How to Create a Mailchimp Landing Page image Follow these steps to create a free squeeze page with Mailchimp so you can grow your email list.

1. Sign Up for Mailchimp

Sign up for free and Create an account. Mailchimp Landing Page 1A image

2. Activate Your Account

Check your email. It will send an activation link to the email address that you use. Mailchimp Landing Page 1B image Activate your account and then confirm it.

3. Set Up Your Account Mailchimp Landing Page 2 image

After setting up, your account is ready to use. Mailchimp Landing Page 3 image

4. Create Your Email List

Go to List and then Create List Button. Mailchimp Landing Page 4 image Fill out all the information under Create List. For List Name, make an appropriate name because it is something that your subscribers will see. Mailchimp Landing Page 4A After filling out all the necessary information, click Save Button.

5. Create a Sign Up (Opt-In) Form

Click “Signup forms” once your list is created and selected. Here you can build, design, and publish your opt-in forms. Mailchimp Landing Page 5 image Choose what kind of forms you want to design for your landing page. Mailchimp Landing Page 5A image We will be using Form Builder for this example, so just click the Select button to the right of Form Builder. Under Form Builder, you can get the sign-up form URL for your future use. Mailchimp Landing Page 5Ba image

6. Design Your form

Next, click the “Build It” button. For Build it button, you can add or delete field depends on what you want your landing page may look. Mailchimp Landing Page 5b3 image On the Design it page, you can design your page to look however you want it to.Mailchimp Landing Page 5B4 image Once you’ve designed your form, click Translate it to customize your form.Mailchimp Landing Page 5B5 image In the Translate it tab, set and choose your default language for your forms. Click drop-down menu and then language. After that, click the “Save Translation Settings” button.

7. Save and Publish

Once finished, click save settings, and then your landing page is ready to go live. You can find the URL to your page under Form Builder then copy your Signup form URL. This will be the link to your squeeze page. Mailchimp Landing Page 5B6 image If you liked this post, here are some other articles you might love: