Who says games are just for kids? If you love words, you can choose from a variety of word game apps to play on your phone or tablet so you can relax and have fun, with the confidence that you’re also learning something new and stimulating your brain.

The great thing about word game apps is that people of all ages can enjoy and benefit from them. This makes them a wonderful way to connect with others of different age groups. 

What Are the Best Free Word Games? 

Here are some word games that you can download on your phone for free fun: 

1. Wordscapes

Devices: Android, Windows, iOS

wordscapes app image

Wordscapes is a crossword-type game that also uses word search elements. It starts off easy, with each round taking only a few minutes, but quickly increases in difficulty. 

2. Crossword

Devices: Android, iOS

crossword app image

Crossword puzzles were a popular word game long before the development of mobile phones, so this game is sure to bring hours of entertainment. The good thing about this app, though, is that it highlights and locks in correct answers, so you can know for sure when you’ve put in the right word. It also offers clues for words that have stumped you. 

3. Alphabear

Devices: Android, iOS

aphabear app image

This original word-strategy game also includes word search elements. Cute dancing bears will help entertain you while you build up your vocabulary. It also comes with more game-like features like boss fights and power-ups. As you make words, you also get bigger bears to earn more points. 

4. Typeshift 

Devices: Android, iOS 

typeshift word game app image

This game combines elements from anagrams, word searches, and crosswords. The goal of the game is to shift around the letters, shown in several columns, to spell out words. 

5. Letterpress

Devices: Android, iOS 

Letterpress Screenshot Image

This Scrabble-type game uses a very simple interface but lets you play against a bot or against your friends, with the goal of capturing the board. This is a strategy game that goes beyond just figuring out words. 

6. Four Letters

Devices: Android, iOS 

four letters app image

This timed word search type game starts out simple and then progresses to more difficult puzzles. Using only four letters, the goal is to form a word as quickly as you can. 

7. Word Search Pro 

Devices: Android, iOS 

word search pro image

This simple game features word searches with bright colors, daily challenges, three difficulty levels, and unlimited puzzles. It also comes with a night mode setting so you won’t strain your eyes playing in the dark. This is the top rated word game app in the App Store.

8. Words with Friends 2

Devices: Android, iOS 

words with friends 2 image

This Scrabble-type game is popular for individual fun along with its function for multiple players. The new version, Friends 2, lets you play in solo challenge events against fictional characters, and also features new lightning rounds. 

9. Wheel of Fortune

Devices: Windows, Android, iOS

This word-guessing game plays on the concept of the TV show, giving you a turn at the wheel to solve the puzzles. You can play with family and friends, compete for prizes, or even try lightning rounds. 

10. Word Cookies

Devices: Windows, Android, iOS 

word cookies crossword image

This modified word search game throws in little extras, such as the fact that as you guess the words, you’re “baking” cookies! The clean interface makes it really simple to play. 

11. Word Connect 

Devices: Windows, Android, iOS

word connect image

This game combines elements of crossword puzzles and word searches using the classic look of old school games. Boasting more than 3,000 levels and zero time limits, you can improve your vocabulary in just a few minutes everyday. 

12. Wordmint

Devices: iOS 

Wordmint Screenshot Image

The goal of this fast-paced game is to move random letter tiles around to form words. With different values assigned to letters (similar to Scrabble), you can strategize to earn more points. The game comes in move-based or timed modes, both equally challenging for a fun gaming experience. 

13. Word Trip

Devices: Android, iOS

word trip game image

This word-building game gives you shuffled letters that you need use to form words. It features several levels and sub-levels, with each level increasing in difficulty. It also comes with other features like daily bonuses, points for bonus words, and a built-in dictionary. 

14. WordBrain 

Devices: Android, iOS

wordbrain app image

WordBrain combines elements of word scrambles and crossword puzzles, as you swipe through letters to form a new words. Featuring animal-themed stages, the game gets more difficult as you move to higher levels. You can even create your own puzzles and share them with friends!

15. Hangman Free 

Devices: Android, iOS 

hangman free app image

This classic pen-and-paper game is now available on smartphone: your goal is to guess the word to keep the stick-figure man from being hanged. Different settings and categories ensures a constantly interesting game. The two-player function lets you compete with a friend for the higher score.

Word Game Apps for a Minimal Fee 

If you don’t mind paying a small fee for more challenging games, here are some of the best options out there:


Devices: Android, iOS 

Price: $1.99 for Android; $2.99 for iOS

This guessing game features stories with select words blotted out (the premise is that they’re from a dystopian era with severe censorship). Your goal is to guess the words that are blacked out. 

New York Times Crossword 

Devices: Windows, Android, iOS

new york times crossword app

Price: $6.99/month, $39.99 per year 

This crossword game brings the New York Times daily crossword straight to your phone, while also offering puzzle packs, mini puzzles, and access to the archives of the past 20+ years of crossword puzzles published in the iconic newspaper. 

Build Your Vocabulary with Word Games

Word games are an excellent way of working your brain muscles, and they can even help you to expand your vocabulary as you uncover new words.

And now that they come in app form, they’re easier than ever to enjoy. So next time you’re tempted to scroll through social media for the hundredth time, try out one of these fun word game apps and see what you can learn!

Do you have any favorite word games? Share them with us in the comments below!


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