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Christo Hall and Franziska Iseli are the bestselling co-authors of Bananas About Marketing: How to Attract a Whole Bunch of Happy Clients and Perception: Take Charge of How Others View Your Brand, Become Irresistible, and Make a Bigger Impact. Both successful entrepreneurs in their own right, they make an unstoppable husband-wife business team.

Bananas About Marketing


Franziska Iseli

Franziska Iseli is a maverick entrepreneur, leading marketing and brand strategist, speaker, author and the co-founder of,,, and

In 2013 Franziska was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizing her innovation, creativity, and philanthropic involvement.

A true visionary, no challenge seems to be too big for Franziska. She is known for her rebellious nature and challenging the norm. She has this rare combination of being both creative and strategic, which makes her a powerful thought leader in the business world.

The key to Franziska’s success is her down-to-earth attitude, infectious energy, integrity, and fearlessness to take the lead. As a Swiss-born Aussie with a sharp-witted humor, and the ability to speak five languages, she has also been known to make up a few words.

Franziska is a big believer in social business and is always on the lookout for social projects; the latest ones include the adoption of a Mongolian wild horse and a whale.

Christo Hall

Christo Hall is a clever entrepreneur, online marketing strategist, speaker, author, and the co-founder of and

When it comes to nifty marketing tips and tricks to attract new business, Christo is the man. He has helped thousands of business owners to create powerful strategies, add millions in additional income, and build scalable marketing systems.

Christo has always been very entrepreneurial (He claims to never have had a ‘real’ job.), learning how to make money and appealing to clients at a young age. After being a full-time professional surfer for eight years, he became a full-time entrepreneur (working part time) and hasn’t looked back since.

Christo is known for his out-of-the-box thinking and leadership, and doesn’t play by the rules of convention.

Franziska and Christo are world-renowned speakers and regularly present at some of the largest conferences around the globe including TEDx. Their advice is regularly sought by the media and they have been featured across different publications including the Sydney Morning Herald, The Huffington Post, Channel 9, BRW, and 2UE.

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