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Jackie Lapin is the CEO of Conscious Media Relations, a public relations company that helps authors, entrepreneurs and artists doing work in the fields of mind, body and spirit get booked on national and international media. Jackie is revered for her skill at getting authors, speakers and coaches booked through her network of contacts with over 2,000 radio hosts and leaders in the personal development industry.

In this interview, Jackie freely shares an absolute wealth of wisdom on how to create a successful media and publicity campaign and how to generate massive buzz for your next book launch.

Here are just a few of the ideas we discuss today:

  • The step-by-step system for creating your media kit, and why you must have one if you want to get booked on TV and radio.
  • A simple way to find the best media outlets, shows and programs where you can connect with your target audience (and sell a lot of books in the process).
  • How there’s been a radical change in the media industry in the last decade, and why authors and experts need new strategies to stand out and reach their audience (without breaking the bank on a super-expensive PR firm with outdated strategies).
  • What the hottest new PR strategies are today, and how anyone, anywhere in the world can use these new media channels to spread their message to millions.
  • How podcast shows, internet radio channels, and online blogs could be your best opportunity to reach millions of readers in a very short period of time (without spending a dime on advertising!)
  • How to build a few key relationships with the top influencers in your field, and how this one simple strategy can turn you form broke to bestselling author in a flash.
  • Why you should consider creating and hosting your own podcast show or internet radio show (and how it can help you connect with influencers).
  • How to get your book to stand out from the crowd in a world where millions of new books are now being published every year

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You’re definitely going to want to grab your notebook and a pen so you can take notes, because you’re about to learn how to become a media superstar.

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