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Robin Waite is Business Strategy Expert and co-founder of a successful Online Strategy Agency in the UK. He has helped over 200 businesses create change and growth within their organisation since 2004.

Robin has personally taught Business, Online Marketing and Social Media Strategy to over 1,000 business owners. Robin now specializes in creating growth and scalability for established businesses with over £500k+ in revenue through a tailored program of coaching, workshops and practical implementation.

Here are a few highlights from the interview with Robin:

  • Why most small business owners think they just need a website, but usually need a complete branding overhaul and a serious rethinking of their core values and overall marketing strategy.
  • Why tiny little details like the material you use for printing your business cards can make a huge difference in your results.
  • Customers make 90% of their buying decisions with emotion and 10% with logic.
  • The marketplace and knowledge gap Robin saw in his web design business and how he filled it by creating more intimate and extensive services for small business owners (and some super valuable lessons any entrepreneur can use to find new opportunities).
  • Some really powerful content marketing strategies, including some advanced tips on repurposing content, social media and blogging.
  • How YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world, and why every small business should have a presence there to get tons of new leads for free by providing short educational videos about your products, services and industry.
  • How to use Slideshare and Prezi to get more leads for your business using online slideshows (like Powerpoint or Keynote slides).
  • How to use Zapier to automate tasks and save yourself and your team a ton of time and money.

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