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Aubrey Rose is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of several books including Heartbitten, and she’s only been writing for two years! And, she’s done it all while maintaining a full-time job and social life. Who said it was impossible to become a bestselling author and keep a full-time job at the same time?

Aubrey writes romance novels and loves being an author.

In this interview, Aubrey shares some superb tips on writing, publishing and marketing keys for success as an author right now including:

  • How to guarantee you complete your next book or manuscript on time or early by getting yourself to write consistently (it doesn’t have to be a grueling struggle!)
  • How to get focused on constantly creating new work and avoid the trap of perfectionism and editing-itis (that’s when you can’t stop editing, and this chronic condition could kill your career!)
  • How to use the “To Do List” app to manage your productivity and get more done.
  • How to juggle multiple projects at the same time without stress or struggle or feeling overwhelmed.
  • How to use Box Set Book Launches to sell tons of books, become a New York Times bestselling author, and create a great win-win relationship with fellow authors in your market or genre.
  • How to connect and collaborate with the competition and attract scores of new readers without spending a dime on marketing or promotion.
  • Why it’s so hard to make it as an author with just one book, and a few key tips on how to sell more books faster by writing a series and publishing novellas.
  • Exactly what to do if you write a book that bombs and gets horrible reviews (and how to virtually guarantee it doesn’t happen again by asking your readers for feedback and making a few changes and tweaks next time around).

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It’s time to grab your notebook and a pen and take notes, because you’re about to learn a wealth of wisdom on what it takes to become a bestselling author in just a short period of time from Aubrey Rose.

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