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A wide vocabulary is a writer’s most valuable asset. A robust vocabulary will make you a better writer and a better communicator.

Even if you are already an experienced writer, you shouldn’t stop working on widening your lexicon.

Vocabulary Builder Apps

Want to expand your vocabulary? Amazingly enough, your phone can help. Check out these vocabulary-enhancing apps so you can jive with the jargon, triumph over terminology, and absorb the argot—wherever you may be.

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1. 7 Little Words


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The 7 Little Words app is a vocabulary game that gives you seven different definitions along with lettered tiles to arrange into words. As you guess words correctly, you narrow down your tile selection. You’ll learn new words while having fun.

2. A Word A Day Widget

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From the makers of PowerVocab, A Word A Day Widget is a simple but intuitive widget for your phone. Each day, it reveals a new vocabulary word on your device’s home screen.

3. AnkiDroid Flashcards


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The AnkiDroid Flashcards are virtual flashcards on a wide variety of topics, including vocabulary (you can also make your own flashcards). To help you learn, it takes into account your answers and will not persistently show you what you have already learned. If you’re studying for a test, this app will ensure retention and memorization.

4. Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day

Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day image

Merriam-Webster Dictionary is one of the go-to authorities for English words, so who better to help you expand your vocabulary? Webster’s Word of the Day will give you one unusual word and its dictionary definition each day.

5.’s Word of the Day's Word of the Day image also offers a word of the day feature. Combine it with Webster, and you’ll learn two new words a day simply by popping into the apps.

6. WordWeb

WordWeb image

The WordWeb app allows you to look up a definition of nearly any word you come across, online or off. If you’re editing a document, you can also use WordWeb to look up synonyms to make your writing more varied and interesting.


7. GRE Flashcards and Vocabulary Builder

GRE Flashcards and Vocabulary Builder image

The GRE Vocabulary Flashcards and the GRE Vocabulary Builder from Magoosh focus on the requirements of the GRE verbal test. With over 1,000 words at a variety of levels, you can choose to use the flashcards, which simply show you words and allow you to come up with a definition yourself, or the vocabulary builder, which is a multiple choice quiz style.

8. PowerVocab

PowerVocab image

PowerVocab teaches vocabulary through a game in which you match words with multiple-choice definitions. You can even play against other players and show off your sharpened vocabulary.

9. Quizlet

Quizlet image

Quizlet is an online learning community that provides learning activities and games that are customizable to whatever content you’re interested in. Specifically designed for students, Quizlet lets you take your studying with you.

10. Reverse Dictionary

Reverse Dictionary image

We’ve all been here: you’re trying to come up with a word, but it’s stuck just out of reach in a corner of your brain. Reverse Dictionary solves that problem by allowing you to search for a word or phrase and producing a list of related terms. You can look up definitions and synonyms for any word. (Bonus: It can help solve crossword puzzle clues.)



Vocabulary image is structured like a multiple choice quiz, but instead of simply marking whether your answer is right or wrong, it offers a full definition, examples, and more contextual information for each word. You can also play audio of the pronunciation. The words get more advanced as you learn, so you can continue adding to your vocabulary forever.

12. Words with Friends

Words with Friends image

Words with Friends is like Scrabble for your smartphone. This game app pushes you to learn new words in a fun way. Widen your vocabulary while playing this fun, interactive game.


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