19 Great Tools for Creating Infographics image

Infographics are powerful tools for sharing important information visually in a way that is captivating, educational, and impactful.

But how can you actually create an infographic without spending an enormous amount of time and money on graphic design?

That’s where these great infographic design tools can help make it easy to make an infographic.

Let’s have a look at the best infographic design tools available online.

1. Canva
Canva image

Canva help both non-designers and designers build creative and cool graphics.

Canva comes with tutorial videos to show you everything you need to know to get started even if you’ve never used graphic design software before.

Once you’ve finished the quick tutorial, you’ll have everything you need to create graphics whether it be a retina-ready infographic, Facebook cover photo, presentation, ad, poster, banner, or a business card. Canva is one of the most brilliantly designed websites for graphic design, and our team absolutely loves it.

Canva is free with the following limits: up to 10 team members, 1 GB storage for your photos and assets, and two folders available to arrange your designs. You can also upload your own images, and you can enjoy access to over 8,000 templates free.

You can upgrade to Canva premium for extra features but it’s not necessary if you’re just creating some simple infographics.

2. Infogr.am
Infogr.am image

Infogr.am provides a quick and easy way to make charts and infographics.

Folks have created over 2 million infographics with Infogr.am, and they’ve been used at prestigious places like Huffington Post, Euronews, and the University of Cambridge.

You can make infographics or charts in three easy steps: pick a template, visualize the data, and publish.

You can choose your plan according to your condition. Infogram is free and also offers a subscription-based service for both business requirement and personal use.

You can check it out here.

3. Visme.co
Visme.co image

Visme.co allows you to create infographics, customer layouts, interactive presentations, ad banners, and animations. It has an extensive library full of objects to choose from, templates, icons, and shapes.

Visme offers a free plan and there are advanced features for premium users.

It has special discounts for teachers and students, and premium plans start at just $16 a month.

Get your free account here.

4. Easel.ly
Easel.ly image

Easel.ly is an infographic creator that will help you put together a stunning image in just a few clicks.

This tool offers a range of templates which are easily customizable to start off. You can also upload your own graphics, and get access to a library of images like shapes and connector lines, arrows, and you can customize the text with different text styles, sizes, fonts, and colors.

The basic version of this tool is offered for no cost, so you can start making free infographics. The free option includes 10 fonts and 60 images.

But if you want to get a much wider pool of resources plus boosted security options then premium pricing starts at $3 a month.

5. Visualize.me
Visualize.me image

Visualize.me is a simple tool that lets you express your professional accomplishments by creating an infographic resume.

The template designs are not limited to resumes alone, so you can use it to create just about any kind of infographic you want. While infographic resumes aren’t right for every situation, they can certainly be a great way to help you stand out from the crowd and land your dream job.

Visualize.me offers a free plan. You can select from a range of pictograms, treemaps, beautiful themes, language maps, bubble charts, timelines, and other formats.

6. PiktoChart
PiktoChart image

PiktoChart could kick graphic designers out of business. Its amazing infographic maker software lets non-designers create beautiful infographics in just a few minutes. It comes with more than 400 fully customizable themes with colors, objects, graphs, and retina-ready images.

You can check it out here.

7. Snappa
Snappa image

Snappa is an infographic creation tool that comes with templates optimized for social sharing on the web. The templates are professional quality, and it offers a full-featured graphics editor.

The tool also allows you to import your custom fonts and it has features to re-sized your graphics magically to suit your needs. It comes with a vast library of visual asset photos and its folder facility enables you to save and organize your designs properly.

Snappa starts with a free plan.

You can check the pricing here.

8. Venngage
Venngage image

Venngage provides everything you need to create infographics and publish them for free on the spot. You can choose from hundreds of professional templates.

Venngage is often used to create infographics for social media, posters, reports, and promotion, and it comes with a big library of visuals, charts, icons, and maps.

You can start with a free or paid plan and check it out here.

9. iCharts
iCharts image

iCharts is a cloud-based visual analytics platform. It’s not your typical infographic maker. It allows users to create quick and easy visualizations for extensive research work, data sets, or complex business information. Since it is cloud native, you can update and access your data in real time whenever you like.

You can use Excel spreadsheets or Google Drive documents with this tool, to create a variety of chart types automatically, including interactive ones. This tool includes distribution and sharing features so you can reach a larger audience.

iCharts offers free plans. For an enterprise option, you choose a plan for only $9.99 per month. You can check the pricing here.

10. Adioma
Adioma image

Adioma is one of the best infographic building tools that includes a massive library of icons, several color palettes, and a range of templates. You can choose from a variety of generative templates with this tool.

It has easy export features, and it has the most extensive icon collection we’ve seen. It comes with cool features like the ability to switch templates for an existing infographic and an automatic icon to word matching function.

Adioma offers three available plans. You can try it free for the first week. You can choose from Pro plans for only $39 per month, and Expert plan for only $69 per month. But if you want to improve your download options or have more resources, you would have to buy the expensive one which is the business plan for $300 per month. You can check the pricing here.

11. GeoCommons
GeoCommons image

GeoCommons is a tool for creating geography-based infographics that include a map of your choice and it’s very easy to use. If you are more interested in presenting maps instead of timelines or regular infographics, this tool is perfect for you.

You can check the pricing here.

12. Google Charts
Google Charts image

Google Charts is a simple tool for creating charts of all kinds powered by Google.

This tool offers with all kinds of statistical goodies to choose from, maps, charts, bars, and the google gallery which is rich in different ways to share data and information through images.

It’s free!

13. InfoActive
InfoActive image

InfoActive is a flexible and simple platform that allows you to build better stories and create interactive infographics. It also creates dynamic and mobile friendly infographics. You can choose between customization options to create infographics that match your taste or brand.

This platform offers a free version, and it contains powerful visual analytics that enables you to share data and stories on the web and publish them with an interactive dashboard.

14. Photo Infographic Gen Lite
Photo Infographic Gen Lite

Photo Infographic Gen Lite is an Android application that generates new infographics in just one tap.

It has a consistent design carried throughout the entire app and its interface very smooth.

You can download it for free here.

15. Get About
Get About image

Get About lets you create infographics that determine your social media activity, let you track your Twitter terms, mentions, and hashtags. This infographic maker was designed to cater to a specific purpose and to monitor social activity with infographics that chart out how you share and connect with your network.

You can download it for free here.

16. Creately
Creately image

Creately is an infographic maker and diagramming tool.

It is easy to use, and you can choose from thousands of templates. This tool also works for teams requiring real-time collaboration.

Creately offers free plans for individuals but with limitations. You can also check Personal Plans for only $5 per month. You have three choices for Teams Plans that limits a corresponding number of users. You can choose from $25/month that limit Five users, $45/month for Ten users, and $75/month for 25 users. You can check the pricing here.

17. PhotoStats
PhotoStats image

PhotoStats is an iPhone application generating infographics on when, where, and how you take photos. In just a few clicks, this application reveals your photography habits and if you like, you can share it with your friends.

You can download it here.

18. Charts Bin
Charts Bin image

Charts Bin allows you to create interactive maps.

Once registered online, it will give access to the dashboard that allows viewing previous created datasets and visualizations. You can also manage groups and can access the tools to create new datasets. This web tool creates charts such as pie, bar, and line charts. It also supports most of the major map projections.

Charts Bin is a free online solution, and you can register here.

19. Gliffy
Gliffy image

Gliffy is a visual communication tool and diagramming software that improves team workflow and collaboration. It can create and transform your ideas into flowcharts, wireframes, and diagrams.

It comes with a 14-day free trial.. You can choose from the paid plans that they offer. For a single user, they have Personal Plan that cost only $7.99/month that billed annually. For small teams, they have a Team Plan that charged per User for only $4.99/month. You can check the pricing here.