Historical fiction is a tried-and-true genre that spans the test of time.

There’s always great demand for a good historical novel. Even though historical fiction is not a “hot” genre like young adult or paranormal romance, there’s still a very large market of readers for the genre, and there are always good publishing deals to be had for the best historical novelists.

Writing a great historical fiction novel often requires extensive research into the history of the time period, culture of that time, and important events of the time. Because historical fiction requires so much research, you should make sure you’ve double checked your research before submitting your historical novel to a literary agent or publisher.

If you submit a historical novel to a literary agent or publisher without solid fact checking, there’s a good chance your submission will get rejected.

List of Historical Fiction Publishers

Here’s our list of 47 publishers that currently publish historical fiction.

Some of these publishers accept unsolicited manuscript submissions from unagented authors, while others only work with literary agents. So, if you need a literary agent, make sure to read our guide on how to get a literary agent.

You can also see our list of historical fiction literary agents.

1. TCK Publishing

TCK Publishing is a mass market small press that publishes books in many fiction genres including historical fiction and historical romance.

Website: www.tckpublishing.com
Submission Guidelines: www.tckpublishing.com/submissions

2. Harper’s Impulse

Website: www.harperimpulseromance.com
Submission Guidelines: www.harperimpulseromance.com/submissions

3. Pelican Publishing Company

Website: www.pelicanpub.com
Submission Guidelines: www.pelicanpub.com/submissions

4. Mystic Publishers

Website: www.mysticpublishersinc.com
Submission Guidelines: www.mysticpublishersinc.com/submissions

5. Fairlight Books

Website: www.fairlightbooks.co.uk
Submission Guidelines: www.fairlightbooks.co.uk/submissions

6. Two Dollar Radio

Website: www.twodollarradio.com
Submission Guidelines: www.twodollarradio.com/submissions

7. Allium Press

Website: www.alliumpress.com
Submission Guidelines: www.alliumpress.com/submissions

8. Seven Stories Press

Website: www.sevenstories.com
Submission Guidelines: www.sevenstories.com/submissions

9. Bellevue Literary Press

Website: www.blpress.org
Submission Guidelines: www.blpress.org

10. City Lights Publishers

Website: www.citylights.com
Submission Guidelines: www.citylights.com/submissions

11. Manic D Press

Website: www.manicdpress.com
Submission Guidelines: www.manicdpress.com/submissions

12. Entangled Publishing

Website: www.entangledpublishing.com
Submission Guidelines: www.entangledpublishing.com/submissions

13. Pank Books

Website: www.pankmagazine.com
Submission Guidelines: www.pankmagazine.com/submissions

14. Tule Publishing

Website: www.tulepublishing.com
Submission Guidelines: www.tulepublishing.com/submissions

15. Amphorae Publishing Group

Website: www.amphoraepublishing.com
Submission Guidelines: http://www.amphoraepublishing.com/about/

16. Douglas & McIntyre

Website: www.douglas-mcintyre.com
Submission Guidelines: www.douglas-mcintyre.com/submissions

17. Red Hen Press

Website: www.redhen.org
Submission Guidelines: www.redhen.org/submissions

18. Cedar Fort

Website: www.cedarfort.com
Submission Guidelines: www.cedarfort.com/submissions

19. Skyhorse Publishing

Website: www.skyhorsepublishing.com
Submission Guidelines: www.skyhorsepublishing.com/submissions

20. Random House Inc.

Website: www.randomhousebooks.com
Submission Guidelines: www.randomhousebooks.com/submissions

21. ASJ Publishing

Website: www.asjpublishing.com
Submission Guidelines: www.asjpublishing.com/submissions

22. The History Press Ireland

Website: www.thehistorypress.ie
Submission Guidelines: www.thehistorypress.ie/submissions

23. Rivershore Books

Website: www.rivershorebooks.com
Submission Guidelines: www.rivershorebooks.com/submissions

24. Open Books Press

Website: www.openbookspress.com
Submission Guidelines: www.openbookspress.com/submissions

25. Salt Publishing

Website: www.saltpublishing.com
Submission Guidelines: www.saltpublishing.com/submissions

26. Armida Publications

Website: www.armidabooks.com
Submission Guidelines: www.armidabooks.com/submissions

27. Mirador Publishing

Website: www.miradorpublishing.com
Submission Guidelines: miradorpublishing.com/submissions

28. Alfresco Press

Website: www.alfrescopress.com
Submission Guidelines: www.alfrescopress.com/submissions

29. Stringybark Publishing

Website: www.stringybarkstories.net
Submission Guidelines: www.stringybarkstories.net/submissions

30. Sacristy Press

Website: www.sacristy.co.uk
Submission Guidelines: www.sacristy.co.uk/submissions

31. Writer’s Sanctum Publishing

Website: www.writerssanctumpublishing.co.uk
Submission Guidelines: www.writerssanctumpublishing.co.uk/submissions

32. Ravenswood Publishing

Website: www.ravenswoodpublishing.com
Submission Guidelines: www.ravenswoodpublishing.com/submissions

33. Christopher Matthews Publishing

Website: www.christophermatthewspub.com
Submission Guidelines: www.christophermatthewspub.com/submissions

34. Sapere Books

Website: www.saperebooks.com
Submission Guidelines: www.saperebooks.com/submissions

35. Turner Publishing

Website: www.turnerpublishing.com
Submission Guidelines: www.turnerpublishing.com/submissions

36. Pegasus Books

Website: www.pegasusbooks.com
Submission Guidelines: www.pegasusbooks.com/submissions

37. Tanglewood Publishing

Website: www.tanglewoodbooks.com
Submission Guidelines: www.tanglewoodbooks.com/submissions

38. Baker Publishing Group

Website: www.bakerpublishinggroup.com
Submission Guidelines: www.www.bakerpublishinggroup.com/submissions

39. Austin Macauley Publishers

Website: www.austinmacauley.com
Submission Guidelines: www.austinmacauley.com/submissions

40. Casemate Publishers

Website: www.casematepublishers.com
Submission Guidelines: www.casematepublishers.com/submissions

41. Baraka Books

Website: www.barakabooks.com
Submission Guidelines: www.barakabooks.com/submissions

42. Stonehouse Publishing

Website: www.stonehousepublishing.ca
Submission Guidelines: www.stonehousepublishing.ca/submissions

43. Ylva Publishing

Website: www.ylva-publishing.com
Submission Guidelines: www.ylva-publishing.com/submissions

44. The Margret McBride Literary Agency

Website: www.mcbrideliterary.com
Submission Guidelines: www.mcbrideliterary.com/submissions

45. Peachtree Publishers

Website: www.peachtree-online.com
Submission Guidelines: www.peachtree-online.com/submissions

46. Wolfpack Publishing

Website: www.wolfpackpublishing.com
Submission Guidelines: www.wolfpackpublishing.com/submissions

47. Dessert Breeze Publishing

Website: www.desertbreezepublishing.com
Submission Guidelines: www.desertbreezepublishing.com/submissions


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