Font styles are important in any design. Whether you want to up the cool factor on your website or create your personal brand logo, the right font can make a world of difference.

But how do you find the right font for every project? The default computer fonts are usually very bland or totally outlandish—but if you’re looking for the perfect happy medium, then we’ve got the resources for you.

Fonts and Fancy Texts

Fonts that are clean and easy to read are key to any design. If your fonts are too small or cramped, your product will tend to be ignored. Find the perfect font for every need using one of these font sites or text generators. You might also like to read about fonts and fancy text websites.

1. Chalkboard Font by PosterGen

Chalkboard Font by PosterGen Image

The Chalkboard Font by PosterGen allows you to generate awesome chalkboard-like poster designs with your texts. The text appears to be written by chalk on a blackboard with a shaded effect to look more realistic. You can get your text in the form of a digital download, framed print, and even a wrapped canvas (for a fee).

2. Cool Fancy Text Generator

Cool Fancy Text Generator Image

The Cool Fancy Text Generator jazzes up normal texts by transforming them into unique styles, such as tattoo fonts, calligraphy, web script fonts, handwriting, and even old English.

3. Cool Text Graphics Generator

cool text graphics generator image

Cool Text Graphics Generator is a great option for creating fun fonts for free. Just choose your desired style, enter your text, and your custom design will be ready in minutes.

4. Fancy Text Generator

lingojam image

Fancy Text Generator by designs elaborate symbols using unicode, an industry standard that creates the specification for thousands of different symbols and characters. It’s what’s used to create most of the characters you see on your electronic devices and printed texts, and it allows you to easily copy and paste your new font anywhere.

5. Flaming Text image

Flaming Text provides access to the largest selection of high quality, easily-customizable logos, and fonts. Users can choose between various designs with unique variations for each, giving you a wide array of options for your perfect font.

6. Font Meme

Font Meme image

Font Meme allows you to stylize and craft your text down to the smallest detail with an impressive handwritten touch. Simply enter your text in the box and you can easily download the final design on your device. You can even embed the text you made through HTML code to integrate it with your blog or website.

7. Fontark

FontArk image

Fontark lets you generate chic fonts with little effort. You can easily draw your own letters to generate and preview different fonts. All you need to do is enter your text, and the font generator will do the rest!

8. Fontello image

Fontello is a handy tool that quickly converts vector images into webfonts. It offers everything necessary to include graphics in your web pages. Despite being free, you won’t find any pixelation or blurring on high-resolution screens, and it’s easier to print than GIFs.

9. Fontstruct

Image result for image

Fontstruct can help you construct awesome fonts without requiring any plugins or software. All you need to do is type your text in the space provided, click “create your font,” and voila—your custom font is ready to use.

10. Gigaglitters

Gigaglitters image

For a little added dazzle, Gigaglitters lets users create beautiful sparkling fonts. All you need to do is enter your text and choose from over 200 glitter options that will give your content a sparkly flair.

11. Glowtxt

glowtxt image

Glowtxt is a free online text generator that can be used to create animated glowing texts in GIF format. You can choose from 50 stylish fonts, eight textures and colors, six text sizes, and three types of animations, as well as some glowing effects. Glowtxt can even help you customize the background of your animated text!

12. Glyphs

Glyphs image

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced developer, Glyphs is perfect for creating trendy fonts. This tool is like a Photoshop of font making where you can use the pencil tool and design your own fonts. You can purchase a full license for roughly $250, but you’ll have the option to download the trial version before you make a purchase decision.


WeirdMaker Text, Font & Letters generator image converts your texts to cool and funky styles. It is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms, so you can share your creations instantly.

14. Graffwriter

Graffwriter image

Graffwriter is a free graffiti generator that allows you to easily create artistic tags and texts with any message, from your name to complex banners. This fun and unique style will certainly add some flair to your work!

15. IconFinder

Icon Vault images

The IconFinder font generator is a nifty tool that gives you the opportunity to create a simple yet gorgeous font using geometric shapes in the web browser. To create your icon fonts that are ready to download and use in any application, you will first need to download their template package.

16. Online Text Generator

Image result for images

Online Text Generator is a great tool for those who seek handwritten fonts. You can customize font types and background colors, and even write your own letters and get them printed.

17. Pookatoo


Pookatoo text generator that lets you create animated glowing texts. You can even customize the animation, effect, text size, and background color of your creation. This tool is great for Halloween-themed projects or other texts that could use a spooky glow.

18. Prototypo

prototypo image

Prototypo is unique for its ability to create and twist every letter you type, in real-time. The tool comes with a very easy to use interface that also allows you to create your own font library.

19. Robofont

robofont image

The Robofont font generator works only on Mac. It’s a fully-developed font editor with all the tools required for drawing your own typefaces. It can also be used as a platform for building your own tools and extensions.

20. Stencil image

Best suited for bloggers and internet marketers, the Stencil font generator helps convert simple looking text into a stylish font within seconds. You don’t have to be tech-savvy—simply download the Stencil chrome extension and right-click on the texts you want to customize.

21. Stylish Text Generator by Webestools

Stylish Text Generator by Webestools can take your text designs to a whole new level. This tool lets you add effects to text and generate stunning font options with its special language characters and symbols. You can use the generated text with various software and almost all social networking websites.

22. Tattoo Font Generator

Tattoo Font Generator image

A very user-friendly tool, the Tattoo Font Generator allows you to create tattoo-like designs by selecting your desired font, size and even color. The results give a cool, vintage feel to any text.

23. TextFX image

The TextFX online font generator creates stunning 3D effects instantly. This is a free online tool that produces amazing text effects in just seconds.

Do you have a favorite tool for creating fun fonts? Let us know in the comments below!

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