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Adam is a preacher, teacher, novelist and #1 international bestselling author of over 100 books on the Christian faith. With over 2 million books distributed, his titles range from devotionals, to prayer books, to Christian inspiration, and inspirational fiction.

This was a quick interview loaded with information. In this podcast we talk about Amazon’s algorithm, the right way to launch a book, and the right way to do book promotion.

Three years ago Adam retired for medical reasons. He was buried in medical bills and his wife was the only source of income his family had. As a stay-at-home dad with time on his hands, he decided to write a book. He had an idea that had been rattling around in his head for years. He wrote it and published it.

The book The Power and the Passion didn’t do very well and isn’t available anymore on Amazon. Fortunately, Adam wrote a second book at the same time. It was much shorter and with very little work on Adam’s part the book stuck in Amazon’s algorithm. It made about $10 a day without Adam promoting it.

That’s when a lightbulb went off for Adam and he realized that if he learned how the system worked he could find an audience and make a living selling books on Amazon.

Understanding Amazon’s Algorithm

Amazon is more than a store. Amazon is a search engine. When you go to the Amazon search bar to search for something Amazon is going to try and find the things most related to your search that it can to serve your interests as a customer.

You will find that certain customers will search for certain keywords, and if you can create a product that aligns with those customers needs and your product ends up converting for Amazon, Amazon will give you greater visibility so you have more of a chance of converting for them.

This is a win-win situation. You get more customers because of more visibility, Amazon gets more sales and more money, and customers are happy.

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Why Book Launches Are Important

It’s important to have a book launch plan to attract the attention of Amazon’s algorithm so that you can have greater visibility over the long-term.

To understand how to best implement a book launch plan you have to understand what behavior Amazon is trying to reward. Amazon wants to promote entrepreneurs who are continuously marketing their work.

If an entrepreneur is continuously marketing their work available on Amazon, that means Amazon gets more traffic, more customers and more money. So it’s in their vested interest to give visibility to those people who are marketing their work themselves.

Think of it this way. Amazon is partnering with you and recognizes that you are the type of person that will promote your own work. So Amazon gives you a bigger platform to promote your work which in turn gives you a bigger platform to drive traffic back to Amazon.

Before you launch your book you need to:

1. Choose the right categories for your book. They need to be categories that get enough traffic so that you can get a decent number of sales and they need to be relevant to the book you’re selling.

2. Choose the right keywords for your book. Like categories featured the keyword terms that people search for that are relevant to your book.

How to Do a Book Launch To Gain Visibility and Get Noticed by Amazon’s Algorithm

Amazon is constantly updating their algorithm. Amazon’s goal is to have as many happy customers of possible. That’s why they reward long-term sales. As of February 2017 this is the best way to launch your book.

1. Optimize your Amazon product page by getting the best cover you can, choosing the best keywords and writing the best product description possible.

2. Search for book blogs that will promote your books. There’s a list of good book blogs below. You pay these book blogs to drive traffic to your book.

3. After the book blogs have even knew a steady source of traffic for about a week, that’s when you use your big e-mail list if you have one or Facebook ads to scale up your visibility.

Caution the only way to get the best results is to do all of these things together. If you don’t follow every step you aren’t going to get the results you want.


Advice for New and Aspiring Authors

If you are a new author book blogs will help you build a fan base more quickly than you can by yourself.

It’s important to realize long-lasting success on Amazon takes time. If you’re promoting your first book do as much if you can within reason. Don’t spend money you can’t afford to try and strike it rich. Use book blogs to build up your mailing list and readership. If you keep producing good work and satisfying your audience sooner or later you will be able to launch a book big enough to get the kind of visibility you want.

Start where you’re at. It’s possible to create and market your books very expensively at the beginning. As you publish more books you’ll become better at the process and grow your audience.

Every book you publish will be a learning process whether it’s a commercial success or not. If you publish a book and don’t get results you want don’t give up. Analyze your results in figure out why and do better the next time.

Book Promotion Resources

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Promote your Kindle Book for sale — Adam has only ever used option 6 — scroll down to the bottom of the page to submit your book. — Offers listings for free and deeply discounted books

Other Links and Resources Mentioned in This Interview — Adam’s homepage — sign up here to get free video training on Amazon’s algorithm and how to build your fanbase.

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