how to generate consistent monthly income with ebooks

Do you want to earn a consistent stream of income from self-publishing?

How could an extra $600 or $700 per month help your lifestyle or career?

Today, I’m going reveal a blueprint that any Kindle author out there can use to rapidly grow their earnings—without a big investment in marketing or advertising.

Instead of having to constantly promote your book or take on extra freelancing clients so that you can pay the bills, you can relax and experience the power of a new passive income stream.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to duplicate my results for your own genre, whether that’s self-help, romance, business, or fantasy.

The great thing is that you can even do this part-time. If you’re good at your craft, it won’t take a tremendous time commitment. And, actually, if you wanted to, you could work harder and earn even more than this sum per month.

So… why I am I sharing this technique with you? Why don’t I just keep it to myself?

Simple: I don’t think that authors are properly educated as to how to turn their passion into a business that generates real cash.

Authors, by nature, are creative types. We’re teachers and storytellers, not salesmen.

I believe in the power of job-independent income. Over the last few years, I’ve been able to go full-time on my blog, which is about how to build an online business out of your passion. I also built up a popular podcast and YouTube channel on the same subject.

How to Earn $600 Per Month with Kindle Books

I want people to be able to make a living doing what they love, and that is why I’m sharing my Kindle sales secrets. I always wished that someone had shared this information with me, so I’m sharing it with you. Hopefully, someday, you’ll pass it on to someone else.

Okay… let’s get started with my 4 top tips for making consistent earnings with your writing!

1. Quickly Increase Sales with Multiple Versions of Your Product

Your product is your book. You make money when people buy it.

The fastest way to increase your sales is to create multiple versions of your book. At minimum, you should have:

  • An ebook version
  • A paperback version with KDP Print-on-Demand
  • An Audible audio version

If your book already has demand, then I guarantee you that creating a paperback and an Audible version will help boost the overall sales for your product.

It gives readers more ways to consume your book. It also caters to different learning types. Some people prefer to read print books; others prefer ebooks.

We’re also seeing more and more people who love podcasts and audiobooks. This is a hot topic!

It will take a little bit of work up front to create a book for Audible or a paperback version on KDP Print, but once you do that, all the earnings from that point onward are pure passive income, baby!

Make no mistake: You need to think like a business owner. As a business owner, you want to get the most possible revenue out of your products. Multiple versions means more money.

2. Boost Revenue with Easy Affiliate Marketing

We’ve all heard the term “affiliate marketing” thrown around. Yada, yada, yada.

But there are very few authors who are part of the two affiliate marketing programs that make the most sense:

  • Amazon Associates program
  • Audible Affiliate program

When referring customers to your book, you can use a custom affiliate link that will track when someone buys a product and then compensate you for that sale.

A cool thing about the Amazon Associates program is that you also get a cut of sales from any other product that your customers purchase during their buying session.

Let’s say that a reader goes on Amazon to buy your book. Then, they buy some other things for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or just because they saw something cool while they were shopping.

You will get a cut of revenue for these sales, not just your book—which makes it so that you’re virtually earning extra income in your sleep. Pretty neat, huh?

You can use these two affiliate marketing marketplaces to boost your overall earnings as an author.

Personally, I see a lot of affiliate earnings from the Audible program. When people sign up for Audible when purchasing my book, I get a $50 bounty fee.

The Audible website itself says, ““You earn a $50 bounty every time your audiobook is the first purchase of a new Audible Listener member. As you can imagine, these $50 payments could quickly outpace your royalties.”

You can also promote Audible books via an Audible affiliate link, helping boost your income even further.

3. Increase Your Earnings with Multiple Books

Business 101: release more products to make more money.

As long as they are of good quality, the more products you have in a marketplace, the more opportunities a customer has to give you money.

The first sale is always the hardest. However, once someone has bought your book and enjoyed it, then they are far more likely to buy more of your books.

This is why famous authors like Nora Roberts and James Patterson release so many books each year. They know that it’s a surefire way to increase their earnings.

Over time, they’ve built a brand around delivering a certain type of emotional experience to their audience. When the audience wants another story or emotional experience similar to one they enjoyed previously, they’ll buy another book.

You can also grow your income by writing multiple related books that are either part of a series or cover various angles of a larger topic.

Oftentimes, customers will buy multiple books about a subject. Amazon stats bear this out, indicating that customers who bought one book also bought another on the same topic.

I now have four books that are available for purchase on Amazon and another one that’s coming out soon. These books help diversify my earnings and grow my brand.

4. Blow Up Your Earnings with a “Back-End System”

There aren’t many people who make six figures and up from just selling books. You’d need to sell a lot of them to secure this kind of regular income.

The advice that I shared with you above will help get you to the $600, $700, or even $1,000 mark in monthly income, but if you want to earn serious money, you’re going to have to change up your strategy.

In order to blow up your earnings, you need to treat the book as a “lead generation source” that you use to funnel customers into other high-end products or experiences.

For example, let’s say that you wrote a personal development book on meditation that’s $9.99. In that book, you then offer readers access to a free course that goes through the basics of meditation.

This free course entices readers to sign up for your email list. Once you have their email and they begin to consume your content, you can then introduce them to other products and services that they’d be interested in.

Maybe they’d be interested in a $97 comprehensive meditation course or an exclusive $499 workshop. Who knows what they might be up for! That’s for you to figure out.

There are many ways that you can add value to the lives of your customers, even if you’ve written a fiction book. It just takes some creative thinking.

If there’s one thing that you take away from this article, it’s to approach this journey from the perspective of a business owner, not an author.

As you’re a self-published author, you must both be the writer, marketer, and business brains behind the operation. That is the price you must pay—but thankfully, the benefits are unlimited.