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Joseph Clough is the best selling author of Be Your Potential published by Hay House. He is also the creator of over 200 hours of Hypnosis and Coaching MP3s and videos that are being downloaded over 3,000,000 times every year. He is an international Speaker, Celebrity Coach and Hypnotherapist.

This was a great interview! In this podcast we talk about hypnosis, how to change your mindset, how to deal with anxiety, how to get a book published even if you failed high school English, and Transmedia messaging. There is a wealth of information here. You may want to listen more than once.

Joseph’s journey to successful hypnotherapist started because, like many successful people, he had to work through his own issues. Joseph was a painfully shy child who had trouble learning things. When he was young his math teacher asked him a simple math question that he didn’t know the answer to. The teacher told him that if he didn’t know the answer to the question he would never go anywhere. That moment stuck with him for many years. It was the beginning of a path that led him to be a college dropout working at a job that he was unhappy in.

That’s when Joseph’s father, a successful hypnotist himself, told Joseph to get out of his own way and study hypnosis.

It was through the study of hypnosis that Joseph found his calling to help other people. Hypnosis helped Joseph let go of his own issues of shyness and fear of speaking in public.

Success for Joseph came from understanding himself, dealing with his own issues, and helping other people with theirs.

Everyone has the ability to achieve their dreams. We all have a book inside us. We all have the resources and abilities we need in order to be successful. All we need to do if we get stuck is change our mindset.

Change Your Mindset

If you want to achieve something and you feel like you’re stuck in a rut understand that only you can:

  • Assume responsibility for your own life.
  • Be the instigator of your own change.
  • Choose right now to take different actions in your life that lead to the results you want.

Resolve now that My life will be a product of what I create.

How to Change Your Mindset

In order to change your mindset, you have to understand where you are on your journey. You have to understand what you’re thinking, what you’re feeling, and what your strategy is for achieving what you want.

If your stuck or frustrated, realize somewhere in the world someone has gotten the results that you want. Figure out who they are and how you can model their results. This will make your journey to success much quicker and less painful.

How to Deal with Anxiety

Anxiety comes from our reptile brain. It comes from a time in human history when, in order to survive, humans had to be hypervigilant about all the dangers that surrounded us. While anxiety served the purpose back then, it can often be a roadblock to success today.

Anxiety is what happens when you focus on everything that can go wrong in a situation. Usually what happens is there’s one thing that you’re worried about, like giving a presentation in front of a group of people, and your mind will come up with every conceivable thing that could go wrong.

One way to handle anxiety is to focus on everything that can go right in this situation. Consciously ask yourself:

What can go right in this situation?

Another question that works well is:

What can I do differently?

Your mind attracts what you think about. So, when you’re anxious try to put your state of mind into a different perspective. You’re anxious about a moment in the present which is tied to expectations about your future.

Try looking at the moment through someone else’s eyes. This can disassociate your emotions from your experience and give you a fresh perspective. Disassociation from your emotions gives clarity in the present moment.

Quick Fixes for Anxiety

Every person is different and every situation is different. None of these solutions works in every situation. But here are five ways to deal with anxiety in the moment.

1. Get away from the situation. Take a walk outside if you can.
2. Play awesome music. Play music that you find uplifting.
3. Write in a journal. Psychology studies have shown that people who write in a journal about their frustrations and anxieties have better relationships, are happier, and more successful in life.
4. Meditate. Meditation has been used for thousands of years to help clear the mind.
5. Hypnosis. Hypnosis is simply a different kind of meditative state where you’re training the subconscious mind.

How to Get a Book Published: Be Your Potential — A Case Study

There are many ways to get a book published today. Joseph is a prime example that even if you’re not good at writing, you can still write a book.

After several years helping others through hypnosis Joseph decided that he wanted to write a book. He opted to speak his book and have it transcribed because he wasn’t a good writer. But he knew he had information that could help other people, and he thought if he spoke his book it would come out more conversational anyway.

So Joseph spoke his book into his microphone and paid someone at Elance (now to transcribe it for him. From there he asked his girlfriend and family members to help him edit it. Then he submitted to Hey House. His book was rejected when he first submitted it. Four months later, the company had a change of heart and bought Joseph’s book.

So if you want to write a book but you’re afraid you’re not a good writer, try dictating your book. You can also have seminars, speeches, and podcasts transcribed.

Transmedia Strategies

The message you have is more important than how you convey that message. Books are only one way to put your message out into the world. Today you have more channels than ever before to get your message out.

You can have a YouTube channel. You can do podcasts, and of course there is social media.

Joseph’s Transmedia Process

Joseph records a video on Facebook live. The video then goes on his YouTube channel and the audio from the video goes to his podcast. He records the information one time and uses it three different ways, reaching three different audiences in one effort.

With the number of different channels you have available it’s important to play to your strengths.

Also, don’t think you shouldn’t start a podcast or YouTube channel right now because you’re too late or not good enough. Any skill can be improved with consistent practice. The only way to get better at something is be willing to do something badly at first.

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Using Hypnosis to Change Your Mindset

Every human being has two minds, the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. The conscious mind deals with everything you know you’re thinking about. The unconscious mind deals with everything else.

The unconscious mind regulates the body. It controls everything automatic that you don’t have to think about including heartbeat, bloodflow, and healing. The unconscious mind also runs your belief system, your values and your memories.

The thing is if you could consciously make a change in your life to get the results you want you would do it. So, if there is a result in your life you want, and you can’t seem to achieve it, there’s probably some routine running in the subconscious mind that’s preventing you from achieving success.

Human beings are not born with negative mindsets. Negative mindsets are learned through personal experience. Let’s say for instance, that when you were little you were attacked by a dog. It’s natural for you to develop a fear of dogs because of that experience. That fear is a survival mechanism designed to protect you from the danger that your mind perceives from dogs.

We are being influenced subconsciously every day in thousands of ways by our society, advertising, family and friends. Hypnosis is simply a way to influence our own mind so that we can get the resources, behaviors, and beliefs we need to be successful in life.

Joseph deals with people all the time who have anxiety, low self-esteem, doubts and feel self-conscious. These are all symptoms of a negative belief system that prevents you from achieving the success you’re capable of.

Many people fear both success and failure. They worry that there are no good and they’re not worthy of happiness or success. Hypnosis allows them to let go of that negative belief system.

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