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In previous posts in this series, we introduced you to some of the best free writing classes on the internet, as well as some our favorite paid online writing courses.

Today, we’ll be looking a little further into the future of your writing career, discussing some of the best self-publishing courses available to help you take the next step after writing that book.

Why Self-Publish?

We’ve talked at length in the past about the pros and cons of self-publishing your book, as opposed to taking the more traditional route with a standard publishing house.

And while the debate over which is the superior publishing method will likely rage until the end of time, the advantages that self-publishing affords an author (creative liberty, fast turnaround, and high profit share) cannot be overstated.

Self-publishing is changing the literary industry in a big way, and giving a voice to thousands of new writers across the country every year who might never have been able to publish a book otherwise.

Plenty of world-renowned writers got their start self-publishing, or even self-published a book after they got famous: Beatrix Potter, Marcel Proust, e.e. cummings, and Christopher Paolini have all published books through nontraditional means, and are all still big names today.

So if you do decide to self-publish your manuscript, know that you walk in good company.

Take a Self-Publishing Course

Of course, without the framework and support that traditional publishing provides, the world of self-publishing can be a big, scary place—and indeed, sometimes the process seems so complex, it can be difficult to even figure out where to begin.

Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone.

There are plenty of online courses an enterprising author can take to learn the ins and outs of self-publishing a book. These courses are led by expert teachers with years of experience in the industry and the high book sales to back up their claims, and are all dedicated to teaching writers just like you all about the business of publishing. Their courses are kept up to date by their creators, and reflect the cutting edge of best practices in the self-publishing industry.

But there’s no such thing as the perfect course—only the course that best suits your needs.

And to that end, we’ve compiled a list of our top 6 best self-publishing courses, so you can decide for yourself how best to conquer the literary landscape.

Let’s begin.

real fast vip online self publishing course

1. Real Fast VIP

About the Course

Real Fast VIP isn’t just a program for writers. It’s a watering hole where authors, publishers, and content creators of all kinds can learn the secrets of financial success selling print books, ebooks, audiobooks, and other content.

Membership in the program affords users access to a variety of services, including:

  • Super Packs of freestanding courses, each centered around a particular facet of the industry, including Kindle publishing, sales letters, and using public domain content
  • Training and programs from partner authors Jim Edwards, John S. Rhodes, and Lina Trevedi—some of which can only be accessed by Real Fast VIP members
  • Premium services like book cover critiques and personalized book publishing, marketing, and sales plans
  • Members-only VIP group coaching conducted over exclusive Facebook Live sessions and webinars
  • Every Kindle book in the Real Fast Results series

About the Instructor

Daniel Hall is a bestselling author, speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur. Hall is the creator of the popular “Real Fast” training programs, and the CEO of the brands Playtime Gadgets and the Backseat Nanny.

As the creator of Real Fast VIP, Hall is the instructor for the majority of its courses, but various other authors and guest experts make appearances as well.


Real Fast VIP membership is $297 annually, $30 per month, or $1 for a 7-day trial.

2. K Money Mastery 2.0

About the Coursek money mastery online self publishing course

K Money Mastery 2.0 is an online self-publishing course that focuses on making money selling books on Kindle. The program is composed of 21 separate learning modules covering topics including creating appropriate and attractive titles for your books, preparing your book for publishing, and dealing with negative reviews.

K Money Mastery 2.0 is one of the best online resources available for authors new to self-publishing, as it provides a comprehensive and easy-to-understand step-by-step guide to publishing your first Kindle book. It’s also got helpful information for creators who want to outsource and hire ghostwriters to produce their books for them, as well as for those who wish to write their own books.

All that is included in the introductory version of K Money Mastery membership, and you can sign up for additional courses as well:

  • Full Disclosure Membership: Advanced members get access to more than 100 training videos on Kindle, CreateSpace, ACX, affiliate and email marketing, list building, and more
  • Kindle Virtual Assistant Training Program: A comprehensive guide to automating and outsourcing your publishing business
  • 23-Hour Book Program: A how-to on writing your first book as fast as possible

About the Instructor

Stefan James Pylarinos, creator of K Money Mastery and Project Life Mastery, is an entrepreneur, life coach, business coach, and philanthropist who has published more than 100 ghostwritten books.


Membership in K Money Master 2.0 costs a one-time fee of $97; however, additional modules and courses cost extra. Full Disclosure membership costs $47 a month, the Kindle Virtual Assistant Training Program costs $197, and the 23-Hour Book Program costs $27.

self publishing school online course

3. Self-Publishing School

About the Course

Self-Publishing School is advertised with a bold claim: “Write and Publish a Bestselling Book in 90 Days.”

And true to that claim, this course focuses far more on the writing side of things than on promotion and marketing.

Self-Publishing School is all about encouragement: Through a mere 4.5 hours of online video, as well as some supplementary materials like daily videos and success stories, SPS creates a powerful support system and tutorial calculated to guide any would-be author through the process of writing and publishing their first book.

And while no self-publishing course can guarantee success, Self-Publishing School does boast an impressive track record: big names like Steve Windsor, Azul Terronez, and Lise Cartwright have all used and praised Self-Publishing School. You can also check out this detailed review for more information.

About the Instructor

Chandler Bolt is an entrepreneur, proud college dropout, and co-author of four bestselling books—and is one of the biggest names in self-publishing today. He created Self-Publishing School as a tool to motivate young writers like himself to find their voices and use their time efficiently.


Enrollment in Self-Publishing School has two price points. Pro-level membership costs $997, and Master-level membership costs $1,997.

become a bestselling author on kindle online self publishing course

4. How to Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon Kindle

About the Course

How to Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon Kindle teaches its members exactly that: how to write, edit, design, publish, and market a bestselling book on the Kindle platform—and all in as little as one month.

With a tight focus on enabling users to take advantage of the explosive growth of the ebook industry, “How to Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon Kindle” includes 9.5 hours of on-demand video, 38 minutes of on-demand audio, five articles, two supplemental resources, and equal access on your home PC, television, or mobile device.

This program’s 9 modules are broken down like this:

  1. Getting Started
  2. The Ultimate Writing Guide
  3. Cover Design Mastery
  4. Formatting for Kindle
  5. Publishing on Kindle
  6. Everything You Need to Know About Marketing Books
  7. Financial Management for Authors
  8. Bonus Videos and Interviews
  9. Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Not only does “How to Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon Kindle” have over five hours more content than competing Kindle publishing courses, but the program offers its first two lectures as free previews, so you know what you’re getting before you buy.

About the Instructor

Tom Corson-Knowles is an entrepreneur, blogger, and international bestselling author. His 20+ bestselling books include The Kindle Publishing Bible, Schedule Your Success, Rules of the Rick, and Email Marketing Mastery. Tom is also the founder of TCK Publishing, an independent publishing company that specializes in online marketing.



authority pub academy online self publishing course

5. Authority Pub Academy

About This Course

On the surface, Authority Pub Academy might seem similar to Chandler Bolt’s Self-Publishing School: both brand themselves as schools rather than mere online courses, and both tout a focus on pushing their “students” to write and publish a book.

But beyond that, Authority Pub Academy is entirely its own animal. This course is better organized and more complex, for one thing, and is geared much more towards experienced authors with a few books under their belt.

The focus here is not only on writing and publishing a book, but also on helping the Academy’s “students” build unique author platforms and brands based around their name. Through more than 12 hours of videos and slide presentations, Authority Pub Academy not only teaches members how to write a successful book, but gives them the tools they need to build a successful brand based on that book’s success.

Authority Pub Academy’s six separate modules cover every facet of successful book publishing:

  • Authority Publishing Mindset
  • Bestselling Book Idea Formula
  • How to Write Your Bestseller
  • Book Publishing Made Easy
  • Building a Bestselling Book Launch
  • Leveling Up Your Book Business

Bonus Round: Membership in Authority Pub Academy also nets you access to supplementary materials like Canva tutorials and Evernote tips for productive writing.

About the Instructor

Steve Scott and Barrie Davenport are two of the most well-known and successful people in the self-publishing business.

Scott is a multiple-time bestselling author who used his success generating income from self-publishing to create and cofound Authority Pub Academy. Today, his business has published more than 70 books.

Davenport is the author of 13 self-published books and founded the high-ranking personal development blog,, which has more than 900,000 monthly readers.


Enrollment in Authority Pub Academy costs $587

your first 10k readers online self publishing course

6. Your First 10K Readers

About the Course

Now there’s a positive title for your self-publishing course!

For you fiction authors out there, Your First 10K Readers might be the best training system of the bunch, specifically because it’s one of the few courses out there actually created by a fellow fiction writer.

And not only that, but this course just might be the most detailed and comprehensive as well, with more than 10 hours of video, in-depth training on a variety of topics, plus loads of bonus content that explores some basic tenets of marketing, like creating landing pages and setting up email autoresponders. Membership grants access to a private Facebook group, as well as links to author interviews and how-to videos.

Your First 10K Readers follows the same 6-module system as Authority Pub Academy, but is more process-based and detailed, despite having two fewer hours of content.

  • Rule the Retainers
  • Drive Endless Traffic
  • Convert Traffic into Subscribers
  • Engage Your Audience
  • The Ultimate Launch Template
  • Facebook: Profit on Autopilot

While more seasoned writers might get the most out of Your First 10K Readers’s advanced systems, this online course is one you shouldn’t overlook.

About the Instructor

Nick Stephenson is a bestselling fiction and nonfiction author. He created Your First 10K Readers as a way to teach other authors and online entrepreneurs to find just that—their first 10,000 readers—and, of course, to sell more of their books. His program has helped more than 25,000 users expand their readership, and that number is growing all the time.

A Final Thought

If you’re committed to self-publishing, any one of these fine courses could help you write, publish, and promote a bestseller—but only if you use them properly.

A lot of these programs have free trials. Use them. Don’t commit to a $100+ online course unless you’re positive it suits your needs as an author and businessperson.

And if you do decide to spend the money, take advantage of everything your membership gets you. Don’t leave anything on the table, or you’re just wasting money.

And for more deep thoughts on DIY writing and publishing, we’ve got the good stuff:

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