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Teachers deserve a lot of credit for all the hats they wear.

For around eight hours each day, they’re stand-in parents for roughly 20-30 kids. They’re mentors. They’re guidance counselors. Sometimes, they’re even emergency nurses.

And their work doesn’t stop when the last bell rings. Teachers frequently give up hours of their own time, staying hunched over a desk well into the evening as they grade students’ work and search for tools that will make learning a little easier.

Online Resources for Teachers

One thing that can certainly make a teacher’s life easier is a list of trusty resources that will keep even the most restless students engaged in topics like English, history, and math.

To show our appreciation, we’ve curated a list of fifteen great websites for teachers to bookmark when they need some lesson-planning inspiration.

Science and Math

1. Discovery Education

Discovery Education offers free classroom resources for a number of subjects and also features its own “DEN Community” where teachers can share their own ideas and resources.

From social studies to STEM, Discovery provides interactive lessons and real-world examples to make learning fun and engaging. Students will also love their programs with partners like Myth Busters and the NBA.


The National Science Teachers Association gives teachers access to the NSTA magazine, books and journals, and lessons that cover everything from climate change to safety in the classroom. Teachers can also find tips on curriculum planning and professional learning.

English and Writing

3. Purdue Owl

Purdue Owl has saved many a high school student as they pulled all-nighters finishing up research papers. Not only does the site offer all of the critical information needed for proper citations, it also offers succinct answers to common grammar questions. Instead of wasting time scouring the web for solutions, your students can focus on finishing their papers.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is another excellent resource for simple clarifications of common grammar issues. But that’s not all—students can also install plugins that will make helpful suggestions as they compose their papers, or even check their work for plagiarism before submitting an assignment.

5. Educreations

Educreations is an excellent tool for teaching your students how to write and revise their papers. Teachers can record their voices and iPad screens to create dynamic video tutorials that students can access and revisit any time they need. It’s great for editing sample papers and explaining the revision process.

6. The Literacy Shed

When you need a little visual reinforcement, The Literacy Shed is here to help. The site offers films, photos, animations, and picture books that add to literary themes. Although most films are aimed at elementary school students, there are quite a few that even the “big kids” will love.

7. Poetry 180

Teaching poetry to high school students can be hard—but Poetry 180 makes it easier. The site contains 180 poems that appeal especially to teens, designed to cover each of the 180 days in a school year. The poems can be used to teach writing techniques, poetry basics, or even be used as writing prompts.

8. Breaking News English

This site can be a great resource for ESL students in particular. Breaking News English posts real news stories written in plain language. Levels of difficulty range from easy to advanced. Students can read and summarize the articles, or answer questions for comprehension. Daily practice with these will certainly help both vocabulary and writing skills.

History and Social Studies

9. Smithsonian’s History Explorer

Developed by the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian’s History Explorer offers hundreds of free online resources for teaching K-12 students about American history. Teachers can find interactive lessons and even show their kids museum artifacts.

General Resources

10. JumpStart

JumpStart provides free online resources aimed primarily at elementary school educators. With their helpful worksheets, lesson plans, classroom activities, learning games, and audio-visual teaching tools, kids will never be bored while they brush up on math, social studies, science, and more.

11. Everfi

Everfi provides free, interactive online courses based on national academic standards. With emphasis on real-world learning, Everfi offers courses on everything from health and wellness to financial literacy, social-emotional learning, and more.

12. Teaching Tolerance

For instructors who want to bring more social awareness to their classrooms, Teaching Tolerance provides free resources that emphasize social justice and anti-bias. Lessons, learning plans, and student texts are available to integrate themes of justice, diversity, and equity into your every day curriculum and promote productive conversations in the classroom.

13. PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media offers free, standards-based resources for Pre-K to 12th grade students. Materials include lesson plans, videos, news articles, activities, and more. There’s even a section on professional development, where teachers can find tips for better planning and preparation, as well as more effective instruction.

14. Kelly Gallagher’s Article Database

For a weekly writing exercise, teachers can borrow from Kelly Gallagher’s archive of articles that he uses as prompts for his students. Many are very thought-provoking and will still be relevant all throughout the school year, so your students will have no shortage of writing inspiration.

15. Teacher.org

Who knows what a teacher needs better than a teacher? Teacher.org offers a vast array of tools and resources created by K-12 teachers from across the United States. From lesson plans organized by grade level and subject, to teacher guides and helpful articles, Teacher.org has everything covered. Best of all, they also offer scholarship information for teachers continuing their own educations.

Do you know of any great resources for teachers? Let us know in the comments below!


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