Book Submission Template image

You can download our free book submission template to make it quick and easy to get your manuscript formatted professionally so you can submit it to a publisher.

If you are submitting your manuscript to TCK Publishing, please use this template and then contact our team on our submissions guidelines page.

Make sure you follow these instructions when submitting your manuscript to TCK Publishing:

Use a Serif Font

We recommend Times New Roman 12 point font (black) with 1.5 line spacing.

Layout Your Document

Make sure your document is laid out at 8.5″ x 11″ and your margins are set to 1″ on all sides.

Include a Synopsis On Page 1

The very first thing in your manuscript file should be a synopsis (brief summary) of your work.

For fiction, please include a log line and/or a short description of your book. You can follow the instructions in our blog post on how to summarize a novel.

For nonfiction, please give a brief summary of why a reader would benefit from your book and your qualifications to write it. Also include a list of chapters and the topics covered in each chapter (Table of Contents).

Include Your Marketing Plan

Tell us how you intend to market your book.

What social media outlets do you use, and would you be willing to use them to promote your writing?

Do you have a mailing list, or would you be willing to work with TCK Publishing to create one?

Would you be willing to assemble a street team before your book is published?

Let us know about any other marketing plans you have for your book.

If you have not already, we highly recommend you start reading our blog posts on book marketing because that information will help you sell significantly more books.

Share Your Future Writing Plans

Tell us briefly about your future plans as an author here. Let us know about any books you plan to write in the next 2-3 years.

Is this book part of a series?

Do you have other books you have previously written?

Include Your Full Manuscript

Only submit a complete and edited manuscript.

How to Submit

Once you’ve got your manuscript file formatted and all the information we need, you can contact us on our submissions guidelines page.