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We could all use a little help sometimes.

That’s why our team put together this list of the best writing websites to help you learn more, improve your writing skills, and grow your writing career.

Here’s our list of sites that can help writers of all stripes and colors improve their craft, including fiction writers, nonfiction writers, bloggers, and copywriters.

Some of these sites are incredibly educational, some are just fun to read, and others may help you attract more readers, fans, beta readers, critique partners … and maybe even find you a publisher.

1. Wattpad

Wattpad is the largest online reading platform. It’s like the YouTube of writing; it allows writers and authors to share their work worldwide for free, and attract millions of followers and readers.

Many authors have amassed thousands of readers and fans on Wattpad, and some have even gotten great book deals from major publishers because of their success on the platform.

2. Teen Ink

Teen Ink is a literary magazine and website for teens that helps them use their voice and make a difference through writing. This great site is devoted entirely to writing, art, and photos by teens. This site is best for teens who are interested in writing nonfiction essays, articles, poems, and short stories.

3. One Teen Story

One Teen Story is a nonprofit monthly magazine. It features young adult authors’ writing and other creative content.

4. NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month is a yearly event during which writers spend the entirety of November trying to write a 50K-word book. The blog associated with this event provides inspirational posts for writer’s blocked authors and offers guidelines for everything from the publishing a book to getting feedback on your writing skills.

5. Tumblr

Tumblr is a blogging platform and a wonderful place for self-expression, and doubles as one of the go-to hub for young bookworms and writers to collaborate and share their work with others.

6. Write It Sideways

Write It Sideways outlines real-life advice for writers, like author branding, writing grants, and gift buying, as well as writing tips and tricks like dialogue mistakes and how to build tension in a scene.

7. Helping Writers Become Authors

Helping Writers Become Authors features creative writing advice on story structure, character arcs, and common writing mistakes.

8. offers great advice for authors, bloggers, business people, and students. The site also offers a wealth of practical tips for finding work, honing your writing skills, and staying productive.

If you’re looking for in-depth instruction, this site also provides a range of courses and eBooks aimed at helping you learn how to write anything well.

9. Warrior Writers

Warrior Writers is run by best-selling author Kristen Lamb, who guides writers with detailed and comprehensive posts in humorous and easy-to-read fashion.

10. Fantasy Author’s Handbook

Fantasy Author’s Handbook is a writing blog by Philip Athans, a New York Times best-selling fantasy author. The blog is filled with great advice for writers of all types.

11. shares insight and knowledge of the writing and publishing world to help people become better authors. This site offers free resources in a blog as well as writing courses.

12. Write to Done

Write to Done is a resource on all kinds of useful topics for writers like finding a pen name, imposter syndrome, and recovering from destructive criticism.

13. Brain Pickings

Brain Pickings shares writings on culture, books, and other eclectic subjects. This blog is extremely interesting reading for any writer with time to spare.

14. Novelicious

Novelicious is more of a book website than a writing website. It also has advice for writers on retreats and for writing serialized novels.

15. The Authors’ Nook

The Authors’ Nook offers relatable posts for writers along with advice on being a writer. It also allows a blend of good fun and useful advice for writing breaks.

16. The Write Life

The Write Life is a writing website that offers solid ideas for blogging. It includes advice on working from home, guest posting, and pitching ideas. If you want to be a freelance writer, this blog will help.

17. Goins Writer

Goins Writer is the creation of author Jeff Goins, who shares real-life experiences and reflections about engaging a community in the Internet age, building an audience online, and select shortcuts to success.

18. The Book Designer

The Book Designer is a site that gives practical advice to help build better books. It includes hundreds of articles for writers on everything from using social media efficiently, writing creative disclaimers, and choosing the right platforms for publishing a book.

19. Angela Booth

Angela Booth is a ghostwriter, author, copywriter, marketer, and writing coach. She writes ample posts to help guide you on how to ensure a book will be a financial success and improve your book sales.

20. Carly Watters

Carly Watters is a literary agent who advises writers of all stripes on how to get published. Her useful posts are great for any writer, especially if you’re looking for a literary agent.

21. Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman provides informative articles on both the writing process and the publishing process. She’s one of the rare writers with extensive experience in both traditional publishing and self-publishing.

22. The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn is run by best-selling author Joanna Penn. Her site offers articles and other resources related to marketing books, writing, and publishing. She also has an incredible podcast on writing, so check that out as well.

23. Alan Rinzler

Alan Rinzler is a consulting editor that helps writers understand what goes on behind the scenes of the publishing process.

24. Publetariat

Publetariat is a site that gives practical information on author websites, networking, and the publishing process. This site also shares links about big news stories in the world of publishing.

25. The Independent Publishing Magazine

The Independent Publishing Magazine is a site that posts about many different parts of the publishing process, including finding the right editor, growing a following, and avoiding the many pitfalls that come with being an independent author.


Writing Prompts is a site that offers inspiration for writers in all genres. It focuses on breaking through writer’s block, building characters, and refining your dialogue-writing skills. It’s a great site for any aspiring novelist.

27. Positive Writer

Positive Writer is a site created for writers with doubt. Created by Bryan Hutchinson, the site provides inspirational posts that will help you stay positive, keep writing, and overcome limiting beliefs that could hold you back from becoming a successful and productive writer.

28. Blots and Plots

Blots and Plots is a site that instructs writers to stay in the habit of writing. It’ll help you stay on track and solve all kinds of writing problems. It also demonstrates how it’s possible to write a novel even while working a full-time job.

29. Writer’s Digest

Writer’s Digest is a well-known and comprehensive site that offers countless resources for authors and all manner of advice for the aspiring and experienced writer alike.

30. Qwiklit

Qwiklit is a site that offers fun and accessible articles about reading and writing.

31. Writing Prompts That Don’t Suck

Writing Prompts That Don’t Suck is a site that provides fun and interesting posts to keep you inspired to write something new. Its myriad writing prompts are funny, spooky, and always unique…and never suck.

32. Scribophile

Scribophile is a well-respected online writing community. It gives detailed, friendly, and helpful critiques for writing of all kinds, as well as free advice and articles on the craft of writing.

33. The Society of Authors

The Society of Authors is a membership organization with over 9,000 members. Anyone is eligible to join as soon as they have been offered a contract from a publisher, broadcaster, or agent.

34. Books by Women

Books by Women is an online literary magazine about contemporary women writers. Their mission is to encourage and promote the visibility of female writers.

35. The Writers’ Guild

The Writers’ Guild is the trade union representing writers in books, poetry, film, TV, radio, theatre, and video games.

36. Apples and Snakes

Apples and Snakes is one of leading organizations for performance poetry in England. It has a national reputation for producing great spoken word performances.

37. HubSpot

HubSpot is a great place for business, sales, and marketing-focused writers. It keeps you updated on the latest research, insights, and strategies for connecting with the audience and making them fall in love with your brand.

If you want to be a professional blogger, freelance writer, copywriter, or marketer, you’ll love Hubspot’s articles and resources.

38. BookCrossing

BookCrossing is a social network for books and book lovers. It’s basically like geocaching, but for books, and it can be a fun way to interact with other readers and authors.

39. Now Novel

Now Novel is a book writing website that provides help for aspiring writers and offers writing tips and advice.

40. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg offers over 42,000 free eBooks. You can choose among free kindle books or free epub books, and you can read them online or download them. It’s pretty neat, and you can pick up all kinds of great classic books there for free.

41. Bookanista

Bookanista is a web magazine featuring author interviews, new fiction, extracts, book recommendations, essays, picture stories, diary pieces, and blogs about the published word.

42. The Electric Typewriter

The Electric Typewriter is a site that produces great articles and essays by some of the world’s best journalists and writers.

43. Copyblogger

Copyblogger is an online library of free eBooks, articles, and resources for professional writers. This site is a leading resource for professional blogging from the creators of the Rainmaker Platform for digital marketing.

44. LitRejections

LitRejections helps writers persevere through rejection with the ability to publish their own stories of rejection on the site.

45. Write-Track

Write-Track is a writing productivity tool that allows writers to join an online community of other writers, track their writing, and set personal writing goals.

46. Be a Freelance Blogger

Be a Freelance Blogger is a site that teaches how to take freelance blogging skills to the professional level. It will help you increase your blogging income and become an expert in your niche.

47. Booksie

Booksie is a free site that lets you publish any kind of writing online, from short articles to entire novels. This site also allows readers to read and comment on others’ work to support them.

48. Create If Writing

Create If Writing is a writing website that shares tips and tools on how to build an authentic platform for your creative brand.


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