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Jason Brick is a published author, freelance copy writer, business writer, and ghost writer. He is an expert at hustling up freelance work and has built a six figure freelance writing business at just twenty hours a week. He spends the rest of his time with his kids and family. Some of his clients pay as much as $500 for a blog post on a regular basis.

He serves others as a coach, speaker, and business writer. On this episode of the Publishing Products Podcast, you’ll learn how to think about writing as a business, learn how to find high paying clients, get more referrals, and how to become the reliable freelance writer that all of your clients rave about.

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Here are just a few topics Jason and I discuss on the show:

  • Why writing fast and delivering on time is the absolute most valuable asset you have (the writing is secondary to the delivery of what the client wants and needs, and what they want and need is writing delivered on time first and foremost).
  • How to land gigs for major Fortune 500 companies for $500 per blog post, and what businesses really want from a freelance writer.
  • How to overcome writer’s block and kick its butt for good (otherwise, you won’t be able to earn big bucks as a freelance writer).
  • Why you must get clear on exactly what your clients want and what “good writing” means to them (hint: it’s almost never what good writing means to you, and that’s the difference between landing a big paying gig and landing on your face).
  • How to work less and earn more by raising your prices.
  • How to turn one client into five through creating a referral system.
  • How to land clients in your local community.
  • Why joining the local Chamber of Commerce and other business networking groups is a fast track to starting up and growing your freelance writing business.
  • How publishing on Kindle and writing books can provide long-term residual income while you build up your freelance writing business (so that eventually you can retire on the income from your books and the extra cash you saved up from your freelance gigs).
  • And much more!

If you’re struggling to earn a living as a freelance writer, you owe it to yourself to listen and learn from Jason!

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