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Book awards contests can be a great way for a new or experienced author to win a prize, get recognition, and improve your chances at getting a major book deal.

Award-winning authors tend to be more successful when it comes to finding a literary agent, getting a publisher, and selling more books.

The problem is there are so many book awards contests out there, and many of them can be quite expensive. So you need to do your research to make sure you only enter your book into a contest that is likely to be worth it for you.

That’s why our team put together this list of the 50 best book awards contests for authors.

List of Book Awards

Here’s our list of the best book awards contests.

1. TCK Publishing Readers Choice Contest

Website: TCK Publisihing 2019 Readers’ Choice Awards

2. Random Rants

Website: Random Writing Grants Book Award Contests

3. Story Quest books

Website: Story Quest Books Children’s Book Award Contest for self-published authors.


Website: Writer’s digest annual self-published book awards 2017

5. Authors Talk About IT

Website: Authors’ Talk About it Book Award Contest

6. Book Browse

Website: Book Browse Awards

7. Book List Online

Website: Book List Online Book Awards

8. Book List Reader

Website: Book Lister Book Awards

9. Chris McMullen

Website: Chris McMullen Book Contest Giveaways

10. Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal

Website: Prism Contest

11. Foreword Reviews

Website: Publishers Foreword Reviews Awards

12. iUniverse

Website: iUniverse National Writing Contest

13. Judy Penzsheluk

Website: Judy Penzsheluk Writers’ Digest Awards

14. Michelle Proulx

Website: Michelle Proulx Book Contests

15. SFWA

Website: SFWA.Org Indie Reader Discovery Awards

16. The Independent Publishing Magazine

Website: The Independent Publishing Magazine Indie Book Contests

17. WordCraft

Website: Word Craft LA Submission Sunday

18. Erica Verillo

Website: Erica Verrillo Awards for Self-Published Books

19. AWC

Website: Writers’ Centre Short Story Comptetion 2017

20. Lambda Literary

Website: Lambda Literary 26th Annual Jeffrey E Smith Editor’s Prize

21. Made for Success Publishing

Website: Made for Success Publishing Dan Pynter Global Book Awards

22. Nothing in the Rule Book

Website: Nothing in the Rulebook Writing Competition 2017

23. Reedsy

Website: Writing Contest

24. Roger Packer

Website: Roger Packer Writer Digest Self-Published Ebook Contest

25. SDP Publishing Solutions

Website: SDP Publishing Solutions Writers’ Digest 24th annual Self-Published Competition

26. Spread the word

Website: Spread The Word Book Awards for Indie Authors

27. The Blond Guerilla

Website: The Blond Guerrilla Readers’ Favorite Book awards for Self-Publihsed Authors

28. The Book Designer

Website: The Book Designer Book Awards

29. The Write Styles

Website: The Write Styles Free Writing Contest

30. The Writers Scrap Bin

Website: The Writer’s Scrap Bin Poetry Contest

31. Writer’s Win

Website: Writer’s Win Self-Published Book Awards

32. Winning Writers

Website: Winning Writers Free Literary Contest

33. Words are Work

Website: Words Are Work

34. Writers and Editors

Website: Writers and Editors Awards Grants Fellowship

35. My Ebook

Website: My Ebook 2017 Writing Contests

36. Selling Books

Website: Selling Books Top Book Awards that Authors should pursue for 2015

37. Taneeka Bourgeois-daSilva

Website: Taneeka B Dasilva Book Awards for Self-Published Authors

38. The Masters Review

Website: Master’s View Literary Magazines and Contests in May

39. CK Books Publishing

Website: CK Book Publishing Writers’ Digest Self-Published Contest


Website: Writing.IE Rubery Book Prize 2017

41. Afthead

Website: Afthead Glimmer Train

42. Ambassador Inernational

Website: Ambassador International Children’s Book Contest

43. Amie Irene Winters

Website: Amieirene E Winters Awards

44. Amy Sue Nathan

Website: Amysue Nathan Blog

45. Ann Gant

Website: Ann Grant Poetry Contest

46. Anna Bozen

Website: Anna Bozena Bowen Writers’ Digest 21st Self-Published Book Awards

47. Art of Efy

Website: Art Of Efy Writer’s Digest Awards

48. Book Browses

Website: Book Browse Awards

49. Aust Writers

Website: Austwriters Competitions

50. Author U

Website: Author U Book Publishing Award Contests

More Great Book Contests

You can use our searchable table below to find even more great book contests (there are 211 listed here currently).

Ambassador Inernational
Amie Irene Winters
Amy Sue Nathan
Ann Gant
Anna Bozen
Art of Efy
Aust Writers
Author U
Authority Publishing
Authors Talk About IT
BB Gould
Be Inkandescent
Ben Franklin Awards
Biblio Crunch
Book Browse
Book Design Made Simple
Book List Online
Book List Reader
Book Making
Book Market
Book Masters
Book Page
Book Viral
Bookstand Publishing
Brenda Scott Royce
Brown Paper Press
By His Own Blood
By Water Books
C.C Rae
Canadian Authors
Cape Cod Writers
Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Carrie Rubin
Chanda Hahn
Chris McMullen
Christchurch City Libraries
Christian Writers
CK Books Publishing
Contest Date
Creative Writing Contest
Crime Fiction Awards
Crissi Langwell
Curiousity never Killed the Writer
Daily Writing Tips
Debbie Delouise
Editing for Authors
Elf Mastery
Erica Verillo
Erindor Press
Eyes In
Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal
Fiction Factor
Fiction Writers Review
Foreword Reviews
Freelance Writing
Global Ebook Awards
Hayden’s Ferry Review
Helping Writers Become Authors
Henry Melton
Hey Jamie
Independent Publishers
Indie Book Awards
Indie Kids Books
Indies Unlimited
Ink Spoke
Janice Hardy
Jessica Barksdale Inclan
Jessica Davidson
Judy Penzsheluk
Kevin Haselhorst
Kid Lit Reviews
Kill Zone
Kristen Twardowski
Lambda Literary
Lewiston Writer's Group
Lisa Shea
Literary Mama
Live a Life you Love
Live Write Thrive
Made for Success Publishing
Manners Simply
Marketing Christian Books
Mary Hutchings Reed
MC Hillegas
Meredith Sue Willis
Michael Alexander
Michael Sauret
Michelle Proulx
Midnight Publishing
My Ebook
My Entrepreneur Magazine
Nancy Klann Moren
National Book Awards
National Writers Series
Neon Books
New Generation Publishing
New Pages
Nillu Nasser
Nothing in the Rule Book
Notice Boards
Now Novel
Open Books
Places For Writers
Pod People
Poets & Writers
Publish Your Own Ebooks
Publishers Archive
Publishers Weekly
Publishing Trends
Publishing... and other form of insanity
Quill & Quire
Random Rants
Reader Views
Rochelle Jewel Shapiro
Roger Packer
Rosepoint Publishing
S.A. Van
s[r] blog
Savvy Book Writers
Scottish Book Trust
SDP Publishing Solutions
Sebastian Cole
Self Pub Authors
Self Published Author
Self-Publishing Experts
Selling Books
Shasta Public Libraries
Smith Publicity
Spread the word
Stacey Datkinson
Stand Out Books
Star Print Brokers
Story Quest books
Suzanne Stengl
Taneeka Bourgeois-daSilva
Tayler Heuston
The Authors Guild
The Balance
The Blond Guerilla
The Book Designer
The Bookseller
The Brain Pan
The Bug Boys
The Center for Book Publishing
The Children's Literature Web Guide
The Hindu
The Independent Publishing Magazine
The Masters Review
The Musings of Katrina Parker Williams
The Penny Hoarder
The Review Review
The Universe Builder
The Write Life
The Write Styles
The Writer
The Writers Scrap Bin
The Writer's Union of Canada
Tills on Burg News
Tiptree Awards
Tuesdays with Story
Unearthly Tales
Victoria Advocate
W V Writers
We Said Go Travel
Well Fed
West Wind Communications
Where Writer's Win
Winning Writers
Wise Ink Blog
Wordalive Press
Words are Work
Words Into Print
Writer Mag
Writers and Editors
Writers Relief
Writers Union
Writers Weekly
Writing Career
Yellow Studios
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