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Amish Shah is an online marketing legend, entrepreneur and philanthropist. In 2001, he started an affiliate marketing company online and quit his job in 2004.  One of Amish’s companies made the Inc. 500 List of fastest growing companies. He’s sold several businesses for more than $1 million, and is a serial entrepreneur.

Today, Amish is building his educational company Deep Origins into a global brand, teaching people about ancient wisdom from yoga to Ayurveda to meditation and other powerful ancient traditions. Deep Origins combines this ancient wisdom with modern science to improve lives and make the world a better place. The company has several products including information on Ayurveda, Alpha Brain Waves, and Ancient Explorers.

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In the interview, here are just a few of the ideas Amish shares:

  • Why an entrepreneur’s job is to solve problems, and how Amish uses pen and paper to do it.
  • How there are two ways to solve problems – internally and externally, and how Amish uses both to plow through any obstacle in life and business.
  • The internal method: meditation, journaling and writing it out.
  • The external method: finding mentors, studying ultra-successful people and research.
  • How hard work helped Amish earn millions of dollars online in a few short years.
  • How Amish started a website about the TV show Lost and turned it into an online money machine selling Netflix subscriptions through the Netflix affiliate program.
  • How he uses mobile publishing of magazines, books and audios via Google Play and iTunes to drive loads of targeted traffic.
  • How Amish uses PPC ads like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and more
  • Why every author and online entrepreneur must build an email list if you’re serious about making money online.
  • Why Amish emails his list 2-3 times a week on a regular schedule at 8am PST and why you should always stay connected with your audience.
  • How Amish partnered up with the guy from The History Channel who created the series Ancient Aliens.
  • Why you need to learn how to create great sales funnels to maximize profits online.
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Amish Shah, serial entrepreneur and founder of Deep Origins shares his secrets to building multi-million dollar companies online in this special interview.

Show Notes

The Shah Education and Exploration 501(c)(3) non-profit

Adroll is a powerful advertising tool that uses retargeting to reach your best prospects.

Perfect Audience is another great paid advertising tool that uses retargeting.

OutBrain is a great tool and platform for using Native Ads to grow your business online.

Google Analytics is a great free tool for website analytics.

Google Webmaster Tools is a free tool every single website owner should be using to fix website errors and help make better use of your most valuable web pages.

Kissmetrics is a good tool for web analytics and split tests.

Optimizely is another great tool for split testing and increasing your conversions online.

Download the Customer Avatar Sheet recommended by Amish for understanding your target customer and audience better.

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