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Choosing the right pen name can be tough.

Some authors give themselves a pen name for the purpose of anonymity. They want to use a pseudonym to remain anonymous and to write in various genres without confusing their readers.

Pen names can also be used for marketing purposes. It’s really important to pick a pen name that sounds good and fits your niche. You should definitely read our article on how to create a pen name for more tips on picking a name that will help you sell more books.

After that, if you still need help, you can try out some of these awesome free pen name generator tools to get even more ideas.

Pen Name Generator Tools

Pen name generator tools are very useful because you can quickly browse through thousands of combinations of names. Your goal here is to search and filter your pen names to find a great name with the right gender, language, or genre for your market.

Here’s our list of pen name generators that you can try until you find the right nom de plume for you.

1. Reedsy Pen Name Generator

Reedsy Pen Name Generator boasts more than 1 million names. You can search using filters such as the first letter, language, or gender.

2. Pseudonym Generator

Pseudonym Generator randomly generates thousands of names for both male and female. You can click on the names you like the best and can copy before you leave.

3. Fake Name Generator

Fake Name Generator randomly generates names using filters such as gender, name set, and country. It also creates a real address, occupation, phone number, and even a credit card number that can give you a personal supporting context.

4. Last Name Generator

Last Name Generator creates a pen name in seconds. It takes all your existing name and details about you such as your address, pets, nationality, etc. It can also give you pen names in a different niche.

5. Victorian Pen Name Generator

Victorian Pen Name Generator randomly gives you ten Victorian names. Just click on the buttons to generate names, you can choose from a male or female names.

6. Edgy Name Generator

Edgy Name Generator creates a name of your own. You can choose what type of screen name you want, and the gender of your name.

7. Fantasy Name Generator

Fantasy Name Generator gives you ten random pen names. You can choose from male, female, and neutral.

8. Evil Name Generator

Evil Name Generator randomly creates creepy and evil names. You have an option to choose what category you want, and it will generate 20 names.

9. The Legit Pen Name Generator

The Legit Pen Name Generator creates pen name from the basic question it asks. Just answer all the question, and it will give you a name.

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