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Literary fiction is a term used to describe books with “literary merit” that are not categorized as a thriller, romance, or fantasy.

Most of the prestigious awards given for fiction every year go to literary fiction books. If you get the right mix of agent, editor, and publisher in your corner, then the next award might be yours.

Literary Fiction Publishers

Here’s our list of 38 literary fiction publishers who can help get your book into readers’ hands.

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1. TCK Publishing

Website: www.tckpublishing.com
Submission guidelines: www.tckpublishing.com/submission-guidelines/

2. 8th House Publishing

Website: www.8thhousepublishing.com
Submission guidelines: www.8thhousepublishing.com/submissions

3. Able Muse

Website: www.ablemuse.com
Submission guidelines: www.ablemuse.com/submit

4. Absey & Company

Website: www.absey.biz
Submission guidelines: www.absey.biz/submission.php

5. Academy Chicago Publishers

Website: www.chicagoreviewpress.com
Submission guidelines: www.chicagoreviewpress.com/information-for-authors–amp–agents-pages-100.php

6. Acre Books

Website: www.acre-books.com
Submission guidelines: www.acre-books.com/about-us/submissions/

7. Algonquin Books

Website: www.algonquin.com
Submission guidelines: www.workman.com/work-with-us/author-submissions#algonquin

8. Artemis & Co.

Website: www.artemispublishingco.com
Submission guidelines: www.artemispublishingco.com/SUBMISSIONS1.pdf

9. Aunt Lute

Website: www.auntlute.com
Submission guidelines: www.auntlute.com/submissions

10. Belle Lutte Press

Website: www.bellelutte.com
Submission guidelines: www.bellelutte.com/submit

11. Whiskey Tit

Website: www.whiskeytit.com
Submission guidelines: www.whiskeytit.com/submission-guidelines/

12. Winedale Publishing

Website: www.winedalebooks.com
Submission guidelines: www.winedalebooks.com/contact.html

13 Writers’ Representatives, LLC

Website: www.writersreps.com
Submission guidelines: www.writersreps.com/faq.aspx

14. Wundor Editons

Website: www.wundoreditions.com
Submission guidelines: www.wundoreditions.com/contact.html

15. Cedar Fort

Website: www.cedarfort.com
Submission guidelines: www.cedarfort.submittable.com/submit

16. City Lights Publishers

Website: www.citylights.com
Submission guidelines: www.citylights.com/publishing/?fa=publishing_manuscripts

17. Coffee House Press

Website: www.coffeehousepress.org
Submission guidelines: www.coffeehousepress.org/pages/submissions

18. Waywiser

Website: www.waywiser-press.com
Submission guidelines: www.waywiser-press.com/about-us/submissions/

19. Douglas & McIntyre

Website: www.douglas-mcintyre.com
Submission guidelines: www.douglas-mcintyre.com/submissions

20. Fairlight Books

Website: www.fairlightbooks.co.uk
Submission guidelines: www.fairlightbooks.co.uk/submissions/

21. Fireside Fiction

Website: www.firesidefiction.com
Submission guidelines: www.firesidefiction.com/submissions

22. Tramp Press

Website: www.tramppress.com
Submission guidelines: www.tramppress.com/submissions/

23. Harvard Square Editions

Website: www.harvardsquareeditions.org
Submission guidelines: www.harvardsquareeditions.org/contact-page-2/

24. Manic D Press

Website: www.manicdpress.com
Submission guidelines: www.manicdpress.com/submissions.html

25. Mary Evans Inc.

Website: www.maryevansinc.com
Submission guidelines: www.maryevansinc.com/submissions.html

26. McSweeney’s

Website: www.mcsweeneys.net
Submission guidelines: www.mcsweeneys.net/pages/submission-guidelines

27. The Siren Press

Website: www.sirenpresspublishing.com
Submission Guidelines: www.sirenpresspublishing.com/submissions.html

28. Mirador Publishing

Website: www.miradorpublishing.com
Submission guidelines: www.miradorpublishing.com/send-us-manuscript/

29. Persea Books

Website: www.perseabooks.com
Submission guidelines: www.perseabooks.com/contact

30. Platypus Press

Website: www.platypuspress.co.uk
Submission guidelines: www.platypuspress.co.uk/submit

31. Publerati

Website: www.publerati.com
Submission guidelines: www.publerati.com/submissions.html

32. Red Hen Press

Website: www.redhen.org
Submission guidelines: www.redhen.org/contact-2/submission-guidelines/

33. Regal Crest Enterprises

Website: www.regalcrest.biz
Submission guidelines: www.regalcrest.biz/submissions/

34. Seven Stories Press

Website: www.sevenstories.com
Submission guidelines: www.sevenstories.com/pg/resources-rights

35. Simon & Schuster

Website: www.simonandschuster.com
Submission Guidelines: www.simonandschuster.biz/c/biz-manuscript-submissions

36. Skylight Press

Website: www.skylightpress.co.uk
Submission guidelines: www.skylightpress.co.uk/submissions.html

37. Sobel Weber Associates Inc.

Website: www.sobelweber.com
Submission guidelines: http://www.sobelweber.com/submission-guidelines

Find Your Publisher

Finding a good publisher is almost as important as writing itself. When you have an excellent publisher to help you with the production, distribution, and marketing of your book, you’ll see the results in your sales.

Make sure you research each publisher’s submissions guidelines and follow them carefully so you can have a better shot at finding the right partnership.

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