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TCK Publishing started as a small independent publishing company in 2011. Today, we are an international publishing company specializing in  trade paperback books. We publish fiction and non-fiction eBooks, print books, and audiobooks in all major genres and niches.

Our mission is to help our authors earn a full-time income from royalties. We do this by creating a comprehensive publishing and marketing strategy unique to each book and each author. We also pay authors 50% royalties—that’s about six times more than the average traditional publisher pays.

Unlike most large publishing companies, we treat our authors like VIP business partners. That’s why we respond to all submissions within 14-21 days, have a full-time tech support team build and maintain websites for our authors at no cost, and provide ongoing coaching and support for our authors.

Every publishing and marketing decision we make comes from our guiding principles:

TCK Publishing Guiding Principles

We believe authors make the world a better place by sharing stories, ideas, and experiences that allow us all to better understand this amazing world we live in. When we better understand the world we live in, we make better decisions. When we make better decisions, we make the world a better place. This creates a virtuous cycle whereby authors are constantly helping to improve our culture, our society, and our planet.

We believe the decisions of human beings hold the key to the future of our planet and life on Earth. It is up to us to make the right decisions to protect future generations of humans and to protect the incredible diversity of life on Earth, from the smallest bacteria to the largest animals like blue whales.

We believe doing the right thing is the best thing and a good business strategy.

We believe giving readers what they need and want how they want it at a fair price is the right thing to do.

We believe educated authors write the best books and make the best clients, so we strive to provide as much educational materials, tools, and resources as we can for authors, whether they choose to do business with us or not.

If you’re new here, we recommend you start with our free training course on how to become a full-time author.


Our Values

Making a Difference

We believe authors, writers, and storytellers provide the sturdy foundation for our culture. We serve authors as best as we can so they can serve the world more effectively.


We believe honesty is always the best policy. We always speak our truth, even when it’s scary, uncomfortable, or downright painful. We know that people learn and grow better when they get honest feedback.


We’re passionate about life and we love to learn. If you love to read, learn new things, come up with new ideas, and test out new theories about how the world works, you’ll fit right in.


We know that long-term relationships lead to long-term success in life and business. We are committed to our team members and our authors, and we invest in building lifelong relationships so that we can all grow stronger and wiser together.


We value the freedom to work when we want, where we want, and how we want. This gives us the ability to spend more time with our family and friends. We don’t waste time commuting or dealing with bureaucratic rules so that we can have a bigger impact in the world while living a great lifestyle.

TCK Publishing Mission Statement

“To build a sustainable book publishing company that helps as many authors as possible fulfill their dreams.”

Our mission is to help all of our clients earn a full-time income from book royalties.

Because our goal is to help each of our clients earn a full-time income from their royalties, we want to make sure you are prepared for success from the beginning.

Types of Books We Publish

You can see the types of fiction and nonfiction books we publish on our submission guidelines page.

Our Story

I wrote my first book in college and followed the advice of literary experts to seek a traditional book deal. After querying countless agents and publishers, I was extremely frustrated with the publishing industry. It seemed absurd that I could send hundreds of letters, emails, and submissions and get almost no response.

I knew there was something rotten about the publishing industry when I discovered that most authors don’t get a response to their submissions for 6-12 months or more. How could it possibly take that long to review a manuscript and provide a simple yes or no answer to an author?

Six years after attempting to get my first book published, I had made absolutely zero progress. Luckily, a friend of mine suggested I self-publish my book on Amazon, and I did. That was the beginning of TCK Publishing. Within 12 months I was earning over $12,000 per month in royalties from Kindle eBook sales alone!

I was so excited about my now flourishing career as an author that I started sharing YouTube videos about self-publishing to inspire and educate other authors who were disappointed with traditional publishing. I also created an online course on Udemy about self-publishing, which now has over 40,000 students.

Many of my students wrote to me asking me to publish their books for them. That’s when TCK Publishing started publishing books for other authors.

Since then, we’ve published over 400 books and helped hundreds of authors achieve their dreams by publishing and marketing their books.

Tom Corson-Knowles, Founder and CEO of TCK Publishing

Tom Corson-Knowles - Found and CEO of TCK Publishing

Tom Corson-Knowles is an entrepreneur, blogger, and international bestselling author. He started his first business at age 13, manufacturing SAD lamps out of his father’s garage. By the time he graduated from Indiana University Kelley School of Business at age 22, he was earning a full-time income from his first successful business which he started in his dorm room.

Tom then decided to share the keys to success that he had learned along his journey to becoming a financially independent entrepreneur through his books, videos, and seminars. Today, he teaches new and established authors how to achieve incredible success by mastering the fundamentals of writing, publishing, and marketing great books.

Tom’s bestselling books include Secrets of the Six-Figure Author, The Kindle Publishing Bible, Rules of the Rich, and The Kindle Writing Bible, among others. He is also the founder of Pickleball Oasis.

Kaelyn Barron, Nonfiction Editor

Kaelyn Barron Blogger Image

Kaelyn Barron loves crafting fun and helpful content for writers, readers, and creative minds alike on the blog. She also loves editing books and helping our authors perfect their manuscripts.

She has a degree in International Affairs with a minor in Italian Studies, but her true passion has always been writing. Working remotely allows her to do even more of the things she loves, like traveling, cooking, and spending time with her family.

Queenie Faigones, Graphic Designer


Queenie Faigones is a multimedia artist and aspiring filmmaker. She creates all our art for book cover designs, website graphics, and promotional materials such as posters, GIF animations, videos, and infographics.

Queenie loves to create art that makes an impact, evokes deep emotions, and inspires people to see all the things that we can be thankful for in this world.

Mark Gerbert, Customer Support

Mark Gerbert - Customer Support Image

Mark Gerbert Buctuanon is an Accounting graduate. He is very passionate when it comes to helping authors with their submissions and inquiries.

Mark is the reason we’re able to respond to every submission and query within 14 days.

Cole Salao, Blogger

cole salao profile image

Cole Salao is a blog writer and aspiring novelist. He has a degree in Communications and is an advocate of media and information literacy, as well as responsible media practices.

Aside from his interest in technology, crafts, and food, he’s also your typical science fiction and fantasy junkie, spending most of his free time reading through an ever-growing to-be-read list. It’s either that or procrastinating over actually writing his book. Wish him luck!

Yen Cabag, Blogger

Yen Cabag is a Blog Writer at TCK Publishing. She is also a homeschooling mom, family coach, and speaker for the Charlotte Mason method, an educational philosophy that places great emphasis on classic literature and the masterpieces in art and music.

Yen has also written several books, both fiction and nonfiction. Her passion is to see the next generation of children become lovers of reading and learning in the midst of short attention spans.

Jessica Sy, Marketing Specialist

jessica sy image

Jessica Sy is a writer, professor, and marketer at heart. She loves helping authors get their message out to the world because she believes that every author has a noble mission to transform and change lives. She aspires to one day become one of the many successful authors she’s worked with, but she already finds great fulfillment acting as their advocate.

Before finding her home at TCK Publishing, she worked for a self-publishing company as a publishing consultant and book marketing expert for four years. During her free time, she loves binge-watching psychological thrillers, science fiction, and documentaries.

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