Book Deal Promotion Service

TCK Publishing is now offering a book deal promotion service to a few select authors.

You can apply to have your book promoted to our book deals newsletter subscribers in the following genres:

  • General Nonfiction
  • Self-Help and How-To
  • General Fiction
  • Romance
  • Thriller
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Science Fiction
  • Teen and Young Readers

Book Deal Promotion Requirements

We have strict requirements to feature a book in our book deals newsletter:

  • Your book must have a professionally designed book cover
  • Your book must have at least 10 reviews on Amazon
  • Your book must have an average review rating of at least 4.0 stars on Amazon
  • Your book description must be well-written and free of any major spelling or grammatical errors
  • Your book must be discounted to $0.99 or less or free on the day(s) you’re requesting us to promote it
  • You must notify us of your planned book promotion dates at least seven (7) days in advance

Apply for a Book Promo

To apply for a promotion, simply fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you within a few days to let you know if your book has been accepted for a promotion.

Note: If we approve your book for a promotion spot you MUST drop the price by midnight Pacific Standard Time the day before your promotion or risk having your title removed from our newsletter promotion. For example, if we feature your book on January 1st, your price must be dropped by midnight PST/3am EST on January 1st. Please contact Amazon or your publisher to arrange this.

Our book promo newsletter editor is very selective, and our team reserves the right to deny this service for any book that does not meet our editor’s expectations.

Tips for Scheduling an Ebook Promotion

Here are some additional tips to help make your ebook promotion a success.

Discount your book at the right price

Many failed book promotions were unsuccessful because they weren’t priced appropriately. It’s usually not enough to just take $1 or $2 off the price of your ebook if your book is priced at $9.99 or above.

We always offer eBook promotions at $0.99 or free, and we recommend you do the same unless there’s a very good reason not to. Different eBook promotion sites have different pricing requirements, so make sure you read the details for each book promotion service you intend to use during your marketing efforts.

Offering your book for free for a limited time can ultimately help you to sell more books by helping you get reviews and exposure.

Choose your Amazon categories wisely

Because over 90% of eBooks are sold on on the Kindle platform, the categories you select for your book on Amazon could make a huge difference in your sales.

Have you chosen the right categories for your ebook? Choosing the most appropriate Amazon categories for your ebook can play a big role in your success.

You can check out our lists of the most competitive and least competitive Amazon categories and we highly recommend you read our guide on How to Become a #1 Bestselling Author on Amazon which will help you select the best categories for your book.

Get more book reviews

As we noted in our guidelines above, TCK Publishing will only promote a book in our newsletter if it has at least 10 reviews and an average of 4.0 stars. That’s because readers demand high-quality books, and many readers won’t consider buying a book with poor reviews or less than 10 reviews.

Most sites feature similar rules, which means you’ll need to use your network to reach out to members of your target audience, offer some free books, and kindly ask for book reviews as soon as your book is released (if not sooner).

Read our free guide on How to Get Book Reviews to learn more.

Schedule your promotion at least 1-2 months in advance

This is not a requirement for TCK Publishing, but it’s a very good idea to plan your eBook promotions at least 30-60 days in advance. That’s because some book promotion services may get fully booked if you wait too long to notify them about your promotion.

The more time you give the book promotion sites to feature your book, the more likely they’ll be able to promote your book during the day(s) you need your book promoted.

Use Smart Book Marketing Strategies

There are many great ways you can promote your book beyond just using a book promotion service.

You can learn how to get free PR for your book.

You can build an author website and write great blog posts.

And much more! Check out all our book marketing articles to learn more.

How This Book Promotion Service Works

We’ve built an email list of 10,000+ readers from our blogging, publishing, and other marketing efforts. These readers are looking for great book deals in different genres including General Nonfiction, Self-Help and How-To, General Fiction, Romance, Thriller, Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction, and Teen and Young Readers. Every week, we send our readers at least one email letting them know about some of the most promising eBooks on sale for $0.99 or less.

When our editors accept your application for this book promotion service, we’ll include your book in one of these emails to our list of readers that are interested in your genre, helping you get more sales and reach more readers.

How to See Your Book Promotion Email

If you would like to see proof of our book deal promotion or check out our latest recommended books, you can sign up for our book deals newsletter here or on the bottom of this page.

Best of luck with your promotion!

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