Having become the bestselling author of over 20 books and working with dozens of other bestselling authors as a publisher and book marketing consultant, I’ve finally discovered the Ultimate Author Marketing Strategy.

This is the strategy that 99% of bestselling self-published and indie authors used to become so successful (the other 1% got lucky).

First, I feel I must warn you because this strategy is so incredibly simple that it might seem “too easy” or “too obvious”. I would urge you to set aside such notions and first seek to fully understand the strategy, and then apply it and test it for yourself. You will be amazed by the results you see even though the strategy is so very simple.

Author Marketing Strategy

Create Massively Valuable Content Regularly for Your Audience.

The key foundation to the Ultimate Author Marketing Strategy is that you must create massively valuable content regularly. There are many, many ways you can do so, but any strategy will work as long as you follow the three key principles of this approach:

1) Provide Massive Value

We’re not talking about a little bit of value – we’re talking about MASSIVE value. Massive value means that your content actually makes a difference in someone’s life. After indulging in your incredible content, your audience should feel inspired, educated, or thoroughly entertained. They should remember that experience for days, weeks, months and even years to come in some cases.

2) Provide It Regularly

It’s not just enough to give people a wonderful book or a wonderfully entertaining video once. You must be regularly providing amazingly valuable content for your audience. “Regularly” should be at a MINIMUM weekly for most forms of content, but it might be daily or monthly depending on how easily and quickly it can be produced.

3) Create Value for YOUR Audience

Finally, you must create this incredible value for your audience – not random people who may or may not even care about your books or what you do. You want to create massive value for your audience who will be likely to purchase your books and share them with others.

For example, if you write about business, you ought to be creating content that is interesting and valuable to people interested in business. If you write young romance novels, you ought to be creating content that’s valuable and interesting to people who read young romance novels. Writing romance novels and creating educational videos about business will not help you become a bestelling novelist. Make sure your value is a match for your audience!

Content Creation Options

There are many, many kinds of content you can create and even more ways to distribute this content to your audience. The key is to pick one kind of content and only one distribution strategy and become the absolute master of that channel.

Kinds of Content

Written Word


Pictures / Visual


All of these forms of content can be used, but you ought to focus on just one form of content and become the master in that arena.

Distribution Channels

The major distribution channels today in order of importance are:

1) YouTube

I believe YouTube is the most important channel because video is the most powerful form of content. Video is much more interactive and personal than written text, pictures or even audio. Video combines the visual and auditory centers of your audience’s brain and will hold their attention better and allow you to convey even more information and entertainment in less time.

A great example of someone creating amazing content and an entire business based only on YouTube marketing is Luxy Hair created by Mimi. Luxy Hair has over 132 million views on YouTube and almost 1 Million subscribers. YouTube is the only platform they use to distribute their educational content which has helped her create a massive online business.

Remember what I said before – just focus on becoming a master in one platform!

2) Facebook

Facebook is incredibly powerful because it is the largest website in the world – over 1 billion people use Facebook regularly, and Facebook Fan Pages were created so that people like you can build an audience and stay in touch with them daily. This provides for some incredibly powerful ongoing relationship building and marketing if done well.

Drew Canole’s Facebook Page Juicing Vegetables is a great example of someone who’s created a massive online brand using Facebook. Drew’s page  has over 560,000 Facebook fans and it’s helped propel his book Juicing Recipes from FitLife to a #1 bestseller on Amazon with over 500 reviews averaging 4.5 stars and consistently ranked as one of the top 2,500 bestselling books on Kindle. How did he do it? He focused 100% on building his platform on Facebook!

3) Blogging

Blogging is incredibly powerful as well. It takes a lot more work than many other content distribution strategies simply because there are a lot of technical aspects you must understand far beyond simply writing blog posts. You can also create video posts for your blog as well as text posts.

Tim Ferriss is a great example of someone who’s become a #1 New York Times bestselling author and built a massive platform and online business almost entirely through blogging. Tim’s blog is consistently ranked one of the top 25 blogs in the world. How did he do it? He focused 100% on blogging and provides the most incredibly valuable content and information on his blog that he possibly can. He also studied blog design and marketing intensely, and of course applies what he learns.

See Tim’s video on How to Blog without Killing Yourself to learn more.

4) Podcasting

Podcast shows are incredibly powerful, and many completely unknown people have become “famous” simply by creating an amazingly valuable podcast show. Podcast shows can be either audio or video or a mix, and your audience will download your shows from either iTunes or a website online.

Abel James is a great example of someone absolutely dominating in the podcasting platform. Abel’s show Fat Burning Man reached the #2 podcast spot on iTunes just behind Jillian Michaels – and a year before that no one had ever heard of Abel or his podcast show. How did he do it? He focused ONLY on podcasting and created the best content he could.

5) Twitter

Twitter is a powerful channel with hundreds of millions of active users, but it can be very limiting and it’s difficult to build a large Twitter following without using at least one other content channel such as those listed above. I wouldn’t recommend focusing on Twitter unless you enjoy being incredibly social online.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a great example of someone who’s absolutely crushing it on Twitter and has built a massive following of raving fans. Gary is very active on Twitter and is brilliant when it comes to social media and how to build long-term relationships with customers and followers. Always remember – long-term relationships lead to long-term success!

Implementing The Ultimate Author Marketing Strategy

Now that you understand the foundation of this life-changing strategy and what channels you can use, let’s talk about implementation – here’s what you must DO in order to make this strategy work for you and create a lifelong income that would make your mother blush.

Pick One Channel and Master It

You must first pick only ONE channel and then master it. Don’t try to be a Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Podcasting and YouTube master. Just focus on ONE strategy and become the best you can be at that strategy. Splitting your attention, focus and content amongst different channels will only dilute your message and reduce your value in the marketplace, thus reducing your income! Instead, focus on increasing your value by becoming a master in your one channel.

Mastery Must Be Practiced Daily

In order to become a true master, you must practice daily! I recommend spending 30 minutes a day creating content for your channel. You don’t have to do exactly 30 minutes a day – you could spend 3.5 hours one day a week and then schedule your content to be released each day over the week.

The key here is regularity and consistency! That’s why this strategy is so simple – anyone can spend 30 minutes a day creating a video or writing a blog post. The reason 99% of people fail to become successful as bloggers or YouTubers is because they are not providing massive value regularly. They create a few videos a week for a few weeks and then take a few months off. They’re not 100% committed to their success. If you are 100% committed to your success, you will work daily to achieve your goals and you will succeed. If you are 99% committed to your success, you will fail.

The Strategy Works for Everyone

This strategy works for anyone selling anything! Not just authors selling books. By educating and entertaining people, you will build a loyal fan base who will be happy to spread your message far and wide and buy your products or services, whether you’re selling books or consulting or hair extensions.

Increasing Your Income Even More

Once you master one channel, you can dramatically increase your income by expanding to other channels or by creating additional products to sell to the same audience. Once you become a master in one channel, you’ll never struggle financially again because you’ll have an audience who likes you and is eager to learn more from you and buy more of your value.

But don’t try to expand to more channels or create thousands of products until you have mastered one channel and built a loyal following.

The Two Keys to Success Online

There are two keys to success online today:


1) Create a great product

2) Create a great audience


Both take a serious commitment to excellence and daily activity. Focus on just one and you’ll be struggling to get by. Focus on both with unrelenting consistency and passion and you’ll never struggle financially again. Most authors struggle because they only focus on writing books. When you focus on writing great books AND creating a great audience, you’ll never struggle again.