A few months ago, BookBub quietly announced they were releasing Author Profiles on the site.

It may not seem like a big deal to you right now, but trust me – it is a big deal!

If you’re a published author, you should already have your own Author Page on Amazon.com with a custom author profile, bio, Tweets, blog posts and more. (If you don’t have an Author Page on Amazon yet, you can learn how to setup your Author Page with Author Central here).

So you may be thinking if you already have an author profile on Amazon, why would you want one on BookBub?

Here’s why…

BookBub is the 2,230th most visited website in the United States and the 7,752nd most visited site in the world according to the Alexa website rankings for BookBub. The site is huge!

It’s also the biggest and most successful book promotion site in the world for publishers and authors.

BookBub Promotions

As you probably know, BookBub has literally millions of email subscribers who have signed up to learn more about books like yours. BookBub promotions can help you sell hundreds and even thousands of books every single day. (We submit all our clients’ books at TCK Publishing for BookBub promotions every 90 days as long as they meet BookBub’s minimum submission guidelines).

The main listing requirement for a BookBub promotion is that the book must be at least 100 pages for nonfiction at least 100 pages, at least 70 pages for cookbooks, at least 100 pages for middle grade books, and at least 20 pages for children’s picture books. BookBub currently does not offer promotions for stand-alone novellas or short stories.

You can check out the pricing for BookBub Promotions here.

BookBub Author Profiles

Most authors know about BookBub promotions, but few have yet taken advantage of the new BookBub author profiles feature on the site. It’s a great way to help you sell more books and get more traffic to your author website or any website, and you can set it all up in just 5 minutes.

Author Profiles on BookBub are a great marketing tool because it not only gets you more exposure, but readers can also follow you on the site and get notified whenever you release a new book. It’s like having an extra promotional email list just for your most dedicated fans on BookBub.

There’s another huge bonus to having an Author Profile on BookBub, though, that you may not even realize!

You can link directly from your Author Profile on BookBub to your website(s) in your bio. Getting a link from such a popular website can provide a huge Search Engine Optimization (SEO) boost to your website, meaning you’ll be getting more web traffic and visitors from Google and other search engines.

This is the kind of link you would normally have to pay $500 to $1,000 PER YEAR for – and you can get it for free right now simply by setting up your Author Profile on BookBub!

You can see an example of my BookBub Author Profile here with the working links, listings of my published books, my author bio and more at www.bookbub.com/authors/tom-corson-knowles

Here’s what your complete author profile on BookBub will look like when it’s complete:

BookBub Author Profile for Tom Corson-Knowles

How to Setup Your Author Profile on BookBub

Step 1. Create Your BookBub Account

Go here to create your BookBub Author account.

Make sure to fill in all the info you need:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Select “Author” from the Dropdown menu to make sure you’re creating an Author Account (You can have a separate BookBub account if you are also a publisher, agent, publicist, retailer or other).
  • Finally, click “Customize Settings for” and then select Independent Author if you are self published or work with an independent publisher like TCK Publishing, or select Hybrid Author or Traditionally Published Author if applicable.

(Make sure your first name and last name match your exact author name on Amazon or you may have issues setting up your BookBub Author Profile later on).

Creating a BookBub Author Profile

Make sure to select “Author” when setting up your BookBub account or you will not have access to the Author Profile features in your account.

Step 2. Confirm Your BookBub Account

BookBub will review your account registration information and approve you within 1-7 days for your new account.

Step 3. Login to Your BookBub Partner Account

Once your account is approved, login at https://partners.bookbub.com

Step 4. Click Account and Then Click Author Profile

Author Profile Editing for BookBub

Step 5. Upload Your Author Photo

Next, upload your professional headshot or author photo in your profile.

Step 6. Edit Your Author Bio

Next, edit your author bio.

This is where you can add the hyperlink to your site for SEO to help you attract more traffic and visitors.

You just need to add a little HTML to your profile to add the link(s) to your site.

Here’s the code to use to add the clickable hyperlink in your profile:

<a href=”http://www.TCKPublishing.com”>www.TCKPublishing.com</a>


Just copy and paste the code above, and then replace both instances of TCKPublishing.com with your website link.

Note: Make sure you also rewrite the quotation marks in the code above yourself by replacing the curly quotation marks with straight quotation marks so that the code will work (This blog only uses curly quotation marks because they look better, but they won’t work inside the HTML code above when you paste them into BookBub).

Step 7. Add Your Books to Your Author Profile

Click “Add Book” at the bottom right side of the page.

You’ll be taken to a search bar that looks like this: BookBub Book Search Bar

Type in your author name and/or book title and your book should pop up right away. Make sure to claim all your published books for your BookBub Author Profile, and double-check to make sure they’re appearing on your profile page..

Step 8. Test Your Links and View Your BookBub Public Author Bio

Once you’re done editing your bio, click “View on Site” next to your author name at the top of the page, and you’ll be taken to your public author bio on BookBub. You can then make sure your bio is accurate and test your hyperlinks to make sure they’re working.

There you have it! That’s everything you need to set up your BookBub Author Profile and get a new super-valuable hyperlink (worth $500-$1,000 per year) to your author website direct from BookBub.

If you have any questions or if there’s anything else I can do to help, post your comments below or contact me here.

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