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In today’s episode, Larry Gilman, a successful actor, master business consultant, entrepreneur and speaker shares an important message for entrepreneurs, authors and creative people who want even more success and fulfillment in their life. Larry has been an incredible mentor to me personally, and in this interview he shares some incredible wisdom and advice for anyone who wants to create a better life and fulfill their dreams.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Why entrepreneurs are people who are fully committed to their dream, and are willing to take the risk of doing something new and unknown rather than simply accepting what is.
  • How to stay connected with your passion, remember your dream no matter what happens day-to-day, and overcome any distractions or obstacles by reconnecting to your inner voice and mission.
  • How to master the details required for success (like email and busy work) while maintaining your vision and getting the important things done.
  • One simple idea to improve your communication skills immediately.
  • How to continually embrace and express your creativity – the key to your success and making progress.
  • Why you can and probably should have more than just one passion in life.
  • How to let your subconscious mind work for you.
  • Why NOT working is not a waste of time, and how to use your downtime most effectively without stress or anxiety.
  • How to get yourself to think non-linearly and create totally new ideas and solutions by opening up yourself to unlimited possibilities, rather than self-imposed limits and constraints.
  • Why following your hobbies and passions can be one of the greatest sources of breakthrough in your business life and personal life.
  • Why getting back in touch with your body can help you improve your productivity, happiness and results.

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