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These are the major LGBT fiction bestseller lists and categories for Amazon Kindle right now:

Gay & Lesbian -> Fiction -> Gay
Gay & Lesbian -> Fiction -> Lesbian
Gay & Lesbian -> Fiction -> Romance
Gay & Lesbian -> Fiction -> Romance -> Gay
Gay & Lesbian -> Fiction -> Romance -> Lesbian
Gay & Lesbian -> Fiction -> Short Stories

These categories are very competitive. To give you an example, the bestselling LGBT book on Kindle right now is ranked #110 in the Kindle store, meaning it’s selling at least 3,000 copies a month of the eBook version alone. The least competitive ranked book is in the Lesbian category at #59,881, meaning it’s selling at least 50 copies a month.

Given the large market for LGBT books, it would be a fine category for any debut author. It’s certainly not as large a market as contemporary romance or new adult, but it’s still plenty big enough for a committed self-published author to earn a full-time income.

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