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Andrea Waltz is a professional speaker, business author, and fiction writer. As co-author of the best-selling book, Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There, she is wildly passionate about teaching audiences how they can overcome fear of failure and rejection and reprogram how they think about the word NO!

She’s currently working with her husband and co-author Richard on a hew fiction series called Onyx Webb. It is a creepy paranormal suspense series with an inspirational message.

Here are a few of the highlights from the interview with Andrea Waltz:

  • Andrea started self publishing back in 1996, long before eBooks became mainstream (which meant she had a whole lot of books in her garage).
  • Her initial goal was to sell her books via her public speaking and training sessions.
  • Her first book was called Unlocking the Secrets of Retail Magic and was only 64 pages long (about as short as a book could be at the time and still be printed).
  • She studied Dan Kennedy’s books and courses on copywriting and marketing.
  • “Don’t be selfish with your book!” Give it away to people who you feel deserve it. Use it instead of a business card. Send it to influencers and people who can get your message out to more people.
  • Andrea created a list of 500 influencers in her field and snail mailed every single one of them a copy of her book – this single strategy was the heart of her marketing campaign which allowed her to sell hundreds of thousands of self-published books!
  • Understand exactly who your target customer/reader is AND how to reach them via podcasts, blogs, social media, etc.
  • “Courage is about the journey, not the result”
  • Become a researcher! Create your own marketing funnel and database of customers. Never leave it to chance or someone else to care about your readers like you do.
  • Andrea also shared some really innovative marketing strategies she’s using with her new fiction series, so definitely listen to that part of the interview and take notes if you write fiction!

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You can learn more about Andrea and connect with her at www.goforno.com

Learn more about her new Paranormal Suspense series at onyxwebb.com

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