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These days, writers spend more time on the computer than they do scrawling in a notebook.

Of course, we’ve always wanted ways to translate the thoughts in our heads to paper faster—from the quill pen to the metal fountain pen, the printing press to the typewriter, we’re more interested in how to spread our ideas better and faster than in the technology used to do it.

But writing by hand has a lot of benefits for a writer, and writing by hand in a bullet journal can help you manage your time and projects better.

We’ve discussed ways to improve your handwriting, in case you’re hesitant to get started with a bullet journal because the only writing you’ve done since grade school was to sign your name when necessary.

Now let’s look at some gorgeous handwriting that can inspire you to take up journaling and write longhand more often!

Ogle these amazing examples of penmanship, then grab your own pen and journal and start writing!

Block Handwriting

Block handwriting or printing is fast, simple, easy to read, and incredibly orderly. The letters are all separated, making them easy to distinguish. If you’re making lists or organizing your thoughts in a journal, this might be the style for you.

It also makes referring back to notes fast and efficient—this is one of the best styles for students to use.

block handwriting

Source: Achnot

block handwriting styles

Source: a11city

block handwriting styles two

Source: Rochelle Truong/ellehcor

block handwriting styles from PensandMachine

Source: PensandMachine

block handwriting styles by Caroly Davidson

Source: Carolyn Davidson

RaincookieArt handwriting

Source: RaincookieArt

block handwriting styles Twinsanity

Source: Twinsanity32


Cursive is what your grade-school teachers insisted you learn, with joined-up letters and loops and swirls. It can sometimes be as fast as block writing, because you don’t need to pick up the pen as much, but it can also be hard to read if the letters flow into each other too much.

Still, cursive is incredibly beautiful, and everyone’s style is different. This is where you can really let your artistic side shine!

cursive PiecesCalligraphy

Source: PiecesCalligraphy

cursive The Anchoress

Source: The Anchoress

cursive Lupita Nyongo

Source: Lupita Nyongo

cursive Alexdotlee

Source: alexdotlee

Seb Lester cursive

Source: Seb Lester

moderate dBag cursive

Source: moderateDbag


Calligraphy is somewhere in between handwriting and art. It often uses special pens or tools to make thick and thin lines, and it takes much longer to do than normal handwriting because of the careful strokes.

While you wouldn’t use this style to take notes in class or write a grocery list, the jaw-dropping work of great calligraphers is sure to inspire you to up your own writing game!

cursive two Seb Lester

Source: Seb Lester

(be sure to click through on this one—Seb Lester’s Instagram account and YouTube channel are full of jaw-dropping videos of how he creates his calligraphy!)

cursive by christohwu

Source: christohwu

cursive by forever_calligraphy

Source: forever_calligraphy (Instagram)

aliaskiran cursive

Source: aliaskiran

Bored N Broke handwriting

Source: Bored N Broke

PiecesCaligraphy learn how

Source: PiecesCalligraphy  (click the link to watch a video!)

AlanCaum cursive

Source: Alan Caum

For more inspiration, check out the /r/PenmanshipPorn subreddit!

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