Today, I want to share something with you that I personally believe will be a game-changer for authors and indie publishers when it comes to marketing your books online.

If you’ve been paying attention to what’s going on in the publishing industry right now, then you know that ebook sales are skyrocketing while paperback and physical book sales are declining. The future is ebooks, especially for independent authors who don’t have distribution through the big book retailers like Barnes & Noble, Target, CostCo, Wal-Mart, etc.

A few months ago, I came up with an idea to build a book promotion website that would revolutionize the way authors and readers connect. But before I could even implement it, my colleague Matt Stone from Archangel Ink had already created something very similar to what I had envisioned.

So, I dropped my plans for creating the program from scratch so that I could focus on helping our clients at TCK Publishing, and let Matt do all the hard work :)

Here’s Matt to tell you the rest of the story, and how Buck Books can help you sell a lot more books (without spending a dime)…

Buck Books Ebook PromotionsHey this is Matt Stone, author, publisher, and audiobook narrator extraordinaire.

In mid-May I was wanting to create a new and improved book promotion entity, and as I thought about it, a handful of ideas struck me, and I spent a couple of sleepless nights (the good kind) thinking it all through.

I’ve been in the writing, publishing, and internet industries for a long time—starting when I submitted my senior writing project in college to a publishing company that led to a real publishing contract. Remember those, lol? Yeah, I’m pretty old. 36 ½ already.
My ideas were sort of a fusion or lovechild let’s say, of a lot of my experiences—piecing together several things that I had seen work well before in an interesting new combination.

Long story short, I sat down with my graphic designer and web developer, and four hours later the beast had been unleashed. The beast was Buck Books.

In fewer than 10 days after I first conceived of this idea, we were putting together our first Buck Books event. 12 authors reduced the price of their books on Kindle to 99 cents for a quick 99-cent flash sale, each of the 12 authors, myself included, all worked together to drive traffic to the Buck Books page, and by the end of the day each book had sold hundreds of copies or more, and we managed to claim #29, #35, and #95 in the entire Kindle store with several others not too far behind.

To add to that list, we claimed all top 6 of the Hot New Releases in Health, Fitness, and Dieting on Amazon, and 7 of the top 20 overall in that category were participants in the event. We also claimed the top 2 cookbooks on Kindle.
In a flurry of expletives I basically said to myself and those within earshot, “It works!”

That was the first day of Buck Books, exactly 91 days ago. Since then Buck Books has helped send 15 total books into the top #100 in the Kindle store, including 4 books in the top 10, one actually hit #1, and 4 books made the Wall Street Journal bestseller list.

Sales after the promotions have been staggering as well. Many of those books are selling 1-15 times as many full-priced books as they did before the promotion even a month after it has ended. One author got picked up by a major magazine, and if you shop at any supermarket in the United States in the month of October, you’ll see her face on the cover. I imagine the feature article about her book probably won’t hurt her book sales.

Pretty impressive start, rivaling even the great Bookbub. The difference—all of those authors whose books made the top #100 didn’t pay a penny to have their books promoted. In fact, I paid them to participate!

Each author received a tracking link, and I paid them 25 cents for every visitor that became a Buck Books subscriber, which led to days like this:

Scriberz July 30It’s off to an amazing start, but it’s nowhere near my ultimate goal of dominating Bookbub, which to me would mean helping to sell books better than they do, and do it for the unbeatable price of ZERO for authors—and making the books even cheaper for readers than they do as well.

I’m writing today to share my vision for the future of Buck Books, and what this could mean for you, an author.
I want to turn Buck Books into a premier resource for the indie community. This toy is ours you guys! I’m an author, too, and this has lit a fire inside me to write, write, write and write some more. I hope it does for you, too.
This is what I propose: I propose that we all work together as one to make this our own, and make it the best that it can be. In order to do that, I want all of you reading this to do the following three things:

  1. Sign up to become a Buck Books affiliate. You can do that HERE, and I now am able to pay a whole “buck” per subscriber (which works out to be 20-25 cents per visitor you send over).
  2. Tell everyone you can to become a Buck Books subscriber. The best place to do this is in an email broadcast to any subscribers you have. If you have a website or blog, place a Buck Books banner ad somewhere on the site. You can find those once you’ve signed up to become an affiliate and have logged into your dashboard.
  3. Write some great books. Seriously, we can’t get hundreds of thousands of subscribers in, and then have them ignoring our emails because everything they see promoted is unedited, self-published slop. Up your game. Get an awesome cover. Get and editer and a proofreeder (wink wink). I’m not saying you have to write an opus, but don’t try to pass off a 10-pager as a “book.” Do it right without shortcuts. Quality is the one thing that can make or break Buck Books over the long haul. Right now we’re getting a Clickthrough rate of an unheard of 31% (by the numbers, I’m guessing Bookbub can’t be much higher than 2%), and I will fight to the death to keep it there.CTR Gangsta

Let’s do this guys. As indie authors, working together to build our own community resource for book promotion is the ultimate tool for willing this movement to its rightful place at the top of the industry.

Sign up, get your link, and drive the deal-hungry readers over in droves with email broadcasts and banner ads placed on your site. Once again, you can do that HERE.
Once you sign up as an affiliate with Buck Books, you can then schedule your book promotions here:
If you’d like to submit a book for promotion through Buck Books, I’m happy to consider it. Make sure it’s:

  1. A good great book
  2. Has some good reviews
  3. Is more than 10,000 words in length (I will consider shorter ones for “Free Friday”)
  4. Would appeal to a fairly broad audience
  5. Has a professionally designed book cover

You can submit books for promotion to: buckbooks (at) archangelink (dot) com.

Warning: If you submit a book that does not meet those 5 requirements, prepare to be met with Simon Cowell-like truthiness.

Buck Books Pricing

Buck Books now charges $32 for non-fiction book promotions and $12 for fiction book promotions. See their latest pricing and policies here.