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You don’t need to plan a trip to Athens or Santorini to put your knowledge of Greek roots to use.

In fact, being familiar with both Greek and Latin Roots can help you to better understand your own language, even when it comes to words you’ve never heard before.

Common Greek Roots

Below are some of the most common Greek roots, along with their definitions and examples so you can better understand the origins and meanings of many English words.

Greek RootDefinitionExamples
anthropoman; human; humanityanthropologist, philanthropy
autoselfautobiography, automobile
biolifebiology, biography
chrontimechronological, chronic
dynapowerdynamic, dynamite
dysbad; hard; unluckydysfunctional, dyslexic
gramthing writtenepigram, telegram
graphwritinggraphic, phonograph
heterodifferentheteronym, heterogeneous
homosamehomonym, homogenous
hydrwaterhydration, dehydrate
hypobelow; beneathhypothermia, hypothetical
logystudy ofbiology, psychology
meter/metrmeasurethermometer, perimeter
microsmallmicrobe, microscope
mis/misohatemisanthrope, misogyny
monoonemonologue, monotonous
morphform; shapemorphology, morphing
nymnameantonym, synonym
phillovephilanthropist, philosophy
phobiafearclaustrophobia, phobic
phonsoundphone, symphony
photo/phoslightphotograph, phosphorous
pseudoFALSEpseudonym, pseudoscience
psychosoul; spiritpsychology, psychic
scopeviewing instrumentmicroscope, telescope
technoart; science; skilltechnique, technological
telefar offtelevision, telephone
thermheatthermal, thermometer

Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Studying the most common Latin and Greek roots can be very helpful when it comes to deciphering new words.

However, once you’ve mastered roots, you may want to consider the many benefits of learning a foreign language, from wider career options, to improved memory and enhanced decision-making.

Expand Your Vocabulary

A broad vocabulary can make you both a better writer and a more effective communicator. Understanding Greek and Latin roots can help you to expand your vocabulary, and using a vocabulary builder app is a great way to start practicing.

If you want to flex those brain muscles right now by learning a few new words, check out our list of 25 weird English words that we’d bet you’ve never heard of!

How do you like to build your vocabulary? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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