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Everyday, an estimated 75 million people in the United States watch online videos, and about half of all that content is viewed on a mobile device. This means that utilizing video is a great way of reaching your target audience. 

Whether you are a blogger or owner of an online business, you should to take video marketing seriously. But what if you don’t know the first thing about creating video content? The good news is, you can take online courses to boost your knowledge and set yourself up for success in producing online video marketing materials. 

Free Online Video Marketing Courses

If you want to learn how to create online video marketing materials but don’t have the extra cash right now, no worries! These free online courses can get you started right away. 

1. Video Marketing Course: Learn How to Get Started with Your Video Marketing Strategy

Available on: 

Price: Free

This online video marketing course will teach you how to attract your audience, as well as engage and delight them. It will also show you how to create successful video marketing strategies, and why you need to make engaging videos. You will also see content examples that will inspire you to create your own excellent output. 

2. Digital Media and Marketing Strategies 

Available on: Coursera

Price: Free

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This free online course teaches users about the basics of digital technology and the new set of tools it offers businesses to attract and engage with consumers.

This course also forms part of the fully-online Master of Business Administration (iMBA) offered by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which means that completion of this course may be credited toward the full program. 

3. Introduction to Video Content Marketing 

Available on: Skillshare

Price: Free

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This course will help you get your video marketing up and running in no time. You will learn the basic ingredients for your video marketing and how to create videos that meet your business objectives.

You will also learn how to influence your audience’s perception of your brand and discover what can set you apart. 

4. Developing Your Video Marketing Strategy: Essential Training from A to Z

Available on: Skillshare

Price: Free 

Skillshare Video Marketing Strategy Course Screenshot Image

Video marketing expert Jimmy Newson teaches this course, which helps users understand why it’s essential to develop a video marketing strategy to build authority and grow your business.

It also shows students how to create the best videos to maximize engagement. It will also give you the practical skills you need to reach your target audience with your video content. 

5. Essential Video Marketing Course to Grow ANY Business 

Available on: Skillshare

Price: Free

Essential video marketing course screenshot image

This course starts by teaching what makes video marketing important. Digital marketer Austin Armstrong shares how he successfully grew several Facebook pages and YouTube channels by using video marketing. 

Paid Online Video Marketing Courses You Can Invest In 

The following paid courses are also a great way to learn about video marketing: 

6. Be a Video Production & Video Marketing Master 

Available on: Udemy

Price: $12.99 

Udemy Video Production Course Screenshot Image

This online course will teach you the powers of video marketing and how to structure your pre-production process for a smooth and professional video production experience. You will also learn about different professional equipment, software, and hardware for your production and marketing projects. 

7. YouTube Video Marketing Mastery: Grow your Business Online

Available on: Udemy 

Price: $12.99

YouTube Video Mastery Screenshot Image

Even without any experience, you can learn to succeed in YouTube with the help of this online course. Discover ways to get genuine subscribers, optimize and monetize your channel, and create effective YouTube videos that people love to watch and that can give you ad revenue. 

8. Video Production for Online Beginners and Online Marketers

Available on: Udemy

Price: $12.99

Udemy Video Production Course Screenshot Image

Learn video production in this course designed for beginners, even without any special equipment. It will teach you how to use an app called InVideo, an intuitive tool that you can use to create amazing videos in minutes. 

9. Video Marketing Hacking 

Available on: Udemy

Price: $12.99 

Udemy Video Marketing Hacking Screenshot Image

This online course will teach you how to increase your traffic dramatically and improve conversion rates to boost your sales. You will learn how to create more effective video marketing campaigns and avoid the most common mistakes and challenges in video marketing. 

10. How to Create Animated Videos with Powerpoint

Available on: Udemy

Price: $12.99 

Powerpoint Animations Screenshot Image

If you don’t know how to create videos, this course will teach you to use PowerPoint to create animation videos for your business, YouTube channel, or online courses. It will also teach you the basic principles of design so you can find the best visual components to use, and you’ll learn how to use other audio and video software. 

11. Become a Successful Vlogger & Learn Modern Video Marketing 

Available on: Udemy

Price: $12.99 

Udemy Successful Vlogger Course Screenshot Image

In this course, you will find ideas for starting profitable Vlogs and learn how to optimize YouTube videos, promote and monetize your Vlog, and understand the important elements of video marketing. The course also teaches you how to connect with your audience. 

12. Master Video Marketing for Your Business 

Available on: CreativeLive 

Price: $104 

CreativeLive Video Marketing Screenshot Image

In this online video marketing course, master video marketing even as a complete beginner. The course emphasizes the importance of knowing your goal in formulating an overall strategy for your videos.

The video lessons are excellently prepared and come with a transcript you can read along while watching the lessons. 

13. Video Marketing Certificate Online 

Available on: University of the Pacific 

Price: $245 for Video Marketing, $245 for YouTube for Business, or $395 for both 

University of the Pacific Video Marketing Certificate Screenshot Image

In this online certificate course, you will learn how to use simple videos to connect with your audience, attract traffic to your website, and build your brand awareness. It will teach you to create simple but effective videos even without fancy equipment or high-tech knowhow. 

Is Online Video Marketing Effective? 

According to Diode Digital, the versatile and attractive video marketing medium can be 600% more effective compared to the combined impact of print and direct mail.

This helps cement the fact that getting introduced to video marketing as soon as possible is critical to your success in the digital world. 

Study Video Marketing 

If you’re a complete beginner to video editing and production, you may feel intimidated by all the talk on video marketing. But take some time to learn the basics and soon you will well be on your way to becoming a successful video marketer yourself!

Pick one or two courses from this list to start your learning journey, and continue to explore how best to engage with your audience and build your online presence. 

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