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TCK Publishing is a full-service independent publisher, and we love publishing historical fiction books! We can publish your work in eBook, paperback, and audiobook formats.

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Historical Fiction Submission Guidelines 

If you’re writing at least 50 years after the setting of your fiction book (that is, it’s set before the middle of the 20th century), then you’re writing historical fiction—and our editors would love to read your work and see if it’s a good fit for us to publish!

Historical fiction novels should be at least 50,000 words, and you should have a plan to publish a minimum of three books. It’s best to write more books because our goal is to help you earn full-time income in the long term. This will also assist in building a sustainable author brand in your specific genre.

If you’re ready to get started, you can submit your manuscript at the bottom of this page.

We review all submissions within 14-21 days, and we will promptly send you a response by email letting you know where you stand with your submission.

We’re particularly looking for stories in the following historical fiction subgenres:

Historical Romance: This subgenre is a broad category of fiction in which the action takes place in a setting from the past and includes substantial romantic elements embedded within realistic history. It also includes Metahistorical Romance that covers postmodern historical fiction (so, from the 1950s through the 1980s).

Historical Whodunit: This is a subgenre combining two literary genres: historical fiction and mystery fiction. Stories like these are set in a time period considered historical from the author’s perspective and have a plot centralized on solving a mystery or crime.

Holocaust Novel: These are stories of war or prisoner diaries and may make a larger claim to illuminate the worst crimes of the Nazis.

Plantation Tradition: This is a genre of literature based in the Southern United States that is heavily nostalgic for antebellum times. Think Gone with the Wind!

Prehistoric Fiction: This is a subgenre of books set before written records existed. Caveman characters are naturally part of this genre, but so would be great historical sagas like Beowulf and the Iliad—so stories from the time of heroes and legends would fit in here.

Regency Novel: The setting for Regency fiction is between 1811 and 1820 when King George was deemed unfit to rule and his son, George IV, was instated to be his proxy as Prince Regent. These novels typically take place in the British Empire. There’s also a subcategory of Regency romances, which are romance novels set during the British Regency or early 19th century.

Other Subgenres: Not writing in one of these subgenres? That’s fine! We’re always eager to see new work and to explore new areas of historical fiction. Send us a note using the contact form below—we’d love to see your work!

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The Hard Side of the River

A schoolteacher and a preacher wage their own private war on slavery 30 years before the Civil War.

World War I has already consumed much of the globe, but a second, secret war between sorcerers threatens to crack it in two.

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