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Andy Murphy started off in the business and marketing world. He got into real estate shortly before the real estate bubble collapsed in 2008. Since then Andy has reinvented his life. He’s been coaching people for several years on how to achieve success through designing your mindset for success.

He helps high level performers take their performance to the next level. Andy grew up in Liverpool England. He’s lived all over the world. He’s been to Australia, Bali, New Zealand, California, and he’s currently living in Florida.

Finding Your Success Mindset

His personal development journey began 13 years ago when he was working in the IT industry. The company he was working for was ready to fire him. Andy had reached a point with that company where there was no possibility for advancement and he was getting very frustrated. His boss gave him 3 months of severance and he decided to go to Australia with no job and no plan.

Shortly after landing in Australia he took a beautiful woman to a party and a stranger at the party offered him a job in sales learning neurolinguistic programming (NLP).

Andy accepted the job offer, even though he thought the guy was crazy, because he had nothing better to do and he thought he would give it a try. He didn’t even realize he was being trained in neurolinguistic programming until he’d been doing the job for a number of years.

He became one of the top practitioners of neurolinguistic programming in Australia within 5 months. He was highly sought after by several companies. He chose to join the largest real estate firm in New Zealand and took that company over in a very short period of time.

At the age of 26, Andy was at the pinnacle of success. He was working 2 days a week making several thousand dollars a day. He had a beautiful supermodel girlfriend, and it seemed like nothing was beyond his reach.

When You Lose Everything, You Find Out Who You Really Are

At that point a friend of his came back from a real estate conference with a newspaper clipping from Dubai that said, “The worldwide property fair.” That’s when a light bulb went off for Andy and he decided to take his company to the Dubai property fair.

Andy asked a friend of his to help them put a business plan together. His friend was developing a resort in Fiji. The 2 minds came together, and they moved that project to Dubai.

This was all happening around 2008 when the US financial market and world real estate market suffered a massive correction and the world economy contracted.

Andy’s business partner decided it would be a good idea to steal all his money and leave him bankrupt.

Andy suffered a nervous breakdown because of the financial collapse. He went from living at the pinnacle of success to living in a gym, working out every day, and practicing martial arts.

That was a shift that Andy needed in his life at the time. It stripped all the extraneous parts of his life away so that he could learn who he was at his core.

He was given the opportunity to work for a massive real estate company out in Hong Kong. Instead he borrowed money and chose to fly to LA for 5 days and get training on neurolinguistic programming.

At this point he couldn’t afford rent or food. His life took another dramatic turn for the positive because of Andy’s choice to follow his intuition and fly to LA.

Andy has worked with clients who range the gamut from Saudi Arabian royalty, to CEOs, to successful TV actors. Following his intuition has helped Andy be his best self and find ways to succeed when the odds were stacked against him.

How to Create Success After a Massive Setback

The key to any success in life is following your intuition and conscience. When you learn to follow your intuition you will find your own successful path in life.

“I knew at that moment in my life that where I was was just that, it’s not who I was. That was one of the panicle moments that changed my whole life.” – Andy Murphy

There was a voice inside Andy’s head saying, “You’ve sold to over 2,000 people, you’re good at what you do, now what do you want to do with it?”

That was another pinnacle turning point in Andy’s life. He worked out exactly who he wanted to work with and what he wanted to do.

He wanted to:

  • Work with UFC fighters
  • Sit on the beach with his laptop and earn $1000 an hour
  • Take neurolinguistic programming to a new level

Setting these new goals gave Andy an enormous drive to accomplish something big.

He went to LA and didn’t know anyone. He hustled. He made friends. He networked. He did many free sessions for clients to get his name out there.

He traveled extensively just to be around mentors and learn even more about NLP.

He spent $60,000 over the first 2 years in LA to develop his skills and build his business. That doesn’t include daily expenses. All of that money was spent just to build his skills and network.

The whole point of all of that work was just to find out what the best version of Andy would end up being.

My Mindset Journey

There are a lot of similarities between my journey to self-publishing success and Andy’s journey to success in the field of neurolinguistic programming.

Andy had to spend over $60,000 to travel and learn from the best in his field.

After I graduated Indiana University with a business degree that cost me over $100,000, I realized very quickly that I didn’t know anything about business or how to be successful in the real world.

I spent another $100,000 going to conferences and workshops, learning from the most successful people and finding mentors who could teach me how to be successful in the real world.

One year, I went to 22 different conferences looking for the knowledge I needed to be successful.

You have to have a passion for continuous learning if you want to be successful in the world today.

Everyone who is massively successful goes through a period of time where they’re engaged in super focused intense learning of their field. You have to be willing to invest the time and money in that learning to be successful.

Study Success to Be Successful

Andy didn’t learn much in school. He learned how to write. But he didn’t learn very well because he had dyslexia.

Andy did the majority of his learning after school, and in particular he learned a lot from martial arts.

From martial arts Andy learned:

  • How to read patterns of behavior
  • How to push beyond himself
  • How every skill and everything you want to learn has a particular learning curve

You have to be willing to go through the learning curve to reach the level of unconscious competence where the skill that you want to execute becomes second nature to you.

The key is you have to work your ass off to get to the level of unconscious competence. That’s true with every skill you want to learn in life.

Neurolinguistic programming shows us that that level of unconscious competence is when whatever skill you want to learn becomes programmed into your nervous system.

The key to success is knowing that whatever new skill you want to learn you have to work so hard at the start that most people give up before they reach the level of unconscious competence.

Being willing to do the amount of work that you need to at the start is what separates those who succeed from those who fail. Andy likes that most people give up. In life, you get what you truly deserve. And the people who succeed and maintain their success are the people who work the hardest and put in the time learning the skills they need to succeed.

If you want six pack abs and you’re eating chocolate every day and not training you don’t deserve to have six pack abs. On average, people get what they deserve and what they work for in life.

If you figure out what you want and why you want it, then you can easily figure out how you’re going to get to where you want to go. If you work towards becoming the person you want to be every day, you will eventually find the success you’re looking for. The cool thing about it is everyone will wonder how you became such an “overnight success.”

And you’ll know it wasn’t an accident: it was all part of your desire and commitment to achieve your goals.

Consciously Building Success Patterns

Neurolinguistic programming allows you to consciously build the patterns of your mind that will lead to success. You can literally reprogram your nervous system to help you more easily do the things that will make you successful, and avoid doing things that hold you back.

There are so many habitual behaviors we play out every day that build our life towards an outcome. Are your daily habits leading you to success or certain failure?

For example, say you want to be physically fit. People spend hours a day watching TV. You could easily do a workout during the time that you watch television. You can even do a workout while you’re watching television. What’s stopping you? Nothing but old habits and patterns in your nervous system that keep firing again and again each day!

How to Turn Bad Habits Into Success Habits

All you have to do is figure out what you want to be, do, and have. Then you have to figure out a plan to achieve what you want to be, do, and have. Then you want to break down that plan into daily actions you can take.

Once you’ve broken your goals down into daily actions, track your daily actions and work towards being successful.

All you have to do is build successful habits into your daily existence. Then your success will occur on autopilot. Neurolinguistic programming helps you build those successful habits by breaking old patterns and creating new ones that you consciously design to take your life in the right direction.

The way to achieve long-term success is through managing your success trajectory. You can manage your success trajectory through neurolinguistic programming to install positive ways of thinking and acting, so that you achieve success.

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Neurology is like a muscle. The muscle needs to be grown through consistent training. It doesn’t happen overnight.

If Andy was a personal trainer working with a sprinter, he would be working to develop the sprinter’s muscles to be strong, fast-twitching muscles. If he were working with a power lifter he would be working the same muscles but he would train their muscles to perform in a different way to achieve a different result.

Neurolinguistic programming is all about deciding on your result and then working with your neurology to achieve that result.

When we focus on what we want, whether that’s the next 2 hour goal, whether that’s the next day’s goal, weekly goal, monthly goal or yearly goal—when we focus on that we’re building better patterns.

When you start visualizing and building the image of who you want to become, and you start being that version of yourself, your neurology will change, and so will your behavior. And when your behavior changes, your results will change. It’s just that simple.

Using Your Reticular Activating System to Move Toward Success

Every second of our life our mind is being fed 2,000,000 pieces of information. The conscious mind can’t possibly process 2,000,000 pieces of information every second. That’s why we have to have a filter system.

The reticular activating system (RAS) is our conscious mind’s filter. The RAS decides which information becomes part of our conscious awareness, and which is ignored.

You can instantly create change by consciously influencing your RAS to notice specific things.

This is why whenever you buy a new car, you’ll suddenly see other cars like yours everywhere you go, because your RAS now believes that type of car is important to you. So you’ll begin to notice it everywhere. The world didn’t change, but your perception of the world changed dramatically—and it’s easy to notice that difference instantly.

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people notice different things than unsuccessful people. Successful people literally perceive the world differently.

That allows successful people to react to the world differently because they’re literally “seeing” something different.

If you want to change the trajectory of your life, be more directed in what you notice and how you react to it. Learn from successful people about what they notice, and how they react to what they notice.

Every time you notice something in life, you have a reaction to it. Every time you react to something in your life your mind and body remembers that reaction and files it into your operating system.

In order to change your operating system, you have to change what you notice and how you react to it.

Every time you have a different reaction to a stimulus in your life you are firing a different set of neurons in your brain. Firing a different set of neurons in your brain leads to a different outcome for your life.

For example, let’s say you notice that you’re stressed out while you’re working. You could continue to work while being stressed out. You could also stop, get yourself into a mode of excitement, and go back to work in an excited frame of mind.

Depending on the choice you make in the moment when you realize you’re stressed out, you are deciding what version of yourself you’re going to be in the future. Every choice you make about how you react in the present determines your destiny for the rest of your life.

If you keep repeating those old stressed-out patterns, you’re going to become better and better at getting stressed out. But if you learn a new, better pattern that allows you to get rid of your stress, you’ll become better and better at getting rid of stress. Which would you prefer?

This is exciting news. It means you can choose to be somebody different any time you choose. You can choose to be the person who makes a different choice and defines your own destiny—or you can keep running your old patterns and keep getting the same old results.

Success is Simply a Pattern

What you have to understand is that human beings run on patterns. We run on the patterns that we learned from society, our family, and our friends. The true gift of being human is that we can choose to interrupt our patterns and make different choices to define our own destiny.

I’ve been out to lunch with many successful business people. Sometimes we have a bad dining experience. Successful business people will always say to me, “Tom, look at the opportunity we have to jump into the restaurant business space. All we have to do is open a restaurant and train people how to give restaurant patrons a good dining experience. There’s a ton of money to be made for restaurant owners who focus on what matters.”

A regular person would go through that experience and complain about it. That’s just one more example of the RAS at work, and how what we notice and how we react to it determines our reality and our results. Do you focus on problems and complain about them? Or do you see the opportunity in problems and plan to make things better?

Success Requires Learning

Everything in life is an opportunity to learn. Successful people have wired their brains to take every experience in their life and create success out of it. You do that by learning new behaviors and patterns of reacting to the world.

Success is all about the decisions you make. Business school doesn’t teach how to handle the emotional ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. That’s what everyone has to learn outside of school, and it’s the most important part of being a successful business person.

It’s the most important part of being a successful business person because managing your reactions and your emotional state is what will keep you in a frame of mind that leads you to success. Managing your emotional state and reactions is the hard part of achieving and maintaining your success.

Anyone can sign a contract to buy a piece of real estate for $100,000 and sell it a few years later for $150,000 and make a profit at it. No special skills are required. But can you handle the uncertainty and risk? Can you successfully handle all the problems of tenants, repairs, taxes, paperwork, maintenance, and more?

What most people don’t realize is that successful people have to deal with a massive amount of problems. They learn to deal with big and small problems faster, better, and with less stress than other people. Some people can only handle one or two problems at a time in life, and they’re always poor, miserable, and unsuccessful. Other people learn to handle hundreds of problems at a time, and they’re incredibly successful.

It’s not about being smarter—it’s about handling your emotions and handling challenges in life in a different way. Are you up for the challenge? Do you have what it takes to be successful in while dealing with hundreds of problems?

Success is a Choice

The most important thing to understand is that the way we feel moment to moment, and our behavior are choices we make. We can choose to alter our emotional content and the choices we make in a split second.

Most people allow the external circumstances of their life to determine their reality, when the truth is you can make a choice to determine your reality consciously from the inside out.

It’s hard work to be constantly happy. It’s also hard work to be constantly sad. You’re putting the same amount of time, effort, and energy into each emotional state. Why not do the hard work and choose happiness?

The major difference between the two emotional states is one is running on autopilot right now, and you have to do work to build the other one until it becomes automatic for you.

We are all human. We all go through the same trials and tribulations every day of our lives. The simplest way to achieve the success you want in life is to focus on proximity.

Surround Yourself with Successful People

Get around the people you want to emulate in life. Seek out the people you want to be like, and surround yourself with their influence on a daily basis.

At the end of the day your mind can’t tell the difference between what it imagines and what it experiences in the real world. This is the key. You can use your imagination to be more successful by giving yourself such a vivid vision of success that you move towards it automatically without much conscious effort.

If you watch horror films every day for a month, you’re not going to be someone that people are going to want to be around.

If you watched everything you could find about Richard Branson, every speech he’s ever given, if you fill your mind with the way he thinks and reacts to different circumstances, you would be wiring your brain for massive success. Don’t idealize the man—simply learn about his behavior and ways of thinking and reacting to the world, and model those behaviors in your own life to get the results you want.

It’s important to realize that we’re all on a journey and we all have a starting point. As we move toward success we have to recognize where we are starting from, and although success can come quickly it very rarely comes overnight.

Here’s another way to look at it:

Imagine you’re a teetotaler and you’ve never had an alcoholic drink. If you suddenly start hanging out with alcoholics, you might not become an alcoholic but you will start drinking.

Likewise, if you’ve never trained a day in your life and you start hanging out with athletes, you may not become an athlete but you certainly will start doing some sort of exercise.

You’ll get the same result if you start hanging out with billionaires. You may not become a billionaire overnight, but you will be on your way.

Why is this? Because billionaires see the world differently and they react to what they see differently that the average person. When you hang around billionaires you begin to adopt their ways of thinking and acting. If you take enough of the right actions, success is inevitable.

When you choose to hang out with rich successful people they hold you up to a level of achievement that you probably don’t hold yourself to at this point.

If you hang around with these people long enough the old mindset that you’ve been running your entire life won’t make sense to you anymore. You’ll be a different person.

When you surround yourself with the type of people you want to become, you’re exposing yourself to the feelings, thoughts, and actions of the type of person you want to be. That begins to reprogram your mental processes so that success becomes automatic. If you think, act, and react in appropriate ways success becomes inevitable.

It’s important to spend the majority of your time with the people who feel about the world the way you want to feel about the world, and people who act and react the way you want to act and react.

The process of living a successful life is about building the neurology that will lead you down the successful path that you wish to take.

Whenever Andy is entering a new phase of his life he asks himself, “Who do I need to be around to evolve me through this period of my life?”

How to Find the Motivation to Achieve Your Goals

A lot of people email me and ask, “Dow do I get motivated to finish writing my book?”

Here’s Andy’s solution.

If you want to reactivate the motivation to finish your book, you have to ask yourself why were you motivated to write the book in the first place? If the answer is that you just wanted to make money, then you’re probably not going to finish the book very quickly.

But if you’re writing a book to get a message out into the world, and you were excited about releasing that message into the world and helping a bunch of people, as soon as you remember that and can reignite that excitement you’ll be motivated to finish your book.

Some questions you can ask when you’re searching for your motivation are:

  • What does your book look like when it’s finished?
  • How is your life going to be different?
  • How is the life of the people who read your book going to be different after they read it?

Once you start looking at the answers to these questions and focusing on the positive benefits the world will have after you publish your book, that should reignite your motivation to finish.

When you ask these questions about how the future is going to be different when you achieve your goals (that’s called future pacing) you begin to focus on the positive aspects of what you’re working towards. This is what successful people do.

Using a Trance State to Program Your Subconscious Mind

Once we have created a picture of us being successful in the future in our conscious mind, we have to take that vision and implant it in our subconscious mind so that both sides of our brain are working towards our inevitable success.

The trance state of mind is something we experience on a regular basis.

How many times have you woken up groggy? When you’re groggy you’re in a trance state of mind.

How many times have you driven somewhere without being consciously aware of what you were doing? Whenever you drive somewhere and end up at your destination without consciously thinking about it, you have been in a trance state.

How many times have you caught yourself daydreaming? That’s a trance state.

How can you get into a trance state at will? It’s all a matter of meditating. When people meditate they drop their brainwave frequency into the Alpha brain wave state which mediates between the conscious and unconscious mind.

You can consciously tell yourself to go after your goals, but more often than not that’s going to bounce off the wall protecting your unconscious mind. When you drop your mental frequency by meditating you are able to install new instructions into your subconscious mind.

You can create the visual component of why you want to finish your book and connect those to how the world will be different when your book is finished. Once you’ve installed those two components into your subconscious mind, success becomes inevitable.

You achieve this Alpha installation state when your mind is active and your body is still. When you connect those visual components together, you are building the neurology the most effective way. There is no wrong way to build your neurology, but there are ways to build your neurology faster.

Here are the steps to creating and installing the new automatic success operating system in your brain.

  1. Visualize why you want to accomplish a goal.
  2. Visualize how the world is going to be different when you achieve the goal you want to achieve.
  3. Connect why you want to accomplish your goal to how the world is going to be different when you achieve your goal in your mind.
  4. Visualize how you will have to feel think and act differently in order to achieve the goal you want to achieve.

It’s possible to reprogram your mind and achieve success on autopilot by yourself, but it’s much easier and much faster with a coach.

Everybody needs a coach. There’s not a single gold medalist who got there without a coach by their side.

Every successful person throughout history has had a coach to give them an objective point of view. Even Julius Caesar as Emperor of Rome had a coach sitting beside him, when he was ruling the most powerful country on the planet.

Turning Your Mindset Into Results

Andy has worked with clients with all kinds of problems, challenges, and setbacks.

He’s seen clients who had PTSD from being raped over 20 years ago. He cleared the negative reactions from different stimuli in their brain in two sessions.

At the end of the day, Andy’s mission is to help people move from unhappy and unsuccessful to happy and successful in record time.

Everything Andy teaches is about how to control your neurology. If you understand how to control your neurology, you can control the way you feel.

If you can control the way you feel you can control your peak state. When you control your peak state, you can control your results and achieve success very quickly. And that’s in every area of life including:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Business
  • Finances
  • Or any other area of life that you want to tackle

Once you know how to change your thoughts and feelings, you give yourself the ability to have total freedom in life, because now you’re running the show. You aren’t just reacting unconsciously to the circumstances around you.

You can design and build the life you want and show other people how to do it too.

Andy has a mission to help 100,000 people in the next few years. That’s why he changed his business model from VIP coaching to a more open and accessible way of approaching the world.

Resources Mentioned in This Interview – the website for Andy’s podcast Mindset by Design. You can get a free neurolinguistic programming session by filling out the form available on this website.

Andy Murphy’s Academy – this is a Facebook group where Andy teaches everything he knows about neurolinguistic programming and how to program yourself for success.