The Best Mobile Apps for Writers

If you’re a writer looking for a better way to write on your smartphone or mobile device, this post will help.

Using a text app or word processor just won’t cut it if you’re doing heavy duty writing on a mobile device.

These tools can help whether you have an Android or Apple device.

1. IWriter


Mobile Writing App - iWriter image


iWriter is a writing tool that functions excellently on Android and iOS. It is the best app for writing articles, books, or taking detailed notes. iWriter is a simple and elegant text editor.

You can download it via iTunes or Google Play. You can check out iWriter subscription pricing here.

2. JotterPad


Mobile Writing App - Jotterpad image


Jotterpad makes it possible to convert files from PDF to WORD and some other popular formats. The app supports Markdown. It includes text styling, a thesaurus, a built-in dictionary that’ll even help you rhyme.

It has essential features such as snapshots, typewriter scrolling, undo/redo, night vision, universal dark theme, and phrase finder. JotterPad supports full Cloud integration with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox. You can write anywhere on the go even if you’re offline.

Jotterpad is free and you can download it via Google Play or Amazon.

3. Final Draft Writer


Mobile Writing App - Final Draft Writer image


Final Draft is a screenwriting software used for writing and formatting screenplays. Every user can share the final version in many formats. This is the world’s go-to software for screenwriters.

Final Draft offers a free trial here.

4. Writer


Mobile Writing App - Writer image


Writer is the first typewriter software that turns your thoughts into text. This writing application is perfect for taking notes on your phone or tablet. It is basic simulator lets you try your creative composition skills.

You can download it for free here.

5. Lists for Writers


Mobile Writing App - Lists for Writers image


List for Writers help with research and writing. Students and writers who are working on novels will find this tool very useful. It provides a quick and friendly user format.

This writing tool gives you an easy access to the program and gives you a list of ideas such as plot lines, character traits, occupations, action verbs, and obsessions. You can even use it offline.

You can download it here on IOS or Android for only $2.99.

6. Index Card


Mobile Writing App - Index Card image


Index Card is a corkboard app that helps you organize and compile your ideas. This tool allows you to use bullet lists to make your craft simple and easy to allocate story elements, characters, backgrounds, and locations. It’s perfect for storyboarding and plotting.

You can select the font style and font size to display. You can also edit the card title, text, notes, synopsis, and color labels.

You can download it for only $2.99 at iTunes.

7. Audible


Mobile Writing App - Audible image


Audible is an application that allows you to listen to audiobooks anytime and anywhere you want.

You can get a special deal with two free audiobooks from Audible here.

8. Evernote


Mobile Writing App - Evernote image


Evernote is a mobile application for creating, storing, and searching through notes in a very sophisticated way. The best thing is that you don’t need to type everything manually. You can access all your notes in any of your devices. It allows you to search even the handwritten words and can share it with your friends and family.

Evernote is a powerful tool for writers, researchers, and anyone who wants to organize lots of notes and research.

It starts free and you can always upgrade if you want their extra fancy features.

9. Ulysse


Mobile Writing App - Ulysse image


Ulysses is an app that creates a document out of fragments and makes it a complete story. This tool has a feature that inserts words with automatic synchronization, and any programmers would probably love this function. It lets you work anytime and anywhere you want.

You can download its 14-day trial here. Check product pricing here.

10. Text Expander


Mobile Writing App - TextExpander image


Text Expander is a tool that saves you time and energy if you have to type the same thing often, like emails or responses to common questions.

It creates powerful snippets to save your time, and it also styles your snippet text and adds links and images.

You can check their pricing plans here.

11. WriteRoom


Mobile Writing App - WriteRoom image


WriteRoom is a text editor created for distraction-free writing. This app syncs notes across multiple devices. It has a variety of background themes that you can choose from.

You can check and download it here.

12. My Writing Nook


Mobile Writing App - My Writing Nook image


My Writing Nook is an application that has many wonderful themes. It has the ability to share content online. It gives an opportunity to activate the auto-correction of English grammar and spelling.  It offers a thesaurus dictionary and automatic spell-checking, password-protected writing, an auto-save feature, and a word counter.

You can use it in any orientation including portrait and landscape.

You can download it for free here.

13. ManuScript


Mobile Writing App - ManuScript image


ManuScript is an Android and iOS app based that help to develop an action plan when creating an outline. It is a writing tool for research documents that contains research paper options. It can help you edit, plan, and share your work.

Manuscript is totally free, and you can download it here.

14. MonoSpace Writer Beta


Mobile Writing App - MonoSpace Writer Beta image


MonoSpace Writer Beta is an application that has a stylish interface and user-friendly features. It gives an opportunity to collect and organize hashtags instead of an uncomfortable folder system. This tool allows you to focus on writing without any distractions and it supports DropBox integration.

You can download it here.

15. Drafts 4


Mobile Writing App - Drafts4 image


Drafts 4 is an application for iOS devices such iPhone and iPad. It’s a quick writing automation tool, handy editor, and notebook. It lets you turn text into action and it’s a convenient writing app.

You can download it here.

16. Write


Mobile Writing App - Write image


Write is a writing application for iOS. This software allows you to share content. It is an elegant workspace to write projects and texts of any kind, create notes, and to-do lists.

You can try the free trial and continue to the full version for only $24.95. You can check it here.

17. Pro Writing Aid


Mobile Writing App - ProWritingAid image


Pro Writing Aid is a free online proofreader and editor. This app fixes your notes and leaves no space for grammar mistakes. It solves complex grammar problems like incomplete sentences, wordiness, repetitiveness, jargon words, and passive voice. It compares your writing to the best writers in your genre and highlights style issues. It helps you find the best way to express your ideas.

You can sign up for free here or check their Premium Plans here.

18. yWriter


Mobile Writing App - yWriter 5 image


yWriter is an Android and iOS application that has a user-friendly and powerful design with features novelists will love. It is a word processor that breaks the novel into scenes and chapters, and it can track your work while your mind is free to create. This tool suggests plot ideas and is a great aid for any fiction writer.

You can download it through Playstore.



Mobile Writing App - image is an application that helps with brainstorming ideas and concepts. Start a research paper, short story, novel, or an essay simpler with exclusive editing and drafting. This tool is available on both Android/iOS and websites. Simply bookmark this page or add it to your home screen. There is no need to download or install it.

You can start a trial for free and can avail Premium plan for more features for only $4.91/month. You can check their pricing here.

20. Q10


Mobile Writing App - Q10 image


Q10 is an application that lets you reach any part of the document faster, developed to release hidden potential, and prevent distractions. For those persistent typing errors, this app has unlimited autocorrection entries to fix. For frequently used words or phrases, like character names, and places, it offers unlimited quick text lists to choose from.

You can download the latest version here.