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All bestselling books follow one of four basic blueprints. Are you writing with the blueprint for success?

Hey there it’s Tom Corson-Knowles, #1 bestselling author of The Kindle Publishing Bible series and founder of TCK Publishing. Welcome to the Publishing Profits Podcast where our mission is to help you turn your writing into a profitable career.

In today’s show, we have an incredible guest for you. Her name is Robin Hoffman. She’s a successful entrepreneur, author and writing coach. Robin and I both know that creating a bestselling book isn’t just about marketing – it’s about the entire writing, publishing and marketing process. And it all starts with your first book idea.

You see, Robin has studied some of the bestselling books in the world, the ones that have sold hundreds of thousands or millions of copies, and she discovered that there are only four bestseller blueprints or book structures that these bestsellers used. You’re about to discover exactly what these four bestselling blueprints are and how to use them to give your next book a better shot at becoming a bestseller.

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In the interview, you’ll learn:

  • The Four Bestseller Blueprints that are universal to all bestselling books. There are only a few ways to structure a book, and understanding this structure is crucial to crafting a great book that can become a bestseller and get your message and story out to the world in the most effective manner.
  • Why the Three-Act Book Structure is so universal, and how to use it to turn your stories into legends.
  • How to structure non-fiction books for maximum exposure and impact.
  • How to position yourself as a true expert in your field, and how to turn your book into an author platform that can skyrocket your business, your career and your influence.
  • The importance of self-editing and working with the right editor for you.
  • The most common mistakes first-time authors make when it comes to structure and story, and how to nip these mistakes in the bud so you don’t waste years struggling to write a book with the wrong structure (and little hope of success).
  • A few bonus tips on how to craft a bestselling book from idea to publishing and beyond.

So grab your notebook and pen and get ready to take notes, because you’re about to learn how to make some serious Publishing Profits.

To learn more about Robin, visit her at www.GetPublishedCoach.com

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