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Mike Matthews is the bestselling author of more than a dozen books including Bigger Leaner Stronger for men and Thinner Leaner Stronger for women. He blogs at and with over 1 Million visitors every month.

Mike always thought, “Why isn’t there a book out there that actually teaches you what you really need to know to eat right and build muscle without all the BS and garbage?” That’s why he wrote and published his first book Bigger Leaner Stronger in 2012 on the side while he was working full-time writing employee training manuals.

It all started as an experiment to see if people even cared about what Mike had to say.

They did!

Mike’s book sales started to take off in just a few months. Book sales became so impressive, he decided to quit his job and recruit his friend Jeremy to work together on growing his budding fitness business.

Together, they launched in March, 2013 which now gets more than a million visitors every month. They also started Legion Athletics to bring super high-quality supplements to the marketplace.

Here’s a few gold nuggets you’ll learn in this interview with Mike:

  • Why you should focus on creating the highest quality, most amazing book, product or service you possibly can. Mediocrity won’t take you to the top. Go way above and beyond what your competition is doing.
  • Why it’s crucial to create a product, book or service that fills a gap in the marketplace. Do something that no one else is doing so your customers can make an easy choice to go with something different.
  • Why most body building supplements in retail stores are almost worthless.
  • You can grow a very profitable business and still do the right thing, create great products and keep your integrity intact. Conscious capitalism does exist, and it can be an incredibly fulfilling journey to pick.
  • Why “me too” fitness books don’t sell well.
  • Why you should be enthusiastic and interested in what you’re writing. Your emotions will come across to your reader!
  • How to craft a book title, book cover and description that will help you sell more books.
  • Mike’s “survey system” for selecting great brand names, book titles, headlines and more.
  • Why spending your time and money on writing great content and writing more
  • Why Mike still answers every email he gets personally (which is pretty shocking given how big his business is and how many people read his books).
  • Every blog post or book you publish is a part of your body of work. Are you happy with your body of work?
  • Why having tons of writers on one website with disjointed messages and contradictory advice only confuses readers and doesn’t actually help anyone.

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Mike also talked about The Stockdale Paradox where prisoners of war who say to themselves “I’m going to get free by Christmas!” year after year are the ones who don’t last. Mike believes a lot of entrepreneurs are tricking themselves into failure by constantly chasing short-term goals and retirement instead of focusing on doing great work and adding value to people’s lives. When they don’t hit those goals, they lose hope and give up while people like Mike are still chugging away and focusing on adding value.

A Great Question to Ask Yourself

What is something unique I can create that will add real value to people?

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