How Publishing With TCK Publishing Works

We are a no-fee, independent book publishing company. That means we provide free publishing services, we don’t charge any fees, and we earn our profits from designing, publishing, and promoting your books for you.

Here’s How We Can Help Publish and Market Your Books

  • Authors must contact us with a brief query letter. See our submission guidelines here.
  • After we receive your query letter, we will send you a few questions to get more information about you, your work and your future plans as an author.
  • Next, we will ask you to submit your manuscript for review. We prefer to receive manuscripts submitted in a Word Document (.docx or .doc format) so that we can use Track Changes and make comments and edits as we review your book.
  • If we like the manuscript, we will send it back to you with edits and comments and then schedule a brief call to connect and see if working together might be a good fit.
  • After your book is submitted, approved for publication, and we feel it would be a good fit to publish your book, we’ll send you a publishing contract so we can come to a clear agreement and both parties will be protected.

We Do Not Charge a Fee to Publish Books

  • Our editors provide free copyediting, line editing, and proofreading services to make sure your book is in top shape before we publish it.
  • The author and TCK Publishing split all income from book sales, royalties, and subsidiary rights (like foreign language translation rights and movie deals) 50/50. For every dollar your books make, you earn half and we earn half. Offering 50% royalties means you are getting paid 3-6 times more royalties than what traditional publishers offer.
  • Once the contract is signed, we can discuss and agree upon the book title and cover design. We will then format the manuscript for Kindle and print. After the book title, cover design, edits, and formatting are approved by the author, we will publish the book on Amazon and other retailers and start marketing it. We can narrate and publish audiobooks as well if it makes sense to do so for your book.
  • We will also write a compelling and thorough book description for the book on Amazon and do extensive keyword research and on-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the book to attract as many readers as possible through Amazon search, Google, and other search engines.
  • After the book is published, we will schedule a book launch and promotion (see how Kindle Countdown Deals have increased book sales by 905% on average so far for our clients). This massive week-long promotion will allow us to attract hundreds, thousands, and in some cases tens of thousands of new readers for the book. During this promotion, we will promote the book on Facebook, Twitter, and dozens of blogs, forums, and book promotion websites.
  • We will provide you with a list of marketing activities that only the author can do, such as connecting with Amazon reviewers, connecting with influential bloggers in your market, posting on certain forums for authors, podcast interviews, guest blogging, and more.
  • We will set you up with our proprietary marketing software to help you manage contacts with book reviewers and bloggers in your market.
  • After the first 90 days in KDP Select, we will evaluate book sales and our marketing efforts and form a strategy for the next 90 days—either another KDP Select promotion or distribution to other ebook distributors such as iBooks, Barnes & Nobles (Nook), Google Play, Kobo, and other digital retailers.
  • Right now, we’ve found our clients earn more income by publishing exclusively with KDP Select than they would with other eBook distributors. This makes sense given all the extra perks and income from the program combined with the fact that Amazon controls over 73% of the US ebook market and as much as 80% of the UK market for eBooks.

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Additional Publishing Services


FREE Professional Paperback Publishing

Want to get your book published in paperback?

We offer free eBook and paperback publishing services to all TCK Publishing clients. If you want to get your book published professionally in print, we can do all the hard work for you and distribute your book through and a variety of other retailers.

Here’s what’s included in our paperback publishing service:

  • Full Paperback Book Cover Design so your book looks amazing and stands out from the crowd.
  • Professional Interior Book Design for Paperback so you will be proud to present your book to anyone and everyone.
  • Print-On-Demand Publishing Through CreateSpace so you never have to pay for expensive inventory and Amazon will deliver your books to customers quickly and easily.
  • Distribution Through so that you have exposure to hundreds of millions of potential readers.
  • Keep 100% of the Profits when you sell your print books in your office, at conferences, seminars, workshops or anywhere else. We charge no extra fees when you order print books for personal use or resale in a physical location.
  • Done-For-You Custom Advertising Campaigns targeted to your ideal readers to get them to buy your print books, eBooks and audiobooks.

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Contact us using the form below to submit your manuscript or ask a question. You can also email us at submissions [at] tckpublishing [dot] com.

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Audiobook Publishing Services

We can professionally narrate, edit, master, produce and publish your audiobook as well. We distribute digital audiobooks via ACX, Audible, iTunes, and up to 50 other digital audiobook retailers.

We can also have your audiobooks produced in CD format and distributed to libraries and dozens of book retailers including Costco.

Learn more about our audiobook publishing services here.

You can listen to some of our bestselling audiobooks on here.

TCK Publishing Services Overview

TCK Publishing Mission Statement: “To build a sustainable book publishing company that helps as many authors as possible fulfill their dreams.”

Our goal is to help our clients earn a full-time income from book sales.

To earn a living as an author, you will likely need to write multiple books in one niche or genre, unless you already have a large following and platform, or you plan to do a lot of public speaking at seminars and conferences.

We do have some clients who have achieved great sales and royalties with only one book (Kevin Horsley with Unlimited Memory and Dr. Véronique Desaulniers, author of Heal Breast Cancer Naturally, are two such examples). However, they have both worked very hard to become subject matter experts and write truly exceptional books.

We will help you create a step-by-step promotion and marketing plan that is customized to you, your unique skills and talents, and your genre or niche. We’re constantly testing new marketing strategies and sharing best practices with our clients. We will help you understand where you can invest your time and money most effectively, so you are not wasting resources on marketing that doesn’t produce sales.f

To help you get started, check out our latest writer’s training videos and publishing checklists.

In addition, we highly recommend you watch our free video training series on how to earn a full-time income as an author.

The Publishing Process

Here’s what we do to help you get your book published with us as quickly as possible while providing readers with the highest quality book you can produce.

1. After the publishing contract is signed and payment is delivered, you will need to send the following information to us so we can best market your books:

  • A professional headshot. We will include this in the “About the Author” section at the end of your book and on the TCK Publishing website. See example here. Note: Make sure you own the copyright or license to the photo. If a professional photographer took the photo, you will need to get permission to use the photo in the book, on Amazon, on our website, and elsewhere online and in print.
  • A short author biography. Create a short, 50-word version and a longer, 250-500-word version.
  • The exact spelling of your author name or pen name. This will appear on the book cover and in all marketing campaigns and industry databases.
  • A list of any other published books you have that are currently available for sale, along with links to purchase them.
  • Your manuscript in Microsoft Word format (.docx or .doc filename extension). Please use our free Kindle book template for clients for all new book projects. If your book is already written, you do not have to reformat it or use the template; we will format it for you.

2. Before we publish your book, we will review the manuscript thoroughly to determine if it is ready to publish. We focus on the following areas:

Does the book need serious structural edits or revisions?

If yes, you will be responsible for hiring a professional editor and/or rewriting the book.

Note: As the author, you are responsible for having your book professionally edited and proofread. If we feel your book still needs work before it’s ready to publish, we will let you know. If you need a qualified, affordable, and reliable editor or proofreader, just let us know, and we can refer you to someone who specializes in editing books in your specific niche or genre.

What is the book about, and how is it different from other books out there?

This will help us come up with a marketable book title and hook so your book stands out from the competition. In order to assist us in creating the best possible marketing campaign, please send us a brief synopsis of your book (200-600 words). We will help rewrite your synopsis, making it more appealing to your target readers by highlighting the elements that make your book unique.

Does the book need any other changes to be marketable?

Sometimes, we will recommend adding additional content or material to the book, such as downloadable resources for readers.

Is the book ready for Kindle, print, and audio?

Not every book is right for eBook, paperback, and audiobook formats. We will let you know which format(s) are ideal for your book based on your specific market and content.

3. We will schedule a coaching call with you to help you create a marketing plan tailored to your specific strengths and skills. To prepare for this call, take inventory of your skills and strengths related to marketing, which might include:

  • Writing skills (for blog posts, articles, and social media)
  • Speaking skills (for public speaking, YouTube videos, and podcast, radio, and TV interviews)
  • Networking skills (for building contacts with promotional partners, who can help you sell more books)
  • Design skills (for creating infographics, cartoons, illustrations, photography, and other visual content to attract more readers)

4. We will help you implement your marketing plan. This includes:

  • Creating an author website if you don’t have one yet. If you already have an author website, we will provide guidance on how to improve it to maximize traffic and sales
  • Creating your email marketing system and landing page to help grow your email list of readers
  • Providing you with a list of tools, resources, templates, and scripts you can use to implement your custom marketing campaign

Note: If you do not have an author website or email list, you will need to invest about $5/month for your website hosting, $10/year for your website domain, and $20/month for email marketing software. We do not pay for your website or email list, but we will show you how to build these business assets quickly and efficiently to help you achieve long-term success.

5. While the book is being edited, we will discuss book title ideas with you. This process may take a few minutes or a few weeks, depending on how quickly we come to an agreement on a great title for the book.

To get the process started, please come up with at least 5-6 title and subtitle ideas and email them to us.

See videos #8 and #9 here for more information about choosing a good book title.

6. After we finalize the book title and subtitle, we will start working on the cover design. If you have a specific vision for the cover, let us know. Otherwise, just sit back and relax while our professional cover designers come up with some great designs for you. We know how to design profitable book covers that will help sell books for you, so you do not need to have a specific cover concept in mind.

7. After we’ve selected a title, designed the cover, and the book has been fully edited and proofread, we will format the eBook for Kindle. We will then send the file to you for a final review before we upload it to the Amazon Kindle store and enroll the book in Amazon’s KDP Select Program.

8. We will use the book synopsis you sent us from Step 2 to create a clear, engaging book description for your Amazon book page that will entice readers to buy your book.

9. Initially and in most cases, your book will be published on Amazon at a price between $2.99 and $4.99. We refer to this as the initial “soft launch”. Launching the book at a low price point helps us attract new readers, get more early book reviews, and build your following before we start the bigger KDP Select marketing promotions.

10. We will schedule either a Kindle Countdown Deal or KDP Select Free Promotion as soon as possible after the soft launch. We will let you know when the promotion is scheduled, so you can prepare for it and also promote the book to your audience.

See more about Kindle Countdown Deals vs. Free Promotions on the website here.

11. We will create a list of book reviewers on Amazon who have previously reviewed books similar to yours. We will then craft an email template that you can either send directly to these reviewers yourself, or we can send the emails on your behalf with our custom software. All you have to do is respond to the reviewers who request a review copy of your book. This process usually generates between 5 and 50 new reviews, depending on the market size and the appeal of your book.

Many of our clients have also received massive exposure via blog posts, radio interviews, podcast interviews, free exposure at book fairs and trade shows, and other free marketing opportunities as a result of sending these targeted emails to reviewers.

12. You will need to set up your Amazon Author Central profile page and claim your books on Amazon. See full instructions here.

13. After the promotion dates are set, we will start contacting high-traffic websites and blogs to have them list your book during the promotion in order to get as many downloads and sales as possible.

14. During the promotion, you will be promoting your book as much as possible on your website, to your email list, and on social media. We will also promote your book on social media and to our email list if it’s a good fit for our subscribers.

15. After the promotion ends, we will raise the price of the book to at least $2.99, in most cases. This will allow us to earn 70% royalties from Amazon (around $2.06 per book at a $2.99 price point) while keeping our sales volume as high as possible and achieving the highest bestseller rankings. At this time, we will also begin to price test the book in the $2.99 to $9.99 price range in order to maximize royalties and profits.

16. The week after the promotion ends, we will monitor sales and traffic closely and take screenshots of any bestseller rankings, especially any #1 bestseller rankings on Amazon. We will then post the bestseller screenshots on the blog, along with links to the book, for even more exposure. We can’t guarantee your book will become a #1 bestseller on Amazon, but many of our clients have achieved #1 bestseller status, as you can see here.

17. We will start testing online ad campaigns to help you sell more books and/or build your email list. We split the cost of ads created to sell more books 50/50, so we can create sustainable and profitable ad campaigns for you. For example, if we spend $100 on ads and receive $150 in royalties from those ads, we have a profitable campaign that we can continue to run, selling more books and attracting new readers. However, if we were to pay for the ad spend entirely and continue to split royalties with you 50/50, we would be spending $100 to earn only $75 in royalties, creating a loss. This would make many profitable ad campaigns unsustainable, creating a lose-lose situation. That’s why we split ongoing advertising costs 50/50.

If you want us to create custom ad campaigns for you to help you build your email list, you will have to pay for the ads directly, and we can manage the campaigns for you. We only manage these types of custom campaigns if you have a budget of $300 per month or more ($10 per day).

18. A few weeks after the promotion ends, we will review the previous several weeks’ sales and determine whether we can generate more future sales by keeping the book in KDP Select and running additional Free Promotions or Kindle Countdown Deals after 90 days, or whether uploading the book on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Smashwords and other eBook stores would be a more profitable option.


Q: How much can I expect to earn from my books?

Author earnings vary widely, based on market size, your platform, the quality of your book, and many other factors. We talk in detail about the various factors that determine your sales and earnings in this free training series. Please watch this series because we created it specifically to help you sell more books and build your platform.

Results will vary. There’s absolutely no way we can tell ahead of time how many copies you will sell or how much you will earn. As anyone who’s been in the publishing business for some time can tell you, there’s a lot of luck when it comes to how well a book sells. We will do everything we can to help you sell as many books as possible, but at the end of the day, we can’t predict the results of any particular book in any given time period.

Note: Looking back on data from existing clients, we have found that clients who asked us to provide specific earnings projections ended up earning 73% less royalties than authors who did not ask. We believe this is because these authors tended to focus too much on money instead of focusing on what they could do each day to add more value to their readers. When you focus on factors that are out of your control (like how many copies you sell this month) rather than focusing on factors you can control (like whether you write 500 words today or send an email to your subscribers), you end up being busy without making any real progress toward your goals.

Your book sales will depend on a myriad of factors, most importantly: the quality of your writing, your email marketing system, book titles, book covers, book descriptions, genre or niche, book length, how many sales you personally generate from your platform and following, how much consumers perceive a strong need or want to read the book, and more.

The more you market and promote your books and the more books you write, the more you will earn per title. Fiction and nonfiction clients with email lists tend to earn significantly more than clients who have no email list. If you have not yet done so, you should immediately begin to build an email list.

We highly recommend you buy Tom’s book, Email Marketing Mastery for just $2.99 on Amazon. The book will walk you through the process of setting up your email list. When you buy the book, let us know, and you will also get special access to Tom’s Email Marketing Mastery video training course, which normally sells for $147.00, as our gift to you.

On average, this is the breakdown of sales volume by book format for our clients:

eBook: 57%

Paperback: 27%

Audiobook: 16%

Therefore, we usually recommend publishing in eBook format first and foremost, followed by audiobook, and then paperback. We will discuss which formats make the most sense for your particular book and market.

Q: How long does the publishing process take?

After you send us your edited, proofread, and completed manuscript in a Word document, we can publish in 7 days or less on Kindle. It may take longer, depending on how long it takes for you to approve the book title, book cover, and final formatted version of the eBook.

Paperback books usually take 30-60 days to design, publish, and go live for sale online.

Digital audiobooks usually take 60-90 days to narrate, edit, produce, publish, and go live for sale online.

Q: How much does it cost?

We do not charge any fees for publishing eBooks, print books, or audiobooks, and we split all royalties from book sales in all formats 50/50, so you’re earning 4-6 times as much as you would with a traditional publisher.

Because of the nature of audiobook production and publishing and the fact that you maintain full ownership of your work when you publish with TCK Publishing, we do not produce audiobooks for each full-length novel until the author is consistently selling more than 200 books (in eBook or print combined). For audiobook publishing, manage the entire narration, editing, and publishing process for you. We will accept submissions from dozens of professional narrators, and you are free to select the narrator of your choice.

If you would like to order paperback books for personal use or sale, you can do so at cost directly from our printer (usually $2 to $4 per book).

When you order printed books at cost and sell them directly to your audience, you keep all the profit.

When we sell paperback books online, we split royalties 50/50, as usual.

If your manuscript has been reviewed and accepted, you may schedule a call with us to see which publishing formats would be ideal for your books.

Q: Can I use Private Label Rights (PLR) content for my books?

No! Amazon checks every book file for duplicate content, which means any PLR, repurposed content, or content existing on blogs or other websites will be rejected, and the publishing account may be banned. We check all manuscripts with Copyscape and will not publish any material with significant duplicate content (10% or more of the entire manuscript).

Q: What do I need to do to market my books?

There’s nothing you must do to market your books. One of the biggest things you can do to increase your sales and earnings is to focus on writing more books, so you should never spend time on marketing unless it’s going to provide a bigger return on investment than time spent writing your next book. The most important thing you can do to market your books is to start building your email list right away.

Ideally, all of our clients would have full marketing plans from the start, but we understand that’s just not realistic for most authors today.

If you have a marketing plan, great! We can help you improve it.

If you don’t have a marketing plan, we’ll send you a list of simple and effective marketing tools you can use to promote your books effectively with a small investment of time. Most clients find that going through the entire marketing and promotion checklist for each book promotion takes between 8 and 16 hours of work and is really quite fun, especially when you start to see the results and can connect with influential Amazon reviewers, bloggers, and readers.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Kevin Horsley bestselling author

“Working with TCK publishing has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made. Tom and his team have helped me turn my book Unlimited Memory into a runaway success. The book reached #1 in nonfiction on Amazon and continues to be #1 in numerous categories. In a short time the book has sold over 40,000 copies and it will be translated into French, Chinese and Korean soon.

I couldn’t have achieved this without them, as they continue to use cutting edge and ethical marketing methods to maximize the potential of my books.

As an author they made the process very easy and it has been such a pleasure working with TCK publishing. I highly recommend them to take your book to the next level!”

— Kevin Horsley

Have More Questions?

You can download our TCK Publishing Services overview here.

If you have any questions about publishing your book, feel free to send us an email at [email protected].

Contact TCK Publishing

*We provide free paperback publishing services for clients only when it makes sense to do so for your particular book and market. For example, books less than 24 pages or more than 1,000 pages are impractical to print. Also, we do not normally print box sets, short stories or novellas, although we may make an exception to this rule for particular projects.


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