Freelance Editing and Writing: Become a Freelance Editor or Writer

Are you an experienced editor, proofreader, or writer looking for a freelance editing or freelance writing job?

Do you love words as much as we do at TCK Publishing?

If so, you might want to apply to become one of our freelance editors or freelance writers (or both).

What Is a Freelance Editor?

A freelance editor reviews and edits the written work of a variety of clients. Though many choose to specialize in a certain type of writing, they might use their skills to correct manuscripts, research papers, news publications, and more.

There are many benefits to freelance editing and writing, including a flexible schedule, the freedom to choose which jobs you take, and more independence overall. And, since most freelancers work remotely, you can work from pretty much anywhere!

Freelance Editing Work

If you become one of our freelance editors, we will refer clients to you who need help editing their books and improving their writing.

You do not need to pay us a referral fee.

We may also work with you directly on a project-by-project basis so you can help edit some of the books we publish.

Because we accept less than 5% of manuscripts submitted by authors, we often refer the 95% of writers who need editing assistance to qualified freelance editors like you.

Apply to Become a Freelance Editor

If you’re ready to apply to become a freelance editor or freelance writer, please fill out the application below and our team will get back to you ASAP.

NOTE: We are no longer accepting Freelance Editor Applications. You can check out our career opportunities on our Publishing Jobs Page.

What We Do

TCK Publishing is a full-service traditional book publisher with a focus on digital marketing and online marketing. Our mission is to help our authors earn a full-time income from book sales by helping them create a loyal fan base online and offline.

Freelance Writing Jobs

In addition to working with freelance editors, we also hire freelance writers for a variety of writing jobs and tasks including writing blog posts (for our website and other sites), writing white papers, ghostwriting books, and writing fiction and nonfiction.

NOTE: We are no longer accepting Freelance Writing Applications. You can check out our career opportunities on our Publishing Jobs Page.

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