I got my inspiration on the road.

Usually it’s in the shower or on a walk or after yoga, but on this particular day I was driving to a hair appointment when I decided to get super clear on what I wanted from a publisher.

The book was already written. It was my fourth book, and we had decided to experiment and self-publish to build a bigger platform.

But something told me we would need some help to get the exposure and marketing support I felt it deserved.

Law of Attraction image

Law of Attraction Affirmations

And so, as I was driving in my new car, I spoke aloud what I wanted to see in a publisher this time around. It went something like this:

“I am so happy and grateful now that I have a publisher who understands me and my works. He or she has a gift for marketing in current times, and has the means and know-how to get it into the hands willing to receive and learn from my books. This publisher is down-to-earth, friendly, yet professional. My publisher has industry connections and works quickly to deliver the best possible product! I see my books becoming bestsellers, and as this happens, my publisher and I both thrive as we help others in service. I see all of my events full and invitations for workshops and media interviews flooding in at a pace that feels balanced.”

I really let loose, and talked animatedly, pretending as if it had already occurred and I was reaping the benefits of being a bestselling author!

Fortunately, those in neighboring cars must have thought I was on my Bluetooth in some sort of excited conversation or they’d think I’m nuts.

I do this all the time—speak my affirmations out loud in order for the things, people, and experiences I desire to line up accordingly. I find this simple act helps me clarify what I want and match universal vibes with what I want to have happen.

From Affirmation to Action

After my haircut, I checked my email and saw that my friend Holly had written me to see if I’d like to connect with a publisher she met at a conference. Holly said she didn’t know if I was looking for someone or not, but that both our names came to her in meditation, and she was acting from that intuitive space, as we had advised her to do in our workshops.

I had already drafted a query letter to other publishing houses, and so I quickly forwarded it to Holly.

When I got home, I looked over TCK Publishing’s website and got excited. Their words matched exactly with what I was searching for. We set up a phone meeting, and we just clicked.

Change Happens When You Are Ready to Change

Fast forward to today. My book has a new look and new title, Manifesting Miracles and Money: How to Achieve Peace, Purpose, and Plenty Without Getting in Your Own Way. That book recently hit #1 on Amazon’s hot new releases in three categories.

Yesterday, the book came out in paperback. I’m reading over the final proof of our next book, Peace is Power: A Course in Shifting Reality through Science and Spirituality. And I’ve written 150 pages of the third book in the series.

Here’s how I manifested the perfect publisher for me, and how you can do it, too! I just followed the wisdom in my own books.

The first excerpt comes from the channeled chapter on “Wealth” (which covers FAR more than just money!) from my first book, Manifesting Miracles and Money. The second excerpt comes from my next book, Peace is Power, due out soon.

The Law of Attraction for Money

Excerpt 1 from Manifesting Miracles and Money

Manifesting Miracles and Money cover design image

“Money is simply an exchange system created to trade services, drafted on a societal value of each person’s worth. You are valuable just because you were born. You started as a thought on another higher dimension, who wished to return to learn lessons and grow your soul, until you reached a place of evolution where you could learn through faith and not suffering. The suffering is part of what you signed up for, but you have a sort of amnesia with this, and you have forgotten, yes? Take time to remember who you were at the way station between lives.

Remember. Yes, you can. We already hear you arguing with us … just another form of resistance to the Truth of what is. Love is what is. It is the highest frequency and who and what you are made of. Always, throughout all the dimensions. Multiply this feeling you are now experiencing at hearing this times 10, and that’s the way you will start to experience the place where we reside. And amplify and expand and multiply AGAIN to 10 x 10 x 10, and … you get the picture. Isn’t that exciting?

Now, when you are alone and true with yourself, you believe when you accumulate a certain amount of wealth you will feel this same level of rampant amplification. But you have it all backwards. AMPLIFY times the Power of 10, and you will feel both full and complete … happy, on a higher level. THEN, and only then, will you manifest all things toward you, because ironically those things won’t matter to you at all anymore.

As you make manifest all the toys and goodies you think will make you happy, you will understand what happens at the way station when you focus your thoughts—only not as rapidly, thank goodness. On the “other side” as you call it, your desires manifest instantaneously because you are not mired down by the density of a body. You can begin to lighten your body-vehicle by lessening the amounts of dense food you feed it and moving it so the cells vibrate in a quicker fashion, but it is only when you release the body that you will know instant manifestation.

And yet, you can come pretty close.

Simply use the word Rise each day as you awake and begin your day. The word is a concrete manifestation of energy into form, and so if possible, if you will not wake anyone sleeping next to you, say it out loud with enthusiasm and vigor! Say it 10 times or more, then AMPLIFY, like fireworks. Observe what happens to your level of energy, and note what changes occur throughout your day.

We are NOT saying that manifesting items and things into your world is a “bad” thing at all. In Truth, there is no good or bad—only your perception makes it so. When you reach the way station, many of you will still long for those pleasures you experienced on earth, without experiencing the obstacles and challenges, so it will be a place of great healing. However, when you choose to traject BEYOND life and death, good and bad, to the 10 x 10 x 10 dimensions beyond your ideas of heaven, you will no longer desire those creature comforts, because your alleged void will be filled to overflowing.

Let us be clear: you signed up for this experience and longing while you are here, and so you are simply fulfilling your own destiny and life story you created between lifetimes. And, please know there is so much more to it. You are only getting started.

Just like Love and appreciation and happiness, FREEDOM is who and what you really are. And in your culture and society—in your world, in fact—money equates freedom. Did you ever stop and think that’s why you want it so badly?

Even those of you who have manifested it from the field of potentiality, and gathered a great deal of it, always seem to want more. It is like a drug, wanting and being addicting to accumulating more of a paper source. And it is so ironic, so silly, given the fact that you already are freedom at the core of your being. Connect with your Source, and you are free. Forever.

Please sit with that for a moment and digest what we just said. Does it resonate with you?

Good. You are free, and as you learn you are already free, more and more evidence of this fact will show up in this life story of yours you created. You will also inspire others in your midst that they, too, are already free. And your paper and metal forms of barter will either show up or disappear because you no longer need this to prove your worth.”

The Law of Attraction Works When You Commit

Excerpt #2 from Peace is Power


“So many of you say you want something, but you are—as you say—“wishy-washy” in your desires.

Until you make up your mind and get clear on what you want, the Universe cannot match the vibration of your desire. Another way to say this is, once you commit, it is already yours.

How do you do that, you say? You simply decide, and then believe in yourself 100%. Continue to imagine already having what it is you want, and it is already yours in another higher dimension. Match up with that higher dimension, and you bring it into this one.

It does not matter whether it is an object or an experience; it is the commitment that brings it to you.

If it is a person you want, however, they have their own commitments and desires, and so if they match, you will come together. If you do not vibrate at the same frequency, you two will not come together. Do not sit around waiting until this lines up perfectly, because you may be waiting for an eternity. Your life is happening NOW.

If you want love, affirm you are Love, and those who love you will line up for you, whether it is in your romantic relationships, friendships, career contacts, children, or any area of life.

If you want money, what you really want is freedom. And so, rightfully affirm that in Spirit, you are always free. And watch how examples of freedom—and yes, money, but also inspiration and travel, creative opportunities and adventure—show up for you!

And if you want peace, you must clear your mind and heart of any negativity, and be peace. As you live from this perfect space of kindness, generosity, and clear-headedness, the world will show you more examples of peace.

If you haven’t yet decided what it is you want, or if you are still clarifying, that is okay, also. But don’t expect it to show up for you until you are fully committed to turning your dreams into reality.”