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Betsy Talbot is the bestselling self published author of several books including Dream Save Do about how she and her husband Warren were able to sell everything they owned and travel the world for four years living a nomadic lifestyle. In the book, Betsy shows readers how to travel the world and turn your dreams into a reality.

In today’s show, here are a few of the ideas Betsy shares:

  • Why she and her husband Warren decided to sell everything and travel the world in their forties (and how anyone can live their dreams and create the life you really want to live).
  • Why Betsy asked herself, “What would we change about our life if we could do anything?” and the amazing results that came from asking that question.
  • How Betsy struggled with doubts and nagging questions like, “Who am I to write a book?”
  • How Betsy became a member of a secret writers mastermind group, and the incredible benefits of joining a select group of excellent authors to mastermind and share ideas.
  • How to get super clear and ask great questions of experts so you can hone your craft and grow your business faster without wasting their time or yours.
  • Why she started a blog the day she decided to travel the world, and how her commitment to blogging helped build her author platform.
  • How she attracted 69 beta readers for her first novel, and the specific instructions she gives beta readers to ensure she gets the right feedback at the right time to make her book the best it can be before she publishes it.
  • The exact questions you need to ask your beta readers, and exactly what to tell them NOT to do so that you and them both save a lot of extra time and effort.
  • How Betsy uses a spreadsheet to keep track of all the feedback from her beta readers, and how to decide which feedback to implement and which to let go.
  • Why “What’s missing?” can be a powerful question to ask beta readers.
  • Why you want brutally honest, clear communication to and from your beta readers (and in your personal and business life).
  • Why friends and family make poor beta readers because they lack objectivity.
  • Why Betsy hires a professional editor after her rounds of beta reading.

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ALLi, the Alliance of Independent Authors:

Romance Writers of America – The thing Betsy loves about this group is the ongoing education. Members can take online classes in things like building tension or specific plotting strategies from successful authors for only $10. They also have chapter meetings all over the US.

Betsy uses Evernote to keep all her ideas in one place backed up in the cloud wherever she travels to.

She uses Scrivener to write her books.

Dropbox for backing up her files in the cloud.

Dream Save Do on Amazon.

Visit Betsy’s site at

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