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Hung Pham is an entrepreneur and author in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is the founder of Culture Summit, a conference focused on building strong cultures that lead to great companies.

In his books, Hung provides simple, easy to follow, actionable plans for improving many areas of your life including health, fitness, work and personal relationships. His focus is on helping people take action and implement quickly.

Hung suffered from a gambling addiction for 8 years and racked up over $200,000 in losses and a massive amount of debt. He went through depression and suicidal thoughts regularly, and felt like he was stuck. He hated his job but needed to stick with it in order to pay his debts from gambling. Stuck in a vicious cycle, it looked like there was no hope.

Today, Hung is a successful author, entrepreneur and leader in the field of personal development and creating company cultures that work better for investors, entrepreneurs, employees and customers.

Here are a few of the awesome things Hung shares in this interview:

  • Why his goal is to simply help one person improve their life (and how he accomplishes it several times a day)
  • How Hung overcame depression, suicidal thoughts and addiction
  • Why self publishing and being able to share his story is so fulfilling and adds meaning to his life
  • How he created freedom and meaning by building his online business with his books
  • What the Culture Conference is and how it’s transforming companies, boosting profits and helping people live happier lives
  • Why the mission matters more than just about anything else
  • How culture change starts with listening (and some profound marketing wisdom as well that everyone who’s selling anything should take notes on)
  • How to find meaningful work, or take your existing work and add meaning to it
  • How employers can create a workplace filled with passionate employees (without firing everyone and starting over)
  • How to use focus sessions, surveys and more to learn exactly what your employees and customers want and need to succeed
  • Why change starts “from the top” and how to get leaders to focus on what’s most important to everyone, not just business as usual
  • Two powerful questions for making positive changes: What works? What doesn’t work?
  • Why it’s better to focus on getting it done than getting it perfect
  • Hung’s 1-on-1 strategy sessions that keep him tapped in to what’s most important for his readers, changes lives, and adds meaning and fulfillment on a whole new level

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To learn more about Hung, check out his weekly newsletter here: www.missionandpossible.com

Learn more about the Culture Conference: www.culturesummit.co

Check out Hung’s books on Amazon: www.amazon.com/author/hungpham

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