After we receive your submission, our editors will review your manuscript. We are very selective, which means we accept about 1% of submissions currently.
  • Our editors will review your manuscript within 14-21 days, and will then promptly respond to your submission so you know exactly where you stand.


Q: How much can I expect to earn from my books?

Author earnings vary widely based on market size, your platform, the quality of your book, and many other factors. We talk in detail about the various factors that determine your sales and earnings in this free training series. Please watch this series because we created it specifically to help you sell more books and build your platform.

Results will vary. There’s absolutely no way we can tell ahead of time how many copies you will sell or how much you will earn. As anyone who’s been in the publishing business for some time can tell you, there’s a lot of luck when it comes to how well a book sells. We will do everything we can to help you sell as many books as possible, but at the end of the day, we can’t predict the results of any particular book in any given time period.

Note: Looking back on data from existing clients, we have found that clients who asked us to provide specific earnings projections ended up earning significantly less royalties than authors who did not ask. We believe this is because these authors tended to focus too much on money instead of focusing on what they could do each day to add more value to their readers. When you focus on factors that are out of your control (like how many copies you sell this month) rather than focusing on factors you can control (like whether you write 500 words today or send an email to your subscribers), you end up being busy without making any real progress toward your goals.

Your book sales will depend on a myriad of factors, most importantly: the quality of your writing, your email marketing system, book titles, book covers, book descriptions, genre or niche, book length, how many sales you personally generate from your platform and following, how much consumers perceive a strong need or want to read the book, and more.

The more you market and promote your books and the more books you write, the more you will earn per title. Fiction and nonfiction clients with email lists tend to earn significantly more than clients who have no email list. If you have not yet done so, you should immediately begin to build an email list.

We highly recommend you Email Marketing Mastery on Amazon. The book will walk you through the process of setting up your email list.

Q: How long does the publishing process take?

If our editors love your manuscript, we will offer you a publishing deal.

Once the contract is signed, we will provide you with a timeline detailing when your book will be published. The timeline varies between three (3) to nine (9) months depending on numerous factors, including but not limited to:

  • How long your manuscript is (the longer the word count, the longer the editing and layout processes will take)
  • How much time it takes you, the author, to review our edits, revise your manuscript, and get the updated file back to our team. We request that you our author get back to us on all edits and revisions within two weeks if possible.
  • How long our developmental editing queue is at the time your contract is signed
  • Whether we will submit your book to trade reviewers pre-publishing or not (if so, trade reviewers require we delay publishing your book by four months)
  • Whether we plan to publish your book in audiobook format or not (if so, that could delay the publishing process by 30-60 days)

Q: How much does it cost?

We do not charge any fees for publishing eBooks, print books, or audiobooks, and we pay 50% royalties, so you’re earning 3-6 times as much as you would with a traditional publisher.

Q: Can I order author copies of the book?

Yes. If you would like to order paperback books for personal use or to sell at an event, you can do so at a 65% discount off the retail price (so usually around $6.99 for a paperback book priced at $19.99).

Q: Where will you sell my books?

We sell books in eBook, paperback, and audiobook format through a variety of retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Costco, Audible, and many more.

We also sell books through our own online book store and to our email list of TCK book readers.

Q: What do I need to do to market my books?

There’s nothing you must do to market your books. One of the biggest things you can do to increase your sales and earnings is to focus on writing more books, so you should never spend time on marketing unless it’s going to provide a bigger return on investment than time spent writing your next book.

The most important thing you can do to market your books is to start building your email list right away.

Ideally, all of our authors would have full marketing plans from the start, but we understand that’s just not realistic for most authors today.

If you have a marketing plan, great! We can help you improve it.

If you don’t have a marketing plan, we’ll send you a list of simple and effective marketing strategies you can use to promote your books effectively with a small investment of time. We will then schedule a call with you to help coach you through the process of creating a unique marketing and writing plan to help you achieve your unique goals as an author.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Kevin Horsley bestselling author“Working with TCK publishing has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made. Tom and his team have helped me turn my book Unlimited Memory into a runaway success. The book reached #1 in nonfiction on Amazon and continues to be #1 in numerous categories. In a short time the book has sold over 40,000 copies, and it will be translated into French, Chinese and Korean soon.

I couldn’t have achieved this without them, as they continue to use cutting-edge and ethical marketing methods to maximize the potential of my books.

As an author, they made the process very easy, and it has been such a pleasure working with TCK publishing. I highly recommend them to take your book to the next level!”

— Kevin Horsley

Note: Kevin’s book has since sold over 150,000 copies in English and been translated into more than a dozen languages.

Have More Questions?

You can download our TCK Publishing Services overview here.

You can also check out our Publishing FAQ page which has much more information about what we do.

If you have any questions about publishing your book, feel free to send us an email at [email protected].

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