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Andy Murphy is a successful entrepreneur, investor and high-level mindset coach who helps top performers achieve new heights of success in business and life.

In today’s show, Andy shares some key ideas and insights including:

  • How Andy reached the top of the field in sales and marketing in his early 20’s using Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) strategies.
  • Why where you are today is not who you are, and how Andy bounced back from going broke and losing everything after a massive scandal.
  • How he had to borrow money just to eat and travel to his first educational conference where he learned how to take his NLP training to the next level and create a totally new business from scratch.
  • Why Andy provided countless hours of free coaching to hone his skills, get better, grow his business, and get around successful people to grow his own beliefs and mindset.
  • Why Andy spent over $60,000 on his own self education via seminars and travel so that he could climb to the top of his field.
  • How to master the learning curve for success, and why a slow start should only drive you to keep working harder and succeed instead of giving up.
  • How to get in total alignment with what you love and create the life of your dreams, regardless of what may have been holding you back in the past.
  • How to Design your life, Delete old beliefs that are holding you back, and Install new beliefs that will get you where you want to go.
  • How to grow your mind muscle for success.
  • How your Reticular Activating System (RAS) determines what you see and experience and how to program your mind to get you what you want.
  • Your unconscious mind processes 2 million bits of information every second but your conscious mind can only process 134 bits. That means you have to learn how to use the power of your unconscious mind and not let your old programs sabotage your success.

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On How to Get the Motivation to Write or Finish Your Book

1) Start with why. Why did you want to write the book in the first place? What drives you?

2) What is that emotion that’s driving you?

3) What does it look like when the book is finished?

Andy also shares how to change your brain frequencies to Alpha state for creating new beliefs, and how to escape negative trances like waking up groggy in order to create new habits and results.

Learn more about Andy at

Check out Andy’s podcast show Mindset by Design

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