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A QR code, or Quick Response code, is a two-dimensional bar code. Unlike traditional bar codes, however, QR codes can be read by mobile devices and can store website addresses, text, phone numbers, and even email addresses.

QR codes are important for brands, as they can deliver information to users’ smartphones instantly and effortlessly.

QR Code Generators

There are many websites that can help you generate a QR code—you just need to find the right one for your needs. When choosing a QR code generator, you’ll need to know whether you want to be able to track and analyze performance, or if you need to design a code that is unique to your brand.

1. ForQRCode

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ForQRCode delivers high resolution QR codes for free and without registration. Customize the size and color, put in your link, contact info, text, WiFi information, PayPal, or location, and download the QR code in either SVG or EPS format.

2. Free-qr-code.net

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Free-qr-code.net can help you create high-resolution QR Codes for any type of information, from Twitter accounts to pet info. They also offer customizable designs and patterns to make your code unique and recognizable.

3. GOQR.me

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Also free with an option for paid premium service, the GOQR.me generator allows you to choose from any type of information. With their dynamic QR codes, the destination of your QR code can be changed at any time, allowing you to redirect customers as needed.

4. QFuse

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The Qfuse QR code generator not only offers QR code creation, but also management and tracking tools that offer analytics and reporting. Track your marketing success without any programming prowess.

5. QR Code for Windows 10

Microsoft Image

Microsoft’s QR Code for Windows 10 app allows to generate, scan, and store all your QR codes in one convenient place.

6. QR Code Generator

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QR Code Generator lets you make your own QR codes and supports dynamic codes, tracking, analytics and more.

7. QR Code Monkey

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The QR Code Monkey is a free QR code generator that allows you to incorporate logos, images, and other customizable designs. You can download QR codes with QR Code Monkey in print quality as PNG, SVG, PDF, and EPS.

8. Visualead

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With Visualead you can use any image to create custom Visual QR Codes. This is helpful if you want your codes to align with your branding. Plus, consumers are more likely to engage with visually interesting codes.

9. QR-Code-Generator.com

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QR-Code-Generator.com allows you to generate codes for a wide range of destinations, including MP3s and Facebook pages. You can also choose your color and whether you’d like to embed your logo in the center of the code.

10. QRStuff

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QRStuff offers lots of destination options, including Dropbox, Skype, YouTube, PDF files, and Bitcoin. To really customize the look of your codes, you’ll have to subscribe to the paid version, which also offers additional features like a bulk code generator, analytics, and an ad-free experience.

11. QRZebra

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With QRzebra you can create customized static QR codes and choose your dot style, “eyes” (corner patterns), and colors. With their paid service, you can generate dynamic QR codes that will track engagement data.

12. Scanova

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Scanova‘s QR code generator isn’t free (though they do offer a fee trial), but it is full-service: You can create mobile-optimized landing pages, capture customers’ contact info, and customize the look of your codes. You can also use the API to integrate QR code generation in your own information system or mobile app.

13. Tec-it

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Tec-it generates free QR codes in PNG format. You can use this simple tool to create QR codes for web pages, phone numbers, emails, text messages, and even tweets. The code is ready to download immediately.

14. Unitag

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Unitag QR code generator is a free tool for designing unique QR codes. You can choose from multiple templates, colors, eyes, and background options. You can also embed a logo in the design.

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