Amazon just announced they’re now allowing authors and publishers to list their Kindle books for pre-order using KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing.)

In the past, pre-orders were only reserved for a few of the top publishers. Now this awesome tool is available for all authors and publishers!

Here’s how to list your book for pre-orders on Amazon Kindle.

Step 1. When you upload your book for publishing via KDP (, at step 4 select “Make my book available for pre-order.”

how to pre-sell books on amazon

Step 2. Set a release date for your book. This can be anywhere from five to ninety days in the future.

Step 3. Upload your manuscript, cover design, book description, and pricing information as usual.

Step 4. Select whether your manuscript is the final version ready for release or if it’s a draft manuscript that is not ready for release. Either way, you have to upload a manuscript before your book will be listed on Amazon for pre-orders.

Amazon pre-order program


Note: If you upload a draft manuscript, you must upload your final manuscript at least 10 days before your book’s release date or Amazon will remove your eligibility for the pre-order program for one year! Do NOT mess this up as it could cost you dearly, and upset your readers.

Step 5. Check your pre-order listing on Amazon and start promoting your book and asking for reviews.

Here’s an example of what a pre-order book listing on Amazon looks like for Elevate Your Diet by Carolina Ordoñez:

elevate your diet amazon pre-order ebook

Notice the buy button says “Pre-order with 1-Click” and is a faint yellow color instead of the typical Amazon orange “Buy now with 1-click” button.

Note: Any book listed for pre-order will not allow readers to use the look inside feature until the release date.

What to Do After Your Book is Available for Pre-Order

As soon as your book is available for pre-order on Amazon, you’re going to want to start promoting it.

Check out our list of the top book promotion sites for Kindle books here.

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