Web Design Service for Authors

Are you an author looking to build a website that will help you attract more fans and readers?

If so, you’re in the right place!

At TCK Publishing, we’ve been building websites designed to help authors sell books for years.

We started with our own website, which now gets more than 100,000 unique readers every single month.

Then we started teaching our authors what we were doing, including how to create a WordPress blog and website, the best tools for building squeeze pages, the best blogging tools, what to include in your author website, and even an online course that shows you how to build your own website.

After teaching thousands of authors how to build their own websites, start successful blogs, and turn their websites into powerful tools for selling books, we kept getting the same question from some of our authors:

Who should I hire to build a website? Is there anyone who specializes in building websites for authors? Can you please just build my website for me?

The Best Web Design Service for Authors

We looked and tried many different web designers, but we just couldn’t find someone who really understood how to sell books and build a thriving fan base for writers.

That’s when we got an idea…

What if we recruit the most talented web designers in the world and hire them at TCK Publishing?

That way, they could help us improve our own website while also helping us build websites for our authors—the right way.

That’s why we now offer free website design services for all of the authors whose books we publish. (You can learn more about our submissions process by reading our submissions guidelines and FAQ page.)

But we didn’t stop there.

Because we’re a traditional book publisher, we only accept about 1% of the books submitted to us from authors and literary agents.

That means we can’t serve 99% of the authors who want us to publish their books and build their websites the way they want us to.

But a big portion of those authors still need a great website!

And that’s why we now offer our premium web design service for authors.

The Problem With Most Web Designers

One of the biggest problems we’ve seen—and that many authors run into over and over again with web designers—is that clients can end up becoming hostages to their web designers.

Want to write a new blog post? You have to pay your designer to publish it.

Want to change your About page? You have to pay your designer to do that.

Want to update the software on your site to protect it from hackers? You have to pay your designer to do that.

In situations like this, authors can end up wasting an enormous amount of time and money just waiting around for their web designers to make changes instead of doing it themselves!

That’s why we always teach our authors how to manage their own websites using WordPress.

Once you learn how to write your own blog posts, change the text on your own web pages, and manage your own website quickly and easily, you’ll be far more empowered and much more likely to succeed.

Get Your Website Designed

Want us to design your website?

Visit tckpublishing.com/websitedesign to learn how.

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