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Getting paid to write articles and blog posts is actually a lot easier than you might think.

Thanks to the internet and the many people, businesses, and non-profit organizations looking for writers, you can get paid to write from home, no matter where you live or what your background is.

Get Paid to Write Articles and Blog Posts Online

If you want to get paid to write online articles and blog posts, you have to basically just do one thing well: write great articles that help the organization that’s paying you.

How to Write Great Online Content

You have to write great content to get paid well online. There’s a lot of competition, and a ton of spammers, scammers, and unreliable writers out there.

That means the folks who actually pay writers for content are very picky and very cautious (because they’ve probably been burned before).

If you want to deliver truly great content and get paid for it, make sure you always:

  1. Edit and proofread your article before submitting it.
  2. Research your article to make sure it’s unique and valuable enough to be worth publishing for the company or person paying for it.
  3. NEVER copy/paste content from another site.
  4. Research the company you’re writing for to make sure you’re not writing about a topic that’s already been covered on their website. Doing so is basically instant grounds for rejection.

Places That Pay for Articles Online

Here’s our list of the 21 best places to get paid to write articles and blog posts.

1. The Hoth

The Hoth is an SEO service company, and they sell articles and blog posts as part of their SEO packages. The company is actually pretty darn big, and they have hundreds of writers they pay every month for content.

So if you’re looking to write at least 5 articles per week and get paid for your work, The Hoth is a great place to go.


Upwork is the world’s largest site for freelancers to connect with potential customers and clients. Millions of people visit Upwork every day to find freelance writers, web designers, graphic designers, computer programmers, and more.

All you have to do is go to, create a profile and account, let people know what kind of freelance writing work you want to do, and wait for projects to come to you. If you want to get writing gigs even faster, then you can search for projects that are currently taking bids and submit your bid and proposal to the company or person that’s looking for a writer like you.

3. Marketplace

Reedsy Marketplace is a freelancer site like Upwork, but they only specialize in book publishing, and they heavily vet all their freelancers. That means it’s really tough to get listed (unlike Upwork where anyone can get listed). The goods news, though, is that, if you’re listed you’ll get TONS of highly qualified leads.

Right now, Reedsy has categories for ghostwriters (to write books) and editors (to edit books) so consider getting listed in one of those categories if you love writing and/or editing.

4. Women on Writing (WOW)

Women on Writing is a great organization that helps women writers get freelance writing gigs. They pay up to $150 per 3,000 word blog post. Unfortunately, this opportunity is only available for women.

5. CollegeHumor is looking for new content all the time. If you’re into writing hilarious and salacious articles for college dudes to read in between frat parties, you’ll love this writing gig. They pay up to $50 per article.


Cracked is another humor site similar to CollegeHumor, and they accept article submissions from any writer. You can register for a free account on their site to submit your article.

7. is a somewhat news-style website that covers TV, Gaming, Music, History, Science, Technology, Comics, Sport, and Literature, and Wrestling. So if you’re into writing on those topics, you should definitely consider submitting an article to them.

8. Michelle Pipin

Michelle Pipin is looking for freelance writers who are business owners or have significant business experience to write articles that will help other business owners, entrepreneurs, or folks considering starting a business. They pay $50-$150 per article.

9. Metro Parent

Metro Parent provides advice, perspective, and information for parents who want to navigate the complex world of raising kids. They pay $40-$200+ per article. If you love parenting and writing about parenting, this could be your dream writing gig.

10. SitePoint

SitePoint is a really interesting concept. Every month, they choose one topic, and ONLY write content on that topic. Basically, they assemble a team of writers and experts every month to create something like an online deep-dive course into various topics from javascript to blockchain to web design. They seem to veer more towards the techy side of things, so if you’re into tech, you’ll probably love writing for SitePoint.

11. Get Paid to Write Tutorials

Envato offers $50 for anyone who can create a helpful tutorial about music and audio. You can learn more here. They also pay for tutorials on all kinds of other topics, so you can learn about their tutorial writing program here.


This site pays writers up to $50 for articles about writing and making a living as a writer. If that’s your thing, you should definitely check them out and contribute an article.

13. Writers Weekly

Writers Weekly is another great site looking for articles that will help other writers make money. They pay $60 per 600 word article. They’re pretty specific about which types of articles they will and won’t accept, so make sure to check out their writer guidelines page.

Note: Our team did our best to ensure that each of these websites are legitimate websites that actually pay writers for their work, but we have not actually been paid by each of these websites, so it’s up to you to do your own research and let other writers know if they don’t follow through with their commitments. If you have an issue with any of these writing websites, or if you know about other great opportunities for getting paid to write, please post your comment below and let us know!


MakeALivingWriting is another great site dedicated to helping writers earn a living. They pay $75-$150 per guest post contribution, but they have some specific guidelines, so make sure you read them before you pitch an article idea.

15. Back to College

Back to College is a website dedicated to helping adult re-entry students get an advanced university degree. They pay $55 per article contributed to their website.

16. Listverse

Listverse is basically just a website dedicated to lists of 10 things or ideas about different topics. It’s weird, but somehow very successful, and they pay $100 if you can write a list of 10 things their editors find worthy enough to post on the site.

17. The Change Agent

The Change Agent only accepts contributions from adult education students, but if that’s you, then they’d love to pay you $50 to contribute an article. Their themes for articles change every month.


The Dollar Stretcher site helps people learn how to manage their money and make it go further than they thought it could. They pay $0.10 per word for articles contributed by writers like you.

19. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a large publication focused entirely on advice and how-to information. If you’ve got some useful info to share with folks, they’ll pay you for your written advice.

20. PhotoShop Tutorials

This site pays $50 – $300 for Photoshop tutorials and articles teaching designers how to use Photoshop. If you love Photoshop, this is a great writing gig.

21. A List Apart

A List Apart pays for articles about web design, UX, and design principles. They pay for contributed articles.

Got a favorite website you write for that’s not listed here? Let us know in the comments below!


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